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The University of Haifa (UH; Hebrew: אוניברסיטת חיפה, Arabic: جامعة حيفا), formerly under the joint auspices of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Haifa Municipality, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Herta and Paul Amir Faculty of Social Sciences

Graduate Degrees/Programs

Department of Communication

  • Master of Arts (MA) in Information and Knowledge Management (Options: Research track (thesis); Applied track (practicum))1)


Department of Information Systems

  • International Workshop on Knowledge Representation for Health Care (KR4HC)* 2)

Faculty of Management3)

Graduate Degrees/Programs

Department of Information and Knowledge Management (I-School)*4)

  • Master of Arts (MA) in Information and Knowledge Management (Options: Research track (thesis); Applied track (capstone project/practicum); Specializations: Librarianship – LibSpec)1)
  • Doctoral (PhD) Program in Information and Knowledge Management (Options: Avanced research studies track; Direct doctoral track)**


Department of Information and Knowledge Management (I-School)*4)

  • Mar 2014: Social media – the organizational challenge (integrative workshop)
      Introductory lecture: Social media – the organizational challeng
      Knowledge sharing, collective intelligence and everything in between
      Presentation of the workshop results, discussion and summary
      Digital – Knowledge management as a basis for multi-channel communication with the public
      Analysis of information from social media – for the employee and the entire organization
  • Feb 2013: Measuring the value of information to the organization (integrative workshop)
      Introductory lecture: measuring the value of information
      Roundtable discussions:
      – Table 1: Tangible or direct benefits of information to the organization
      – Table 2: Intangible or indirect benefits of information to the organization
      – Table 3: Benefits from information in the short term
      – Table 4: Benefits from information in the long term
      – Table 5: Quantitative measurement methods of information value
      – Table 6: Qualitative ways of measuring the value of information
      – Table 7: Communication on the value of information to the professional community
      – Table 8: Communication on the value of information to the organization and its managers
      Report of the representatives of the tables, discussion and conclusion


Department of Information and Knowledge Management (I-School)*4)

  • Research Conference: Information and Knowledge 2013, November 13, 2013, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel
      The annual conference of the information and knowledge researchers is an opportunity for a meeting of researchers interested in the information society in all its aspects and interested in sharing the fruits of their research in areas such as: information in the various fields of knowledge, information and culture, information literacy, information retrieval, social networks, learning and teaching in technological environments, information economy, serious games , libraries and librarians, archives and archivists, information and business, information and management, philosophy of information, sociology of information, knowledge management, information and organizations, organizational learning, Big Data, Data Science . The conference is interdisciplinary and intended for researchers from diverse backgrounds: information and knowledge, librarianship, archival, communication, management, sociology, psychology, information systems, computers, etc.

      Plenary Presentations:
      Research trends in world librarianship
      Strategic Surprise in National and Business Intelligence: a Comparative Study
      Scientific cooperation in the shadow of conflict: a bibliometric analysis
      The Israeli plan to issue smart identification and travel documents and to establish a national biometric database: situational picture and social implications
      For information: Research between information and learning

      Breakout Presentations:
      The National Library’s presence on social networks as a tool to expand its clientele
      Personal files as a source of personal and collective memory
      Digital technologies and the design of the memory of the future: the digitization process of the National Library in Israel
      The public library in Israel activity and audience expectations – marketing and branding of the library in a changing era
      Eliezer Ben Yehuda and the management of Jewish and Israeli knowledge
      The involvement of school librarians in Israel in student research processes and in the provision of consulting services
      Old documents, archivists and prejudices
      How do you search ?? Information needs of students in Israel – research in a multicultural society
      Denial of the Holocaust on websites : signs of French ideology on the popular websites in Google searches
      NeuroIS – use of brain imaging in information science
      Media selection for the announcement of childbirth
      Interactivity in talkbacks in online journalism in Israel
      Parents’ evaluations regarding their children’s online exposure to violent and sexual content
      Content analysis of talkbacks in articles dealing with abuse, violence and neglect of the elderly
      Agenda-Setting, Two-Step Flow and the World of Tech Blogs: The Role of Tech Bloggers in the Flow of Information
      New and traditional media in the mirror of interactivity
      Big data in academia – Why, When and What aspects
      Word shows in a daily newspaper as an expression of the adoption of technological innovation


Department of Information and Knowledge Management (I-School)*4)

    Jun 2019: Developing Dynamic Capabilities (DC) through Competitive Intelligence (CI): Effect on Performance

    May 2018:Are We There Yet? Predicting Time-to-Conversion Using Search-Diversity
    Apr 2018: Open Data & Open Access
    Feb 2018: Rethinking Collaborative Filtering: A Practical Perspective on State-Of-The-Art Research Based on “Real-World” Insights and Challenges

    Feb 2018: Haifa-LINKS Symposium on “Content Producers: Incentives, Motivations, and Value Creation”
    Jan 2018: Intricacies in Applying Machine Learning – Some Lessons Learned

    Dec 2017: Bringing Networks to Life – A Theory of Network Dynamics
    May 2017: Searching for Community-based Answers
    Apr 2017: Information Leakage Detection in Online Social Networks
    Jan 2017: Dissecting information processing algorithms in human choice behavior; Perspectives from information theory on population genetic data

    Dec 2016: Positively Useless: Exploring the Impact of Irrelevant Information in Online Reviews
    Nov 2016: Emergent Roles in Wikipedia

    Nov 2015: Designing an effective large situation display to support teamwork in complex and critical situations
    May 2015: Editorial Algorithms – Using Social Media to Discover and Report Local News
    May 2015: The role of trust in social networks
    Feb 2015: Is there an excuse for servers not supporting Perfect Forward Secrecy?
    Jan 2015: Separated by a Common Language? A unified Framework Bridging the Gap Between Language and Networks

    Dec 2014: Persuasive Avatars: Using Avatars to Change What We Think and Do; “Paying for content or for the community”? The relationship between social behavior and willingness to pay on content sites
    Nov 2014: Visual Analytics of Movement
    Oct 2014: Success factors in implementing real-time learning through performance support platforms
    Sep 2014: Defining norms in stigmatized virtual communities: Research in the pro-anorexia community
    Jun 2014: When social media audience bites back: The personalization of advertising and struggles over value in Facebook’s Sponsored Stories
    May 2014: Web Archiving and Web historiography: promises and challenges; Information transparency: Access to the collections of the Israel Art Information Center at the Israel Museum
    Mar 2014: Mapping Intellectual Migrations and the Transformations of the Jewish Republic of Letters during the Twentieth Century; Studies in visual aesthetics of human computer interaction

    Dec 2013: Crowd-Squared: Amplifying the Predictive Power of Crowd-Based Data
    Jan 2013: How do you measure culture

    Dec 2012: Learning Patterns in Big Data from Small Data Using Core-sets; The Open Source Promise for Better Service: Lessons from a Preliminary Case Study of Electronic Medical Records; Personality-Targeted Design: Theory, Experimental Procedure, and Preliminary Results
    Sep 2012: From human-computer interaction to brain-computer interfaces
    Aug 2012: From Game Informatics to Applied Game Science
    Jul 2012: Service Design and HCI in Face-to-Face Interaction
    Jun 2012: Multi-tasking in the Digital Information Age: Tasks, Information, and Interaction Contexts

    Dec 2010: What Academics Miss When Studying the Emerging Media World and Why It’s Important (Opening of the Department of Information and Knowledge Management)

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