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Abstract: Organizations across all sectors are increasingly undergoing deep transformation and restructuring towards data-driven operations. The central role of data highlights the need for reliable and clean data. Unreliable, erroneous, and incomplete data lead to critical bottlenecks in processing pipelines and, ultimately, service failures, which are disastrous for the competitive performance of the organization.

European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI)*

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  • Workshops: 5th International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery in Healthcare Data; Machine Learning for Data Streams; Safe Machine Learning — SafeML; 6th International Workshop on Graph Structures for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (GKR 2020); Knowledge Representation & Representation Learning (KR4L); Tutorials: Knowledge Graph Embeddings: From Theory to Practice; Practical Uses of Existential Rules in Knowledge Representation; Referring Expressions in Knowledge Representation System;…