Knowledge Quarter Conference (KQ Conference)*

Knowledge Quarter Conference (KQ Conference)*

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The Knowledge Quarter Conference (KQ Conference) is a conference of talks and workshops on the future of knowledge. A diverse range of speakers from across the fields of politics, media, philosophy and academia will convene for one inspiring and provocative day of keynote talks, discussion groups and workshops, looking at Knowledge in all its forms.

Conference History:

KQ Conference 2021, 6-8 July 2021, Virtual venue

Conference Theme: The Future of Knowledge: Building Back Together

    Daily Topics:
    Working Together; Learning Together; Growing Together

    Do Something: Activism for Everyone; Keynote 2 n.a.; A manifesto for change: How generation justice will lead the way in building back better

    Plenary Sessions: The Future of…
    Working Together, Learning Together, Growing Together

    Youth Roundtables: A Young Person’s Perspective on …
    Working Together, Learning Together, Growing Together

    Lightning Talks: Current Approaches to…: Tales from the KQ
    Working Together, Learning Together, Growing Together

KQ Conference 2020, 14 July 2020, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: The Future of Knowledge: Growing Pains

    Conference Program TBD

KQ Conference 2019, 26 June 2019, British Library Knowledge Centre, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: The Future of Knowledge: Think Together. Think Better.


    Panel Discussions:
    Democratising Knowledge; The Future of Knowledge-Sharing; Current Approaches to Sharing Knowledge: Tales from the KQ (lightning talk session)

    Breakout Sessions:
    Separating Science Fact From Science Fiction; The Dream of a Common Language (workshop); Democratising Knowledge Through Deliberative Democracy (panel); Young People as the Future of Knowledge; MAKE Meanwhile – A Public Space for Creative Collaboration in King’s Cross; Sometimes it’s Under the Apple Tree

    Post-KQ Conference Legacy Events:
    #4 Debunking the Myth of Decolonisation, 19 March 2020, London, United Kingdom (POSTPONED)

KQ Conference 2018, February 12, 2018, The British Museum, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: The Future of Knowledge (KQ Third Anniversary Conference)


    Panel Discussions:
    The role of the Knowledge Creator; The role of the Knowledge Translator; The role of the Knowledge Consumer

    Breakout Sessions:
    Whose knowledge is it anyway? (panel); Heritage collections and wellbeing: the future of the past? (lecture); Academic Expertise: the good, the bad and the ugly (workshop); The Face of Knowledge (table discussion); The future of knowledge through the eyes of the future (panel); Mary’s Hand – curating historical fact as creative fiction; Reading Well: redefining the role of the expert through co-production (workshop); Publishing Knowledge: Have we had enough of experts?

    The Knowledge Quarter:
    Three Years On celebration and Essays launch

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