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Socialware has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • International Conference on Social Software (BlogTalk)**
    The International Conference on Social Software (BlogTalk) brings together different groups of people using and advancing the Internet and its usage: technical and conceptual developers, researchers with interdisciplinary backgrounds, and practitioners alike. It is designed to initiate a dialog between users, developers, researchers and others who share, analyse and enjoy the benefits of social software. The focus is on social software as an expression of a culture that is based on the exchange of information, ideas and knowledge. Moreover, we understand social software as a new way of relating people to people and to machines, and vice versa. In the spirit of the free exchange of opinions, links and thoughts, a wide range of participants can engage in this discourse.

    Conference History:

    • BlogTalk Galway 2010: Social Media Event, August 26-27, 2010, NUI Galway, Galway, Ireland
      Learn about social media, imagine the future of social networks
      (Organizer: Social Software Unit, Digital Enterprise Research Institute, National University of Ireland Galway)

        A new kind of media literacy for a networked age
        WeForest: a social network dedicated to reforesting the planet
        Social media blur: blogs, networks, streams
        Communications 2.0: social media, storytelling, and standing out

        Talks: who we are, what we do, where we are going
        Open community labs, creative spaces and doocracy
        Applications of Twitter data extraction for business and research
        Webfinger: a portable identity for the Web
        WebID: From blogging to a secure social web
        The Facebook Platform
        Ruairí McKiernan ( – Spinning out social media successfully for an NGO/charity
        From Galway to Silicon Valley and TechCrunch 50: building and raising capital for a consumer Internet startup
        A context-aware mobile social Web
        Apps are bad
        The impact of social media on expert finding
        Who am I: social identity in enterprise social networking
        Social media and LinkedIn for business

        Panel discussions:
        Social networks versus conversational networks
        The rise of location-based media sharing and social networks

    • BlogTalk Asia 2009: 6th International Conference on Social Software, September 15-16, 2009, Jeju, Korea
      (Organizer: Biomedical Knowledge Engineering Laboratory, Seoul National University)

        Cloud Intelligence
        The Future of Citizen Journalism
        Real-Time Web Search
        Towards Socially-Responsible Management of Personal Information in Social Networks

        Conference Sessions:

        Social Semantic Web Session:
        Linking Topics of News and Blogs with Wikipedia for Complementary Navigation
        A Model for Open Semantic Hyperwikis
        Generating Researcher Networks with Identified Persons on a Semantic Service Platform

        Social Web for Industry Session:
        Implementing a Corporate Weblog for SAP
        Social Geospatial Technologies: Trends Beyond Web 2.0 and How Free and Open Source Development is Helping Shape the Future of GIS
        The Architecture of Fun: Emotion and Interaction for Massively Social Games

        Social Communications Session:
        Life is Tweet: Emerging Micro-Narratives on Twitter
        Semantic Twitter: Analyzing Tweets for Real-Time Event Notification
        Listen and Connect: Integration Communication and Social Media (panel)

        Social Media Sesssion:
        Poll Store Conceptual Framework for Social Media
        A Study on Users’ Voting Tendency in Social News Services
        Semantic Web and Contextual Information: A Semantic Network Analysis of Online Journalism on Media Law in South Korea

        Korean Social Web Session:
        Daum BloggerNews
        Free the People: How Governments around the World Muzzle the Social Web (special talk)
        Future of Social Web in Korea (panel)

        Social Healthcare Session:
        User-Driven Innovation: A Means for Social Innovation from a Health and Female Running Community Perspective
        Social Network System Based on an Ontology in the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine

        Social Knowledge Management Session:
        Effect of Knowledge Management on Organizational Performance Enabling Thought Leadership and Social Capital through Technology Management

    • BlogTalk Cork 2008: 5th International Conference on Social Software, 3-4 March 2008, Cork, Ireland
      (Organizer: Social Software Unit, Digital Enterprise Research Institute, National University of Ireland Galway)

        Entrepreneurship and social media
        Conversation tracking technologies: how to improve communication in a UGC world
        Semantic social software: the Semantic Web for consumers
        Let’s face it: Web 2.0 is all about advertising

