Online Course Content for Newbie Knowledge Management Professionals?

In the discussion list of the Systems Integration KM Leaders Community Cindy Y. asks:

Hello! I am creating an online KM course for beginning professionals on their KM journeys.
I am starting it off with some history on KM (for instance, Polanyi, Nonaki), basics on tacit and explicit dimensions, terminology: knowledge sharing, transfer, creation, knowledge sharing networks/CoPs, and knowledge mapping,..but I just don’t want to get too deep since this is a beginners course. I will be doing videos for it with pdf transcripts. I would also like to highlight some of the more experienced people in KM in video interviews for this course.
I haven’t decided on how many modules I will have, but what do you consider are the most essential ideas beginning KM professionals may be looking for to do their jobs?
What concepts for beginners would best help them get set up for success?
Thank you for any and all feedback! Regards, Cindy

Cindy Y.: Creating Online KM Course – Requesting Input. SIKM Leaders Community @, May 25, 2020.

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