Workshop on Knowledge Management for Smart Cities

Workshop on Knowledge Management for Smart Cities

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The National Conference / Workshop on Knowledge Management for Smart Cities is organized by the World Bank to launch the Smart Cities Knowledge Portal developed for the “India – ICT Enabled Integration for Green Growth” project to support the Government of India’s Smart City Mission and to deliberate on the knowledge requirements of smart city stakeholders. Inputs from the participants will be used to enhance the knowledge and information structure of the portal further to make it most useful for Indian Smart City practitioners.

The workshop is an invitation only event. Participants will be the Commissioners from the aspiring smart cities, CEOs of Smart City SPVs, Senior officials of urban development departments from central government as well as state governments. Selected international smart city experts, heads of smart city solution providers and consulting organizations, Non-profit organizations and other multilateral agencies associated with the Government of India’s Smart city program and members of academia exclusively working on Urban Development and Smart City related issues are also invited to participate in the workshop.

Conference History:

Workshop on Knowledge Management for Smart Cities, June 21-22, 2017, New Delhi, India

    Plenary Sessions:
    Inaugural Addresses (3)
    ICT GP support to Smart Cities World wide
    Plenary Address
    Launch & Presentation of the Smart Cities Knowledge Portal (SCKP)

    SESSION: Smart City Knowledge Management – Global Initiatives and Indian perspective
    Knowledge Silo Breaker (KSB) – World bank’s Global Knowledge Initiative on Smart Cities
    European Experience on Smart City Technologies
    ICT Industry perspective on Smart Cities Mission and Knowledge Needs

    SESSION: Smart City ICT Applications and Services – Korean and Indian Experts
    Intelligent Transport Systems
    Smart Water & Solid Waste Management
    Shared Services Platform
    Smart City Solutions Case Study
    Smart Citizen Services
    Smart Building Approval
    Smart Energy
    GIS – Spatial and Non Spatial Data for evidence based decision making
    Smart City Solutions

    SESSION: Accelerating Indian Smart City Mission – Strategic Insights on Planning & Implementation – Indian and Global Experiences
    ISO 37120 for Smart Cities – Using global benchmarking standards for accessing status of Smart City Implementation
    …3 Titles n.a.

    Panel Discussuions:
    Knowledge Needs of Indian Smart Cities (Commissioner/ CEOs Round Table)

    Implementation & Way Forward (Concluding Session)

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