        The DIY future: what happens when everyone designs social media? Practical suggestions for handling new ethical dilemmas
        Neovictorian, nobitic, and narrative: ancient anticipations and the meaning of weblogs
        Everyday body regimes: the construction of self in weblogs about dieting
        Realising potential in the web of relationships
        The further adventures of TiddlyWiki
        Campus Móvil: designing a mobile Web 2.0 startup for higher education uses
        Memoz: spatial webpublishing
        A proposed semantic recommender network for trip planning
        The long tail, and why multiple identities make it just a little bit longer
        Extended identity for social networks
        The impact of Politics 2.0 in Spanish social media: tracking conversations around audiovisual political wars
        MindVoyager: an interactive journey through the collective thoughts of a selected target group
        Building blogs and mashing them up with Windows Live Services and Popfly
        Social blog: turning a blog into a decentralised social network
        What is happening behind the firewall? The emerging role of social software in IBM SCOT-based tag sharing services

        Panel discussions:
        Mashups, microformats and the mobile web
        From blog-style commentary to conversational social media
        Co-located Conferences:
        WebCamp (Mar 2)

    • BlogTalk Reloaded Conference, October 2–3, 2006, Vienna, Austria
      (Organizer: Social Software Lab)

        The significance of social software
        WordPress and Jazz
        Mashups – Meet Enterprises

        Blogs: from communicative to connective artefacts
        Social Software: Facilitating information-, identity- and relationship management
        Podcasts and Vodcasts or Insights into the world of pull media
        Building a social interface onto existing corporate systems: some lessons from an 18-month project in a major legal practice
        Folksonomies, Ontologies and Corporate Blogging
        Social Software in Business – An adoption strategy
        The Google Data API
        Why Wiki? A Glimpse into our Post-Document Future
        Jajah sponsor presentation
        The IFCCC PatchworkPortal: the co-evolution of an emergent community and a social software platform (Paper)
        SIOC Browser – Towards a Richer Blog Browsing Experience (SIOCYourBlog)
        The Pleasure of the Blog: The Early Novel, the Serial, and the Narrative Archive
        Weblogs in Political Campaigns – The Critical Success Factors
        CAcert 5 minutes about that certification authority followed by an assurance session (bring your passport or comparable credentials)
        Reflections on pedagogy: Understanding adult learners
        Social News Reading from the community of interest perspective
        Securing authorship with RegisteredCommons.ORG

    • BlogTalk Down Under Conference, May 19-22, 2005, Sydney, Australia
      Emergent Conversations
      (Organizer: incsub – open source for education; Center for Language and Literacy, University of Technology Sydney)

        Keynotes: (3)
        Protecting the Blogosphere
        technologyLog – innovating knowledge sharing

        Blogs and the crisis of authorship
        Media Rich versus Rich Media (or why video in a blog is not the same as a video blog)
        Centred Communication: Weblogs and aggregation in the organisation
        Up against reality: Blogging and the cost of content
        Blogs and Politics in Australia and globally
        Blogging as an Effective Tool in Teaching and Learning Software Systems Development
        Mapping the U.S. Political Blogosphere: Are Conservative Bloggers More Prominent?
        The eventual potential of Blogs
        Weblogs as Open Constructive Learning Environments
        Assessment by blog: Ethical case studies assessment for an undergraduate business management class
        Portfolio Building in Chinese Language Learning Using Blogs
        Blogging as pedagogic practice: artefact and ecology
        Blogging in undergraduate design studios
        Blogs versus discussion forums in postgraduate online continuing medical education
        “Faster, neater, sharper!”: how different models of communication intersect
        Fictional Blogging and the Narrative Identities of Adolescent Girls
        Weblogs and Authority
        What’s in the Box? Modulating vocabularies of trauma and mundanity in refugee blogs
        Comments in the Margins – Life Narrative, Publishing, Credibility, and Blogs
        Gerard Goggin: “Have Fun and Change the World”: Moblogging, Mobile Phone Culture and the Internet

