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The University of Primorska (UP; Slovenian: Univerza na Primorskem, Italian: Università del Litorale), offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

UP Faculty of Management (UP FM)1)


  • Management International Conference (Mic)*
    The Management International Conference (Mic) Joint International Conference, formerly the International Conference of the Faculty of Management Koper and the Expert Conference of the Faculty of Management Koper (Strokovnega posveta Visoke šole za management v Kopru), is a traditional conference for scholars of management studies, welcoming participants from around the world, with broad and diverse research interests.

    There was no conference in 2014. Since 2015 Mic is branded as “Joint International Conference” co-organized with other universities.

    Knowledge Management relevant conference themes have been:

    • 2006: Advancing Business and Management in Knowledge-based Society
    • 2004: Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management
    • 2003: Knowledge Society – Challenges to Management

    Conference History:

    23rd MIC 2024, 5 – 8 June 2024, Trento, Italy
    Conference Theme: Next Generation Challenges: Innovation, Regeneration and Inclusion

      Sessions TBD

    22nd MIC 2023, 7 – 10 June 2023, Trieste, Italy
    Conference Theme: Toward Green, Inclusive, and Digital Growth

      Sessions: —

    MIC 2022 Joint International Conference, 9–11 June 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Conference Theme: Re-inventing or re-vitalising? Challenges for post-pandemic era

      Sessions: —

    20th Mic 2020 Joint International Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia 12 – 13 November 2020, Virtual venue
    Conference Theme: 20th anniversary

      Note: The conference was originally scheduled for 12 – 15 November 2020,

      Sessions: —

    19th Mic 2019 Joint International Conference, 29 May–1 June 2019, Opatija, Croatia
    Conference Theme: Managing Geostrategic Issues

      Session: Knowledge Management
      A new management tool to support responsible corporate governance
      Institutional Framework for the Knowledge Economy in Developing Countries
      Meta-competence: you cannot do without it!
      Students Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Teamwork in Business School Education Process
      Talent Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina

      Session: Others
      Internet as a source of information and knowledge: reality and prospect

    18th Mic 2018 Joint International Conference, 30 May – 2 June 2018, Bled, Slovenia
    Conference Theme: Conference Theme: Managing Global Diversities

      Session: Knowledge Management
      Practice ecosystem of knowledge co;creation
      Knowledge transfer: difficulties of implementing entrepreneurship in Eastern Europe
      Do Network Position of Firms Increase the Firms’ Innovation Performance in the Industrial Clusters? Evidence from Turkey
      Social Capital as a Motive of Employee’s Knowledge Sharing in Family Firms
      Knowledge Flow Performance of University;Industry Innovation Network in Strategic Emerging Industry Cluster Lirong Jian
      Quo vadis welder company? Examination and development from the view of lean

      Session: Others:
      The Influence of Product Innovation, Country of Origin, and Product Knowledge on Purchase Intention: The Mediating Effect of the Brand Attitude
      Validating a Decision Making Method basing on Technology and Knowledge Priorities for Sustainable Strategies for Innovative Start-up

    17th Mic 2017 Joint International Conference, 24–27 May 2017, Monastier di Treviso, Italy
    Conference Theme: Managing the Global Economy

      Digital Economy; Networks and Cooperation

    16th Mic 2016 Joint International Conference, 1-4 June 2016, Pula, Croatia
    Conference Theme: Managing Global Changes

      Sessions: —

    15th 2015 Joint International Conference, 28–30 May 2015, Portorož, Slovenia
    Conference Theme: Managing Sustainable Growth

      Session: Knowledge Management and Learning
      Innovations in Technology that Enhance Teaching and Learning
      Taking the Tablets: Transforming Teaching, Liberating Learners and Engaging the Community
      Are we at Risk of Dumbing Down Courses in Order to Increase Student Satisfaction?
      Comparison of Values among Students of Faculty of Management at University of Primorska
      The Analysis of University Governance in the Republic of Serbia

      Pedagogy workshop:
      Innovative and creative ways to enhance teaching and learning

    14th Mic 2013, 21 – 23 November 2013, Koper, Slovenia
    Conference Theme: Industry, Science and Policy Makers for Sustainable Future

      Sessions: ?

    13th Mic 2012, 22-24 November 2012, Budapest, Hungary
    Conference Theme: Managing transformation with creativity

      Sessions: ?

    12th Mic 2011, 23-26 November 2011, Portorož, Slovenia
    Conference Theme: Managing Sustainability?

