Management, Knowledge and Learning International Conference (MakeLearn)*

Management, Knowledge and Learning International Conference (MakeLearn)*

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The Management, Knowledge and Learning International Conference (MakeLearn) encourages the sharing of most recent developments in the field of knowledge management between Slovene and foreign experts, as well as promotes itself and higher education in the Savinja region. By including individuals from major regional businesses, MakeLearn also encourages discussion and the exchange of knowledge between the academia and the economy. Although the general theme of the conference, i.e. management of knowledge and learning in businesses and other organisations, remains the same, each year the focus of the conference is adapted to regional and global findings, occurrences and needs of the time.

MakeLearn is organised by the International School for Social and Business Studies (ISSBS) in cooperation with foreign partner universities, international institutes and organisations chosen in accordance with its annual theme. The conference takes place every June in Celje, Slovenia; its participation is international. The official language of the conference is English.

Since 2015: Joint conference with TIIM Technology, Innovation and Industrial Management International Conference

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