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Knowledge & Document Management Strategy Conference (KMDM)*

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The Knowledge & Document Management Strategy Conference (KMDM), formerly Knowledge and Document Management Conference (KMDM), successor of the Knowledge Management Conference / Expert Summit (KM), is organized by The People Productions, aka People & Computers (Productions), in cooperation with ROM Knowledgeware. At least since 2014 KMDM is a 1/2 day conference with

Knowledge Manager by Accident

Abstract: I got into knowledge, enterprise and document management because I had clients who needed library automation solutions. When these clients realized how easy it was to find externally produced documents, they understood the value of having their internally created documents just as easily findable. I jumped in with both feet using transferrable skills

Knowledge Management Organizational Structure

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Abstract: We often overlook the importance of an organization’s structure in supporting the implementation of a KMS. This is a very critical consideration, because an organization will undergo significant change in the shift from a knowledge-hoarding to a knowledge sharing culture. A KMS isn’t a software package that’s easily installed and then forgotten about.

Knowledge management programs at RMIT

Abstract: The Department of Information Management and Library Studies (DIMALS) in the School of Business Information Technology at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, has undergone fundamental changes in mission and objectives since 1994. Faced with falling demand for its programs, growing competition from non-LIS departments, and changes both to the corporate strategy of the