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The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI or Rensselaer), formerly the Rensselaer Institute and the Rensselaer School, has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

School of Science > Department of Information Technology (IT)1)

Undergraduate Degrees/Programs

  • BS in Information Technology (Second Discipline: Multimedia Data and Knowledge Management)
      2001-2002 Multimedia Data and Knowledge Management courses:

      Semester I
      ITEC-1210 The IT Revolution: Myth or Reality? (2001-2002)
      MATH-1010 Calculus I (for IT) (2001-2002)
      Science Elective (2001-2002)
      CSCI-1100 Computer Science I (2002)
      ITEC-1961 Algorithms and Programming (2001)

      Semester II
      ITEC-1220 Politics and Economics of IT (2001-2002)
      MATH-1020 Calculus II (Math Elective) (2001-2002)
      Science Elective (2001-2002)
      CSCI-1200 Computer Science II (2002)
      ITEC-1962 Intro to Data Structures and Apps (2001)

      Semester III
      ITEC-2210 Intro to Human Computer Interaction (2001-2002)
      ITEC-2110 Exploiting the Information World (2001-2002)
      PHIL-2140 Introduction to Logic (2001-2002)
      ECSE-2610 Computer Components and Operations (2002)
      ENGR-2961 Inroduction to the HC-11 Microcontroller (2002)
      H&SS Elective (2002)

      Semester IV
      CSCI-2300 Data Structures & Algorithms (2002)
      CSCI-2500 Computer Organization (2002)
      H&SS Elective (2001-2002)
      ECSE-2660 Computer Arch. Networking & OS (2001)
      ITEC-2220 Creativity in Human & Artificial Agts (2001)
      PHIL-4440 Knowledge, Belief and Cognition or Theory of Knowledge (2001)
      Free Elective (2002)

      Semester V
      ITEC-4310 Managing IT Resources (2001-2002)
      CSCI-4380 Database Systems (2002)
      PHIL-4440 Knowledge, Belief and Cognition or Theory of Knowledge (2002)
      DSES-4750 Probability Theory and Applications (2002)
      Probability and Statistics Elective (One of):
      – ENGR-2600 Modeling and Analysis of Uncertainty (2001)
      – MGMT-2100 Statistical Methods (2001)
      – PSYC-2310 Experimental Methods and Statistics (2001)
      CSCI-4150 Artificial Intelligence (2001)
      H&SS Elective (2001)

      Semester VI
      MATP-4620 Mathematical Statistics (2001-2002)
      CSCI-4610 Machine Learning (2001-2002)
      CSCI-4150 Artificial Intelligence (2002)
      ITEC-4960 Creative Design in IT (2002)
      IT Elective (one of):
      – DSES-4510 Software Engineering Elective (2001)
      – MATP-4620 Information Systems (2001)
      H&SS Elective (2001)

      Semester VII
      ITEC-4100 IT Capstone Experience (2002)
      DSES-4530 Information Systems (IT Elective) (2002)
      H&SS Elective (2002)
      Free Elective (2001-2002)
      ITEC-4960 IT Studio / Capstone Experience (2001)
      CSCI-4380 Database Systems (2001)
      DSES-4810 Computational Intelligence (2001)

      Semester VIII
      CSCI-4960 Multimedia Information Systems (2001-2002)
      DSES-4810 Computational Intelligence (2002)
      H&SS Elective (2001-2002)
      Free Elective (2001-2002)
      Free Elective (2001)

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