Symposium of Knowledge and Innovation Management (KIM)

Symposium of Knowledge and Innovation Management (KIM)

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The multidisciplinary Symposium of Knowledge and Innovation Management (KIM), co-organized by the City & Landscape Group’s Research Department, Teheran, and the Knowledge and Innovation Management (KIM) Research Group at the University of Skövde, takes a point of view of knowledge and innovation management that is interested in architecture, urban planning and design. What necessitates us to choose such an approach reveals the requirement of having multidisciplinary views to be implemented in urbanism.

Participants such as the academics, professionals and governmental/non-governmental institutes are engaged to idealize, plan, and take part in this event. It aims to provide a platform for bringing together researchers, planners, managers, entrepreneurs and other interested people to discuss their recent developments in the areas of knowledge and innovation management.

Conference History:


KIM 2017, 8-9 January 2017, Tehran, Iran
Conference Theme: Making City Knowledgeable – The Enterprises for the Future

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