        Panel discussions:
        Desire Lines, Memes & the Blogosphere

        Pre-conference Workshops: (May 19)
        Up close and personal with weblogs
        Video and Podcasting: Rich Media into your Blog

    • BlogTalk 2.0: European Weblog Conference, July 5-6, 2004, Vienna, Austria
      (Organizer: Center for New Media, Danube-University Krems)

        The Social Physics of New Weblog Technologies
        Dialogue in slow motion – the pleasure of writing and reading across the we
        Blogs, Bandwidth, and Banjos: Tightly Knit Bonds in Webloggin
        Mobile Blogging: Who, Where, Why? (cancelled)
        The International Weblog Award BOB

        Bottom up Knowledge Management with Weblogs and SnipSnap
        Zoomblox – A Universe Of Topics From Children For Children
        Turn Your Radio On or Tweaking And Tuning Your Weblog
        Videoblogs as ‘Collective Documentary’
        The blog as an immersive space: Moblogging Jokkmokk 2004
        ‘Live’-writing: weblogs and the coverage of reality
        Understanding blogs: a communicative perspective
        Blogosphere community formation, structure and visualization
        Enhancing Blogs with a Dual Interaction Design
        Weblogs and Location, beyond the limits of physical and virtual space
        Does blogging suck?
        The German Blogosphere – some facts and figures
        Applying Social Network Analysis to a small Weblog Community: Hubs, Power Laws, the Ego Effect and the Evolution of Social Networks
        Blog to work? Blogging and journalism
        ‘Are You Serious?’ – the potential and the reality of weblogs as mass media, and why they matter
        After midnight. Weblogs and jam sessions
        Informal, joined up knowledge sharing using connected weblogs in pursuit of Mental Health service improvement
        Distributed Knowledge Management – Improving Knowledge Workers’ Productivity and Organisational Knowledge Sharing with Weblog-based Personal Publishing
        Collective blogging from the view of a context-oriented understanding of knowledge
        Using Weblogs as Project Management Tools in innovative projects
        Shared Conceptualizations in Weblogs
        Seeding conversational learning environments: Running a course on personal Webpublishing and Weblog authoring
        Blogging as a Dynamic, Transformative Medium in the Writing Classroom of an American Liberals Arts College
        Weblog as an educational third-place
        Revisiting the Spanish blogosphere
        The State of Linking in the Czech Blogosphere

    • BlogTalk: European Conference On Weblogs, May 23 – 24, 2003, Vienna, Austria
      Web-based publishing, communication and collaboration tools for professional and private use
      (Organizer: Center for New Media, Danube-University Krems)

        Why Blogs Matter
        Vom Weblog lernen… Community, Peer-toPeer und Eigenständigkeit als ein Modell für zukünftige Wissenssammlungen
        Waging Peace: Using our Powers od Good

        Semantic Blogging and Bibliography Management
        Weblogs and sustainable Knowledge Production: Learning from the BIPlog
        The Algebra of Copyright
        The Blogosphere Map
        Weblogs, an lranian Perspective
        Weblogs in Poland are C-logs
        Do we live in a Small World? Measuring the spanish-speaking Blogosphere.
        Personal Webpublishing as a Reflective Conversational Tool for Self-Organized Learning
        Business Weblogs – a Pragmatic Approach to Introducing Weblogs in Medium and Large Enterprises
        Discourse and Weblogs: Weblogs as a Transformational Technology for Higher Education and Academic Research
        Blogging’s Unique Advertising Metrics: Passion and Hubness
        Blogs: The Stickiness Factor
        Toward a Converged Blogging Toolkit
        Diglit – a K-log for Documenting a Project on Digital Literacy-Case Study
        Just a Blog in the Machine
        In and Out – Communicating the Needs of Civil Engineers
        Weblogs: from Coexistence to Conviviality, a Leap into Direct Reality
        We Media: What happens to Journalism and Society. when every Reader can be a Writer (Editor, Producer, etc.)
        Blogging and the Ecommunication Paradigms: 10 Principles of the New Media Scenario
        blogumentary (video)

        Panel discussions:
        Birds of a Feather Panel

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