Professional Knowledge and Learning Unconference

Professional Knowledge and Learning Unconference

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What is the Future of Professional Knowledge and Learning? An Unconference is organized by the Centre for Knowledge in Organisations and Professions (CKOP) at The Open University Business School (OUBS) to address issues in the future of professional work.

  • How will we, as professionals, organise our work and learning in the future?
  • What is the role of expert knowledge in professional work?
  • How are technological and social innovations transforming professional work?
  • How is professional work being shaped by uncertainty, precarity and change?

Conference History:

What is the Future of Professional Knowledge and Learning? An Unconference, 13 June 2018, The Open University, London, United Kingdom

    Session 1
    Professions, Ethics and Governance
    How to Assess Competencies coming from Self-Learning
    What does the concept of professional/professionalism mean today?
    The nature of learning in the 4th Age
    Is there still value in the status of professions/professionals?
    Who/What is a Profession(al)? Who Decides what constitutes knowledge?
    Working with uncertainty (uncertainty does not equal risk)
    How do we support learners and teachers? Humanistic Learning and Assessment
    Training Design

    Session 2
    How might knowledge in the future differ from knowledge in the present?
    How will the way we learn be changed by new technologies?
    What will be the impact on trainees when traditional “low level” tasks are automated?
    What is the present of knowledge and professions? What is knowledge?
    Commercialized or Scientized Expertise
    Where/How do ethics fit into the future of professions?
    Brexit – how is it shaping professional work knowledge and training?
    Systems Approach to Training

    Session 3
    Company/Self Learning
    How low level managers develop practices in orgs. Learning in changing context
    What is the future for manager education?
    How can we build on what we do today?
    Non-professionals in the professions – generating trust
    Definitions of knowledge, professions and competencies – emotional labour “innate” skills
    Training – what might a future training establishment look like?

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