Knowledge & Document Management Strategy Conference (KMDM)*

Knowledge & Document Management Strategy Conference (KMDM)*

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The Knowledge & Document Management Strategy Conference (KMDM), formerly Knowledge and Document Management Conference (KMDM), successor of the Knowledge Management Conference / Expert Summit (KM), is organized by The People Productions, aka People & Computers (Productions), in cooperation with ROM Knowledgeware.

At least since 2014 KMDM is a 1/2 day conference with exhibition. KM was running from 2003-2010 with a follow-up in 2011 called ECM & DM – the Annual Organizational and Knowledge Management Conference. There is no evidence for such conferences in 2012 and 2013. Also note that there was a similar conference probably running from 2001-2015. This conference, organized by Meda Conferences, was called Conference on Knowledge and Document Management (KM & Docs) and was running around the same dates like KMDM 2014 and 2015 or ECM & DM 2011.

Conference History:

KMDM 2023, May 21, 2023, Rischon LeZion, Israel
Sub-title: The annual conference for knowledge and document management

    Conference Program TBD

KMDM 2022, March 3, 2022, Rischon LeZion, Israel
Sub-title: The annual conference for knowledge and document management

    Document Processing or Document Loss – Trends 2022
    New trends in knowledge management

    The Fujitsu Fi-series is changing what’s possible in image capture

    Document Processing or Document Loss – Trends 2022
    Hybrid customer service in the digital age
    New trends in knowledge management
    ABBYY FineReader – A family of OCR software for decoding, recognizing text and “capturing data” from documents!
    Trends and innovations in the world of Content Services
    Digital and knowledge management in the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality
    Public participation in an era of distrust in state institutions

    Solutions from the leading companies in the field of information and knowledge management in organizations

KMDM 2021, January 19, 2021, Online
Sub-title: The annual conference for knowledge and document management

    Knowledge Management Trends 2021
    Document management trends in the shadow of Corona 2021
    Streamlining the process of turning documents into digital media
    Knowledge management and AI in response to the challenges of the period – working remotely, training employees and moving to digital
    Improving business responsiveness in the transition to digital forms
    Remote knowledge management support in providing service and solutions to residents during the Corna period
    Morfix B2B products for free text analysis and search enhancement
    Digital transformation in local authorities
    Information management and sharing interfaces using cloud telephony
    Remote learning and knowledge sharing
    Digital transformation while applying agility and knowledge management methods
    Artificial intelligence – new solutions and first application options in Hebrew, first experiences
    Digital services for customers – digital transformation in organizations: leaps in automation for both customers and internally in the organization
    Innovative knowledge management – implementation of AGILE concepts in knowledge management projects
    Organizational communication applications: new concepts for separating the communication from the portal and beyond convenient and accessible tools for all employees

KMDM 2019, December 12, 2019, Rischon LeZion, Israel
Sub-title: The annual conference for the management of knowledge and organizational information strategy

    Opening lecture
    Content managers generate value
    Information and knowledge in a multi-channel environment – decoding and analyzing smart information (OCR)
    ABBYY OCR software for digitizing and collecting data from documents and climbers
    Customer story: Implementing the PB Digital system in the Knesset of Israel, forget about smart climbers. Our forms are genius!
    Smart form, smart process
    Knowledge Management Best Practices & AI
    Data Science – Is a new discipline developing here?
    Ministry of Welfare and Knowledge Management Activities
    Knowledge management for where – trends 2020
    The success story of Mizrahi Tefahot – Leading the banking sector in the field of knowledge management for bankers in branches
    Insights for Assimilation – The Next Step

KMDM 2018, December 17, 2018, Rischon LeZion, Israel
Conference Theme: KMDM – Digital, Knowledge and Innovation