      Session: Knowledge Management
      Knowledge Transfusion to SME’s From External Sources: Economical Considerations
      Contribution of Knowledge-Based Management Practices to SMEs Performance
      How Do Companies Treat Their Knowledge for Managing the Company’s Brand?
      Survey of Possibilities of Applying the Model of Knowledge Management in Enterprises with Regard to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Market
      Improving the Managerial Skills of Romanian University Managers by a Country-Wide E-Training Programme
      The Role of Information Security in Quality of Management
      Operationalisation of Knowledge Management Practices in R&D Activity in Multinational Organisations

      Session: Knowledge and Training
      Return on Training in the Knowledge-Based Economy: Review and Analysis of Existing Approaches to Evaluation of Training Outcomes
      How to Evaluate Human Capital?
      Impact measurement revised: Evaluating the Impact of the Lifelong Learning Programme in Slovenia

      Session: others
      Young Researchers’ Motivation for Knowledge Transfer

      Integrated Intelligence Management

    11th Mic 2010, 24–27 November 2010, Ankara, Turkey
    Conference Theme: Social Responsibility, Professional Ethics, and Management

      Sessions: —

    10th Mic 2009, 25–28 November 2009, Sousse, Tunisia
    Conference Theme: Creativity, Innovation and Management

      Session: Knowledge and Organizations
      Organizational Learning as a Prerequisit for Competences Development
      Cultivating Knowledge – a Model of Knowledge Flow Elements in Context
      Through Lifelong Learning and Learning Organizations owards Sustainable Future
      The Characteristic of Knowledge Management Processes in Medium Enterprises

      Sessions: Others
      Firm Competitiveness – Knowledge as One of the Sources
      The Effect of Big Five Personality in Creative Decision Making
      The Organizational Learning Process as Facilitator of Innovativeness
      The Profile of the Romanian Entrepreneur and its Compatibility with the Characteristics of a Learning Organization

    9th Mic 2008, 26-29 November 2008, Barcelona, Spain
    Conference Theme: Intercultural Dialogue and Management

      Sessions: ?

    8th Mic 2007, 20-24 November 2007, Portorož, Slovenia
    Conference Theme: Managing Global Transitions: Globalisation – Localisation – Regionalisation

      Session: Knowledge Management
      What Kind of Secondary Education? The Case of Slovenia
      Knowledge Codification in Small and Medium Enterprises
      Cultural Issues of Knowledge Management in Project-Based Firms
      Managerial Discourse: Perception of Manager and Money
      The Linking of Knowledge, Knowledge Management and Company Performance
      Impact of Knowledge Management on the Performance of Polish Organizations
      Knowledge Sharing and Transfer Practices in Outsourcing Relationships
      Virtual Teams: Understaniding Individual Motivation for Collective Effort

      Session: Others
      The Importance of Relational Resources in Contemporary Service Organization
      Develop an Automatic Medical Vital Sign Detection System Using Knowledge-Based Intelligent Reasoning and Mobile Tele-Communication
      A New Thinking in the Knowledge Economy and the Innovative Times: Through Joint Governance to Establish Lifelong Learning Mechanism
      Regionalisation: The Catalyst for Becoming a Learning Organisation
      Diffusion of ERP Knowledge: A Case of ERP Resource Center in Taiwan
      The Capabilities of Knowledge Application and Innovation Capabilities: An Empirical Study of Technology Firms in Taiwan
      Intellectual Capital in Financial Service Industry: A Casual Analysis
      Collaborative Learning in E-Learning Settings
      Knowledge as a Moderator of Perceived Food Quality, Satisfaction and Consumer Loyalty

    7th Mic 2006, 23 – 25 November 2006, Portorož, Slovenia
    Conference Theme: Advancing Business and Management in Knowledge-based Society

      Networking: The People Side of Knowledge Management;
      Implications of Globalisation for R&D Policy of the EU

      Sessions: ?

    6th Mic 2005, 24–26 November 2005, Portorož, Slovenia
    Conference Theme: Managing the Process of Globalisation in New and Upcoming EU Members

      Sessions: —

    5th Mic 2004, 18–20 November 2004, Portorož, Slovenia
    Conference Theme: Conference Theme: Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management

      National Intellectual Capital in Waiting: A Strategic IC Quest

      Plenary Session:
      Human Capital and Regional Economic Growth in Slovenia; The Growing Importance of Stakeholder Dialogues in Gaining and Transferring Knowledge; A Conceptual Framework for the Creation of an Expert Organization Strategy; E-Learning and the Changing Face of Corporate Training and Development

      Paper Sessions:
      Processes of Creating and Applying Intellectual Capital; Knowledge and People Management; Measuring Intellectual Capital and its Economic Effects; Intellectual Capital and Informatics

    4th Mic 2003, 20-22 November 2003, Portorož, Slovenia
    Conference Theme: Knowledge Society – Challenges to Management Globalisation, Regionalism and EU Enlargement Process

      The Knowledge Society

      Human Capital and the Knowledge Society; Education and the Global and Local Environment; Transfer of Knowledge; Management and Education

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