Migrating LIS Professionals into Knowledge Management Roles

Abstract: Knowledge management (KM) is a multi-dimensional field of study and practice,which requires a wide range of capabilities amongst its contributors, who comefrom a variety of professional groups. This paper examines claims that the Libraryand Information Services (LIS) profession should make and, indeed, is making asignificant contribution to organizational knowledge management. It outlines KM knowledge

Knowledge Management, Learning & Communication Forum

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The (Art of) “Knowledge Management, Learning & Communication” one-day forum, brings together the leaders in these fields to interactively demonstrate through case studies and strategies on recognising the correlation between the three and how to make them work together that will translate into bringing all these skills to the next level within your organisation.

Knowledge Management Competencies and Education for LIS Professionals

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Abstract: …Although LIS professionals play the role of information managers in handling organization’s documents and explicit knowledge, to establish a strong position in a KM environment they need to extend their roles by managing employee’s tacti knowledge on the basis of their distinctive knowledge-handling skills (Al-Hawamdeh, 2005). However, to help LIS professionals be involved more

Teaching e-Government and Knowledge Management

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Abstract: The Department TIM (Telecommunication, Information and Media) aims to provide the necessary education for the most recently developed occupations. The Department is particularly interested in the introduction, application and use of Communication Technology (ICT) in various profit and non-profit organisations. The following is a presentation of the University course e-Government, and will be discussed