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The Knowledge Graph Forum, organized by Zazuko, serves as a platform where companies are invited to share their ongoing work and use cases with Knowledge Graphs. The goal is to encourage learning and sharing of valuable insights from their projects.

The primary interest lies in Knowledge Graphs based on the Resource Description Framework (RDF). Non-RDF graph technologies, such as property graphs, are generally of less interest, unless they specifically address integration with or transitioning to RDF systems and demonstrate how to bridge between different graph technologies.

Conference History:

Knowledge Graph Forum 2024, May 30, 2024, Roche, Basel, Switzerland

    Reflecting on the Semantic Web Vision

    Ontopic/Zazuko: Semantically Enhancing OLAP Cubes: Integrating SPARQL and SQL for Next-Generation Data Publication & Business Intelligence
    SDSC: Using SHACL and RDF technologies to run an open source platform of curated, searchable imaging software
    Schneider-Electric/Semantic Arts: How converting a product catalog to a graph reduced complexity by two orders of magnitude. Lessons learned, plus and minus
    BMW/Oxford Semantic Technologies: Reasoning rules the road: semantic reasoning on knowledge graphs deployed on-device in vehicles
    EPFL Blue Brain Projec: A “bring to MINDS” approach for large scale neuroscience knowledge graph
    Roche Pharma: Harnessing digital complexity and enabling AI – Semantic knowledge graph as universal enablers
    Zazuko: The earth is not flat, and neither is your graph: User Experience beyond bubbles
    SPHN: The SPHN SHACLer: Automatic generation of SHACL rules based on the SPHN RDF Schema
    Uni Freiburg (Chair of Algorithms and Data Structures): The QLever SPARQL engine
    derivo: Visual Analysis and Querying of Large Knowledge Graphs
    Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics: UniProt, Rhea, Swiss-Lipids and HAMAP and from huge to tiny. Practical SPARQL in the life sciences
    KRDB: The Semantic SQL Transducer: seamless knowledge graphs and databases interoperation

Knowledge Graph Forum 2022, September 29, 2022, SIT Academy, Zurich, Switzerland

    UniProt: the largest public Knowledge Graph
    Semantic and transparent ETL pipelines
    The role of Knowledge Graphs and the means of implementation in UBS.
    Knowledge Graph for consistent Smart Meter Operations
    Knowledge Graphs and Reasoning – What does it take to manage the complexity of real-world industry problems?
    Know your Data: A Graph based 360° Enterprise Data Catalog
    Semantic Regulation Compliance Checking: A real-world scenario involving urban underground data
    Building a Virtual Knowledge Graph from sensor data using Ontop and the PostgreSQL ecosystem
    Semantic Modeling of Organizational Knowledge as a Basis for Enterprise Data Governance 4.0
    Enabling Large-Scale Data Integrity Checks for Building Automation and Control Systems
    Federation: beyond the home organization

Knowledge Graph Forum 2019, October 18, 2019, Bern, Switzerland

    Knowledge Graphs at Zalando
    Smart Data for Smarter Firefighter
    Creating a data-centric approach to information architecture in the public sector
    Entity Linking powered by Graph Embedding

    An Enterprise Graph in full production at Swatch
    Chatbot Application on large Government Spatial Knowledge Graph in the Netherlands
    Blue Brain Nexus: A knowledge graph for data-driven science
    SPARQL: federation in practice
    SPARQL 1.2: Community group, how to improve SPARQL
    Using RDF, Github and PSPS to provide accessible RDF data about species
    Accelerating lead times and inventory with Knowledge Graphs at RFS
    TERMDAT: A Terminology between Semantics & Syntax

    Co-located Conference:
    DINAcon – Swiss conference on digital sustainability

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