Asian Development Bank Knowledge Forum (ADB Knowledge Forum)

Asian Development Bank Knowledge Forum (ADB Knowledge Forum)

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The Asian Development Bank Knowledge Forum (ADB Knowledge Forum), organized by the ADB Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department and the ADB Knowledge Sharing and Services Center, will bring together knowledge practitioners and leads from international financial institutions and other multilateral organizations, internal and external partners, and ADB staff to learn and discuss knowledge management practices, tools, application of knowledge management in development institutions, among others, through interactive discussions, knowledge sharing, training, and networking.

The Knowledge Management for Development Forum (KM4Dev Forum 2007) aimed to provide a venue for Knowledge Management practitioners, both new and experienced, to interact, network, learn, and share experiences and concerns on creating, disseminating, transferring, and managing knowledge and information. The Forum also aimed to benefit the knowledge workers who will learn, create, and embed development knowledge into business processes and in drafting and designing effective programs. The forum was organized by the KM4Dev Community and the Knowledge Management Center of the ADB Regional and Sustainable Development Department.

Conference History:

ADB Knowledge Forum 2018, 6 – 9 November 2018, Manila, Philippines
This event is by invitation only!

    Post-conference Training (Nov 8-9):
    Knowledge Management Certification Training (for registered ADB staff only; provided by Community and Corporate Learning for Innovation (CCLFI), Manila)

    Knowledge Management – Is a Paradigm Shift Coming? (special adress)
    How Corporate Foresight can Help Developing Institutions Manage Knowledge

    Breakout Session: Knowledge and Innovation
    Knowledge and Innovation: State of play: Knowledge and Innovation in Development Organizations (Showcasing)
    Policy Design to Practice: Translating Policy into Practice in Public Management (Experts on Call)
    Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligence: The Era of Knowledge Bots Comes to ADB (Showcasing)

    Breakout Session: Knowledge to Action
    Capturing Tacit Knowledge in the Private Sector and Development Organizations (Experts on Call)
    Learning from Knowledge Experiences on the Ground (Showcasing)
    Knowledge and Research: How Can Knowledge Generated by Economic Research Contribute to Asia’s Development? (Showcasing)
    Learning from Evaluation (Experts on Call)
    From Talk to Action: Shared Wisdom on Becoming a Knowledge and Learning Organization (Showcasing)
    Strengthening “One ADB”: Taking a Unified Approach to Ensuring ADB is an Effective Provider of Knowledge Services (Showcasing)

    Breakout Session: Breaking Knowledge Silos (Experts on Call)
    Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture Through “One ADB” (Experts on Call)
    Knowledge Partnerships – Ingredients of a Successful Knowledge Partnership (Showcasing)
    Strengthening “One ADB”: Optimizing the Knowledge Work of Resident Missions and Strengthening their Role in Planning for ADB Operations

    Knowledge Work in the Development Agenda: How Can IFIs Add Value?
    Knowledge in a Rapidly Evolving World: How can International Financial Institutions Keep Up?
    How Does Tacit Knowledge Contribute to the Development Agenda?
    The Way Forward- How do we make knowledge and knowledge management real?

    Special Events:
    ADB-OECD “Southeast Asia Government at a Glance” and “Comparative Analysis of Tax Administration in Asia and the Pacific”

    Knowledge Marketplace:
    Walking the Talk: Learning and Innovation at the Knowledge Forum
    Introduction to the Knowledge Market


Knowledge Management for Development Forum (KM4Dev Forum 2007), February 8–9, 2007, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Manila, Philippines
Forum Theme: Strengthening Knowledge Networks for Development: Understanding Issues, Facing Challenges, and Seizing Opportunities
(Organizer: KM4Dev Community; Knowledge Management Center, Regional and Sustainable Development Department, Asian Development Bank)

    Managing the “Knowledge Trap”: Challenges and Opportunities for Development Agencies in Asia
    Innovation and Intellectual Capital Management Set the Agenda: The Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (M.A.K.E.) Methodology

    Plenary Discussions:
    High-level Forum Meeting’s panel: Experiences, practices, and challenges on knowledge management for development

    Poster Session:
    Knowledge Management Practice Stories

    Organizational Knowledge Assessment (OKA)
    Approaches in Knowledge Sharing
    Sharing of Good Practices on Knowledge-based Development (KBD) for the Poor
    The Knowledge Fairs for Development
    Storytelling and Behavioral Change
    The Last Mile of Knowledge Networking

    Open Space Session: What’s an ideal strategic future for Knowledge Management in development? How can we get there?
    Asian Knowledge Management
    Knowledge sharing among competing agencies
    Engaging NGOs and civil society on Knowledge Management
    Educating the youth on Knowledge Management
    Embedding Knowledge Management to doing business
    … A total of 22 open space sessions

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