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The Tallinn University (TLU; Estonian: Tallinna Ülikool (TLÜ)), successor of the Tallinn Teachers’ Seminar,1) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

School of Digital Technologies 2)


Tallinn Summer School (TSS)*

  • 2014-2021: Course on Information and Knowledge Management in Digital Environment

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences > Institute of Informatics*2)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

  • Master of Science in Engineering (Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments (IMKE), Major: KE – Knowledge Environments)** // 2006-2013
      2008 KE Major Compulsory subjects:
      IFI7101 Introduction and theoretical foundations of new media
      IFI7104 History and visions of interactive media
      IFI7103 Interface and interaction design
      IFI7105 Open source management
      IFI7100 Media project management*
      IFI7143 / EMIM04 Project Management*
      *(either subject IFI7100 or IFI7143/EMIM04 is required)

      IFI7010 Media project
      IFI7117 Master seminar
      IFI7118 Master seminar

      2008 KE Major Electives:
      IFI7112 Game interactions
      IFI7109 Interactive information visualization
      IFI7115 Security and privacy matters
      IFI7111 Generative content creation
      IFI7108 Digital interactive audio
      IFI7113 Interactive television
      IFI7114 Experimental input and output
      IFI7110 Mobile interactions
      IFI7116 Locative technologies
      IFI7106 Ecology of Narratives
      * subjects of Module 2 (Interactive Media major) can also be taken as electives


Tallinn Summer School (TSS)

  • 2014-2015: Course on Information and Knowledge Management in Digital Environment 3)

Faculty of Social Sciences > Institute/Department of Information Studies* 2)

Course Material

Learning Objects > “Digital Library Learning” (DILL) Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Course

  • Information and Knowledge Management Module 2/2023: still available online)
      Spring 2014:
      Theoretical Models of Information and Knowledge Management
      Learning and Learning Organization
      Strategic and Planning Issues of Knowledge Management
      The Issues of Social Networking Tools
      Key Concepts in Information and Knowledge Management

      Spring 2012:
      Information Culture
      Knowledge Management Infrastructure
      Knowledge Capture Systems
      Knowledge Sharing Systems

      Spring 2011:
      Framework for Knowledge Management Tools and Projects
      Information Culture: finding, evaluating and selecting material
      Technologies for Information and Knowledge Management
      The Issues of Social Networking Tools

      Spring 2010:
      Development of Information and Knowledge Management
      Integration of digital libraries in e-learning
      Knowledge Management and Learning: finding, evaluating and selecting materials

      Spring 2009:
      Concept of Information-related Competencies

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