    Moving Scanning to Mining in the DM World
    On algorithms and document management
    iService The service challenges of enterprise print and output and their management as an information systems infrastructure
    Re-think ECM
    Cyber, threats and risks and everything in between
    Realization of digital forms in an insurance company
    The evolution of customer experience in the digital age
    Managing knowledge in a large scale global project-the Leviathan story
    Content Management Products and Innovation
    Future trends in knowledge management in Israel and around the world
    Customer story-optimization in printing resources, the SMR as a sub-concept and implementing organizational efficiency in the company
    PSL: Make order in knowledge
    Knowledge management in the Ministry of Justice-thinking far
    Knowledge Management at First Inside Out
    New challenges and innovative solutions for consuming and managing information in an age of information overload and fake information

KMDM 2017, December 5, 2017, Rischon LeZion, Israel
Conference Theme: KMDM – Collaboration & Innovation
Sub-title: The annual conference for innovation and business in the field of document management and knowledge management in organization

    On people and documents … (Opening)
    This is 30 – The new 70!
    Customer story: Beyond digital is easier than ever – core solutions and accessibility
    Content Management Share & Chat
    Digital check deposit in “Click” – from the armchair in the office, directly to the bank!
    Digital = Innovation*(Collaboration + Knowledge)
    A digital world in the palm of your hand
    Regulation in document management
    Document management and the fourth sector
    Talking digital, doing digital, promoting organizations
    Take off for service in the service – knowledge management processes to deepen the organizational strategy in the call center
    Entering information into the organization as part of the knowledge bases – VOICE
    Accessibility and accessibility – the new law is already here!

    Knowledge management panel


    Co-located Conferences:
    World e-Gov Forum

KMDM 2016, November 24, 2016, Rischon LeZion, Israel
Sub-title: The annual conference for innovation and business in the field of document management and knowledge management in organization

    Baruch’s boots
    Feeding business applications with content in an IT zoo
    Lecturer from abroad
    Salinger’s vision, the solutions – IBM Analytics, IFN’s experts
    360? omni channel KM
    ComposeDoc presentation
    Metatology for Giddital – Interactivity is the name of the game
    How to make sure your content is attractive and professional
    From whom is Lavie from whom is Lavie
    From information management to knowledge generators
    Knowledge management – a leap forward in HaMoked’s services
    Israeli society in the light of knowledge management
    Knowledge management in law firms
    “Immigrants to Digital” – interactive forms as a lever for improving business processes
    Technology Lecture (TBA)
    Transparency – as a strategic management tool – a case that examines local authorities

    Expert panel – knowledge management in the service


    Co-located Conferences:
    World e-Gov Forum

KMDM 2015, November 16, 2015, Kirjat Schmona, Israel
Sub-title: The annual conference for innovation and business in the field of document management and knowledge management in organization

    Paperless Point Of Sale
    ECM- The customers who won !!!
    Positioning Scanning in the Healthcare Market (Lecturer from abroad)
    Solution for maximizing organizational processes – Content Of Things
    The personal scanner – a tool in knowledge and document management systems
    How to make sure your content is attractive and professional, and does not drive away readers
    Employee portfolio management is moving to the cloud
    Automatic keying as an engine for efficiency – market trends 2015-2017
    Trends in Knowledge Management 2016
    Analysis and forecasting in the world of health
    Organizational document management – Rome does not have to be built in one day
    From a collection of documents to a computerized knowledge base
    Teva Company Lecture
    A new approach to knowledge management services for the digital employee

    Customer Stories Panel

    Announcement of the winners of the mobile scanner lottery sponsored by SUN
    Announcing the winner of the Malam Tim raffle – ViewSonic 24 screen
    Announcement of the winners of the Comsign lottery

KMDM 2014, October 27, 2014, Kirjat Schmona, Israel

    Management of documents in the State Archives
    From ERP to KM and back. Customer story Tadiran Group
    Knowledge Discovery
    5 Seconds to knowledge
    Unified Organizational Content Management: Web – Office – Mobile
    Solutions for digitizing document archives in Hebrew
    A groundbreaking system for automated accounting
    Identifying knowledge needs
    Trends in Knowledge Management 2014
    Nature case Study – Launch of an internal organizational social network: why and how
    CRM – A key player in the success of the KM
    How does a culture of knowledge management and innovation management promote organizational success?
    The New Challenges of Knowledge Management Projects
    Legal issues in document scanning in organizations
    Mass friction, mass outsourcing and everything in between
    Mass Wisdom

    The soft aspects of knowledge management


ECM & DM 2011, April 14, 2011, Kiryat Shmona, Israel
Sub-title: Annual Organizational and Knowledge Management Conference

    Conference Program n.a.

