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The University of Haifa (UH; Hebrew: אוניברסיטת חיפה, Arabic: جامعة حيفا), formerly under the joint auspices of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Haifa Municipality, has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Faculty of Management1) > Department of Information and Knowledge Management (I-School)2)

Graduate Degrees

  • Master of Arts (MA) in Information and Knowledge Management (Options: Research track (thesis); Applied track (capstone project/practicum); Specializations: Librarianship – LibSpec)**
      2017/18 ff Courses:

      Period 1:
      Information Literacy (Elective)
      Information Retrieval (Elective)
      Data Processing Processes (Compulsory)
      Research Methods A (Compulsory)

      Period 2:
      The Audio-Visual Archive (Elective)
      Data Theory 1 (Elective)
      Technologies on the Internet (Elective)
      First Steps in Entrepreneurship (Elective)
      Computer Mediated Communication (Compulsory)

      Period 3:
      Visualization (Elective)
      Social Network Analysis (Elective)
      Information Economics (Elective)
      Virtual Communities (Compulsory)

      Period 4:
      Quantitative Methods A (Compulsory)
      Introduction to the Principles of Machine Learning (Elective)
      Research Seminar (Compulsory, Thesis Track)

      Period 5:
      Quantitative Methods B (Elective)
      Qualitative Research Methods (Elective)
      The Connected User-Between Participation and Involvement (Elective)
      Regressions and Classification for Predictive Needs (Elective)
      Decision Making in the Big Data Age Decision Making in the Big Data Age (Elective)

      Period 6:
      Current Issues in Reliability and Information Security (Compulsory)
      Development of Games for Organizations (Elective)
      Bibliometrics (Compulsory, LibSpec)
      Information Documentation Systems (Compulsory, LibSpec)

      Period 7:
      Practicum and concluding work
      Thesis research

      2011/12 Compulsory Courses:

      Period 1:
      Information Literacy
      Information Organization
      Retrieving Information

      Period 2:
      Research Methods – A
      Information Technologies
      Virtual Communities

      Period 3:
      Legislation, Ethics and Deviation in Information
      Quantitative Methods – A
      Library management: Management of Libraries and Information Centers (LibSpec)

      Period 4:
      Research Methods – B (Thesis Track) | Bibliometrics (LibSpec)
      Knowledge Management in Practice
      Information Services Marketing

      Period 5:
      Information Economics
      Quantitative Methods – B (Thesis Track) | Qualitative research methods (LibSpec)
      Research Seminar A

      Period 6:
      Information Policy in the Organization
      Games and Simulations as a Tool for Developing the Field of Information in the Organization (Practicum Track)
      Research Seminar B – Preparation and submission of a research proposal for a thesis (Thesis Track)

      Period 7:
      Thesis research

  • Doctoral (PhD) Program in Information and Knowledge Management (Options: Avanced research studies track; Direct doctoral track)**


    Jun 2019: Developing Dynamic Capabilities (DC) through Competitive Intelligence (CI): Effect on Performance

    May 2018:Are We There Yet? Predicting Time-to-Conversion Using Search-Diversity
    Apr 2018: Open Data & Open Access
    Feb 2018: Rethinking Collaborative Filtering: A Practical Perspective on State-Of-The-Art Research Based on “Real-World” Insights and Challenges

    Feb 2018: Haifa-LINKS Symposium on “Content Producers: Incentives, Motivations, and Value Creation”
    Jan 2018: Intricacies in Applying Machine Learning – Some Lessons Learned

    Dec 2017: Bringing Networks to Life – A Theory of Network Dynamics
    May 2017: Searching for Community-based Answers
    Apr 2017: Information Leakage Detection in Online Social Networks
    Jan 2017: Dissecting information processing algorithms in human choice behavior; Perspectives from information theory on population genetic data

    Dec 2016: Positively Useless: Exploring the Impact of Irrelevant Information in Online Reviews
    Nov 2016: Emergent Roles in Wikipedia

    Dec 2010: What Academics Miss When Studying the Emerging Media World and Why It’s Important (Opening of the Department of Information and Knowledge Management)

Herta & Paul Amir Faculty of Social Sciences > Department of Information Systems

Graduate Degrees

  • International Workshop on Knowledge Representation for Health Care (KR4HC)* 2)

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