Thomson Reuters Knowledge Management Forum (TRKM Forum)**

Thomson Reuters Knowledge Management Forum (TRKM Forum)**

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The annual Thomson Reuters Knowledge Management Forum (TRKM), formerly the Practical Law Company Knowledge Management Forum (PLC KM Forum), is organized by the Practical Law Company (PLC), since 2013 Thomson Reuters Practical Law (Company). The Forum is open to all delegates from private practice and in-house legal departments who work with knowledge, information, data and libraries services.

Conference History:

8th TRKM Forum 2019, 8 May 2019, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Showcasing innovation and collaboration in knowledge

    The ABC of Knowledge management (keynote speech)
    Leadership interview: Where we see the value, future of and direction of travel in knowledge management (panel)

    Breakout Sessions:
    Proliferation of emerging technology and the challenge of data
    Culture Culture CULTURE!
    An international standard for knowledge
    What can we expect, and when?
    Resourcing knowledge
    Break the machine! (interactive session)
    Knowledge Management – Information Management – Organisational Development, OK?
    What next for clients?
    I’m a small/medium-sized firm/in-house team and I’m trying to…/How do I…? (interactive session)

    How can knowledge management support equality and diversity? (panel)
    Summary: insights from sessions. Key learnings and take-aways

7th TRKM Forum 2018, 15 March 2018, London, United Kingdom

    The future of business and innovation
    What should my Knowledge Management road map look like?

    Breakout Sessions:
    How will technology impact your role?
    Knowledge is power! (interactive session)
    The Collaboration Maze (interactive session)
    Upgrading and developing your intranet and knowledge portal
    Working with a geographically dispersed knowledge function
    Making sense of matter data
    In-house Knowledge Management and legal operations
    Client expectations

    Knowledge Management Working with legal tech and start-ups
    Summary: What is the role of Knowledge Management in your innovation agenda? What is the overlap between collaboration and innovation?

6th TRKM Forum 2017, 9 March 2017, London, United Kingdom

    Technology and trends:
    Technology, innovation, and Knowledge Management impact
    Technology, innovation, and futurology snapshots

    Breakout Sessions:
    Client focus: solutions, not information?
    Geography and virtual teams
    Promoting knowledge sharing – a view from in-house
    Developing a Knowledge Management career
    Collaboration and culture
    Knowledge Management and project management

    Roundtables and discussion

    Change, the horizon and beyond

5th TRKM Forum 2016, 10 March 2016, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Knowledge Management outside the law: adapting to a new era

    The changing world of professional services – and the evolving role of Knowledge Management

    Organising the Knowledge Management function across your organisation: Assessing its impact on the relationship between Knowledge Managers, boards and internal customers
    Creating a culture of knowledge: Establishing your knowledge identity by communicating the benefits

    Re-evaluating how to best serve clients needs

    Breakout Sessions: (interactive)
    The evolving role of Knowledge Management in the procurement of legal services
    The rise of the ‘near-shore’ centre and the impact on Knowledge Management
    Bringing structure and innovation to the practice of law through effective use of process and project management

    Practical perspectives and deployments: Big data and artificial intelligence

    Breakout Sessions: (interactive)
    Leveraging and integrating teams into the business
    What techniques are being used to streamline the drafting process?
    The role of Knowledge Management in a globalised world
    Technology – determining whether to buy it or develop in-house?

    Developing high performing Knowledge Management teams for the future
    Reflections from Knowledge Managers

4th TRKM Forum 2015, 24 March 2015, London, United Kingdom

    Agenda n.a.

3rd TRKM Forum 2014, 29 April 2014, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: Strategy, resource management and being cost aware in today’s Knowledge Management world

    Strategy scene setter – developing your strategy going forward in the current legal landscape

    Your matter life cycle: managing your systems and directing information efficiently
    A focus on integrated search of SharePoint indexes with external information resources

    Getting buy-in, collaborating with others and people processes

    PSL roundtables: delivering the right know-how
    Roundtable 1: Litigation know-how
    Roundtable 2: Niche know-how

    In-house client models and pitch expectations

    Tracked workshops
    In-house track 1: Theme 3: Knowledge Management challenges and options for in-house lawyers
    Law firm track 2: Theme 4: Global Knowledge Management

    Rounding up your strategy

2nd PLC KM Forum 2013, 24 April 2013, London, United Kingdom

Conference Theme: A focus on technology, enhancing client value and maximising your efficiency

    Knowledge Management (KM) in 2020: what the future of legal services will look like

    Managing media channels to deliver content: capture knowledge, absorb and distribute
    New ways to deliver and store data: Potential in the Cloud (interactive session)

    Law firm and client success stories: a closer look
    What do clients really need? Understanding client’s industries: initiatives, global challenges and delivery


    Breakout Sessions: (interactive)
    Using portals and search to surface and share legal knowledge
    Efficient delivery of legal services
    Maintaining knowledge infrastructure: perspectives from clients and multiple service providers
    How to optimise resources within in-house teams
    PSLs: unlocking the potential

    Re-branding Knowledge Management internally: a new direction

1st PLC KM Forum 2012, 3 July 2012, London, United Kingdom

    Agenda n.a.
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