8th KM Summit 2010, October 4, 2010, Tel Aviv, Israel

    Note: The conference was originally scheduled for July 12, 2010

    Conference Program n.a.

7th KM Expert Summit 2009, March 4, 2009, Tel Aviv, Israel
Conference Theme: Knowledge Management 2.0

    Conference Program n.a.

6th KM08 – KM Expert Summit 2008, March 6, 2008, Tel Aviv, Israel

    Conference Program n.a.

5th KM07 – KM Expert Summit 2007, February 26, 2007, Tel Aviv, Israel

    Delivering exceptional Customer Experience
    Managing change in Bank Hapoalim
    Knowledge Management Survey 2007
    WEB Knowledge 2.0
    Knowledge Management in the Tel Aviv Municipality
    On knowledge Management and Judo
    Collaboration in Context
    Dear diaries – Stations in the Development of Knowledge Management
    … n.a.

4th KM Expert Summit 2006, March 20, 2006, Ramat Gan (near Tel Aviv), Israel
Sub-title: Business Conference for Knowledge Management
Conference Theme: Knowledge management for business success

    Knowledge Management survey 2006
    Quality Content in Knowledge management Solutions
    Tips in Managing Insights
    Classical knowledge Management – Heretical Reflections
    The Name of the Game – Availability of Information
    Search in Multimedia
    Technological Applications for Knowledge Sharing
    Knowledge Management Ever since
    … n.a.

    Panel: Knowledge Management Platforms

3rd KM2005, May 16, 2005, Tel Aviv, Israel
Sub-title: Business Conference for Knowledge Management

    2005 Knowledge Management Survey in Israel
    Knowledge 360°
    Innovation – Reality behind the Glow
    Considerations of Choosing Knowledge Management Software
    Information Systems personnel as Knowledge Managers
    Motivating the Individual for Change
    Culture and Implementation Tools
    Ten Tips for Building a Portal
    Mouse ROMI Travels in Portal-Land
    Knowledge Management – Introduction and more
    … n.a.

2nd KM2004, May 31, 2004, Tel Aviv, Israel

    Note: The conference was originally scheduled for March 29, 2004

    General Presentations:
    Knowledge Management at Raphael
    Nature Knowledge Management Program
    Knowledge Management – Introduction and more …

    Knowledge Management Panel Presentations:
    Knowledge Management: Solutions and tips
    IAI’s Knowledge Management Program
    Assimilation of a culture of knowledge management at Bezeq

    User Panel Presentations:
    The process of establishing and managing the Bezeq branding knowledge bank
    IAI Community of Knowledge
    Tnuva – Engineering Community Portal

    Portals Panel Presentations:
    Portal Survey Results 2004
    Oracle Portal
    Portal from the perspective of the user

    … n.a.

1st KM2003, March 24, 2003, Tel Aviv, Israel
Sub-title: Israeli Knowledge Management & Collaboration Conference

    General Presentations:
    The winning combination: Content management and knowledge communities
    Workflow As a central axis for the knowledge management system
    Knowledge and Learning HITEACH
    IBM Content Management
    IBM WebSphere Portal: How to manage and utilize organizational, internal and external information
    How to raise the rating
    In the mirror of knowledge management
    Smart Enterprise Suite – Maximizing Value from Intellectual Capital

    Knowledge Communities Presentations:
    Ensuring the activity of knowledge communities
    Knowledge management in Clalit Health Services

    Lectures and Insights Presentations:
    Lessons learned – the integrated methodology
    Insights database
    Insights Database – Tnuva

    Search Engine and Portals Presentations:
    Website of the Engineering and Planning Division – a model for a knowledge-supporting infrastructure
    Search engines – search and find
    Search Engine in Amdocs
    Business Process Portals

    First steps in the organization Presentations:
    Introduction to Knowledge Management

    … n.a.

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