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Knowledge Management Singapore (KMSG)*

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The Knowledge Management Singapore (KM Singapore or KMSG) conference, formerly branded as the iKMS (Practitioner’s) Conference and the iKMS-International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM) in 2004, is an annual event organized by the Knowledge Management Society, Singapore (KMS), formerly the Information and Knowledge Management Society (iKMS), Singapore. It aims to bring together the Knowledge Management community to interact and learn about the latest Knowledge Management developments. The KM Singapore Conference is about conversations not monologues, practice not theory, practitioners not vendors.

2010-2015: The event is spread over three days comprising of a Master class, a conference and workshops.

Conference History:

KM Singapore 2018, 29-31 August 2018, Microsoft Singapore, Singapore
Conference theme: TRANSformation: Reinterpreting Knowledge Management in the Digital Transformation Wave
Post-conference Masterclasses: Transforming mindsets – Leading the way with innovation; Leading by Knowledge Driven Transformation for Sustained Success; The secret sauce in effective transformation: It’s not about developing one mindset, it’s about developing many (agile) mindsets; Social Listening & Engagement Manageing Relations in the Digital Age

(POSTPONED) KM Singapore 2018, 2-4 July 2018, Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore
Conference Theme: Transformation: Reinterpreting Knowledge Management as Key Element of Innovation, Co.creation, and Learning
Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Awards

KM Singapore 2017, 12-13 October 2017, Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore
Conference Theme: Energizing Innovation Through Creative Knowledge

  • Interactive Workshops: Ingiting Innovative & Creative Culture of Organizational Excellence; Experiencing Collaboration and Effective Communications Through Lego Serious Games; Leading the Cultural Transformation Through a Knowledge Lense; Innovation: A Practical View
  • Masterclasses: How the Six Elements of Knowledge Ready Organizations (KRO) Enhance Organizational, Productivity, Effectiveness and Growth; Drawing from the Past to Help Teams Learn Through Crisis Situations; Knowledge Driven Innovation
    Table-Top discussions: Crowdsourcing
  • (TED like, Pecha Kucha style) Lightning Talks: Culture, Process & Strategy; Technology, Impact & Leadership
  • Award Ceremony: Knowledge Ready Organization (KRO)

KM Singapore 2016, 29-30 September 2016, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
(in conjunction with the 1st Global Learning Week, 26-30 Sep; jointly organized with the Knowledge Management Global Network)
Conference Theme: Supporting Organisations to manage knowledge by leveraging on TECHNOLOGY by collaborating with PEOPLE, and strengthening Organisational Productivity, Innovation and Sustainability
Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) 2016 Awards

KM Singapore 2015, 02-04 September 2015, Singapore
Conference Theme: Unlocking the Knowledge-Ready Advantage
Pre-conference masterclasses (Sep 2): Putting the Action Back in Knowledge Management; Knowledge Leadership; Refocusing Your Knowledge Management Strategy on Business Value; Creating Value from Knowledge to Drive Program Management Success
Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Awards Presentations & Ceremony

KM Singapore 2014, 01-03 October 2014, Singapore
(in partnership with the Singapore Workforce Development Agency)
Conference Theme: Enabling Innovation through Learning & Knowledge
Workshops: Next Generation Knowledge Manager; Accelerating Innovation through Knowledge & Learning; Creating Innovation Culture through Knowledge Management; SigTel Group Espresso: Brewing an Exciting Flavour in Enterprise Social Networking; Humanization with Innovation: The Natural Sense of Things; Reinventing the Website & Intranet – The iKMS Renewal
Post-conference Masterclasses: Engaging Tacit Knowledge: Assessing Your Idea Repository; Innovation from Within, fuelled by diversity; Cloud Computing for Innovative Knowledge Management; Intelligent Knowledge Management Concepts to Achieve Delivery Excellence and Growth; Understanding Knowledge Management’s People, Process & Technology model and how it can be uses in the not-fpr-profit sector to create a multi stakeholder communications strategy; Conducting Knowledge Audits; Learning and Innovation through Corporate Universities

KM Singapore 2013, 2-4 October 2013, Singapore
Conference Theme: Operationalising Knowledge Management for Productivity
Pre-conference Seminar (Oct 2 @ NTU): Social Media Applications
Pre-conference Special Event Breakfast for Senior Executives (Oct 2): Knowledge and Strategy: Implications for Productivity
Pre-Conference Masterclasses (Oct 2): Knowledge Management Strategy; Identifying and Transferring Critical Knowledge; Social Media; Team Knowledge Sharing

KM Singapore 2012, 5-7 September 2012, Singapore
Conference Theme: Exploring the Frontiers of Knowledge Management
Pre-conference Workshops (Sep 5): Change Management; The Role of the Intranet in the Digital Workplace of the Future; Graphic Facilitation
KM Excellence Awards

KM Singapore 2011, 31 Aug – 2 September 2011, Singapore
Conference Theme: Riding the Wave of Experience
Pre-conference Masterclass (Aug 31): Developing a Social Media Strategy
Case Sharing / Peer Assists

KM Singapore 2010, 15-17 September 2010, Singapore
Conference Theme: Knowledge & Innovation
4 Workshops
Pre-conference Masterclass (Sep 15):
KM Excellence Awards

KM Singapore 2009: iKMS Conference, 13-14 August 2009, Singapore
Conference Theme: Knowledge Workforce – Knowledge Economy
KM Excellence Awards

KM Singapore 2008: Annual iKMS Practitioner’s Conference, 9-10 October 2008, Singapore
Conference Theme: Knowledge-Enabled Enterprises
Pre-conference Masterclass (Oct 8): Learning in Knowledge Economy
Post-conference Workshops (Oct 10): Social network analysis to create knowledge-friendly work environments; Business network analysis to manage project portfolios effectively; Using mindmapping techniques for personal Knowledge Management and innovation; Aligning Knowledge Management strategy to business strategy
Knowledge Management Case Study Café feat. KM Excellence Awards winners
KM Excellence Awards (1st)

KM Singapore 2007: Annual iKMS Practitioner’s Conference, 1 November 2007, Singapore
(in conjunction with KM Asia 2007, 29-31 Oct)
Conference Theme: Knowledge Management Competencies and Professional Development
Knowledge Management Case Study Café (afternoon)

KM Singapore 2006: Annual iKMS Practitioner’s Conference, 10 November 2006, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
(in conjunction with KM Asia 2006, 7-9 Nov)
Conference Theme:
Pre-conference Workshop: Practical Techniques for Knowledge Sharing

iKMS Conference 2005, 14 October 2005, Singapore
Conference Theme: Knowledge Management in Singapore Context

iKMS-International Conference on Knowledge Management (iCKM), 13-15 December 2004, Singapore
Conference Theme: People, Knowledge and Technology: What have we learnt so far?
Side Meeting: Knowledge Management Society Collaboration, 13 Dec
Track: iKMS Practitioner’s Conference

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    I am very interested in the KM Singapore 2017 conference. May I have the details (e.g. programme rundown, venue, conference fee) for my further trip planning?


    (KMedu Hub Note: Answered by eMail on Aug 11, 2017 – Boris)

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