Knowledge Management Singapore (KM Singapore)*

Knowledge Management Singapore (KM Singapore)*

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The Knowledge Management Singapore (KM Singapore) Conference, formerly branded as the iKMS (Practitioner’s) Conference and the iKMS-International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM) in 2004, is an annual event organized by the Information and Knowledge Management Society (iKMS), Singapore. It aims to bring together the Knowledge Management community to interact and learn about the latest Knowledge Management developments. The KM Singapore Conference is about conversations not monologues, practice not theory, practitioners not vendors.

(2010-2015) The event is spread over three days comprising of a Master class, a conference and workshops.

  • KM Singapore 2017, 12-13 Oct, 2017, Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore
    Conference Theme: Energizing Innovation Through Creative Knowledge
  • KM Singapore 2016, 26-30 Sep, 2016
    1st Global Learning Week
  • KM Singapore 2015, 02-04 Sep, 2015, Singapore
    Conference Theme: Unlocking the Knowledge-Ready Advantage
  • KM Singapore 2014, 01-03 Oct, 2014, Singapore
    Conference Theme: Enabling Innovation through Learning & Knowledge
  • KM Singapore 2013, 2-4 Oct, 2013, Singapore
    Conference Theme: Operationalising Knowledge Management for Productivity
  • KM Singapore 2012, 5-7 Sep, 2012, Singapore
    Conference Theme: Exploring the Frontiers of Knowledge Management
  • KM Singapore 2011, 31 Aug – 2 Sep, 2011, Singapore
    Conference Theme: Riding the Wave of Experience
  • KM Singapore 2010, 15-17 Sep, 2010, Singapore
    Conference Theme: Knowledge & Innovation
  • KM Singapore 2009: iKMS Conference, 13-14 Aug, 2009, Singapore
    Conference Theme: Knowledge Workforce – Knowledge Economy
  • KM Singapore 2008: Annual iKMS Practitioner’s Conference, 9-10 Oct 2008, Singapore
    Conference Theme: Knowledge-Enabled Enterprises
  • KM Singapore 2007: Annual iKMS Practitioner’s Conference, 1 Nov 2007, Singapore
    Conference Theme:
  • KM Singapore 2006: Annual iKMS Practitioner’s Conference, 10 Nov 2006, Singapore
    Conference Theme:
  • iKMS Conference 2005, 14 Oct, 2005, Singapore
    Conference Theme: Knowledge Management in Singapore Context
  • iKMS-International Conference on Knowledge Management (iCKM), 13-15 Dec 2004, Singapore
    Conference Theme: People, Knowledge and Technology: What have we learnt so far?

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