Asian Knowledge and Innovation Forum (AKIF)*

Asian Knowledge and Innovation Forum (AKIF)*

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The one-day Asian Knowledge and Innovation Forum (AKIF), formerly the Asian Knowledge Forum (AKF), provides a rare occasion in which all management and organizational development professionals and practitioners can benchmark and review annually their know-how with the real work practices from companies and organizations. These corporations have won success in their world-class services from satisfying customers, clients and stakeholders through using knowledge technology and leveraging their hidden organizational knowledge.

In conjunction with the Hong Kong Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprises (MIKE) formerly the Hong Kong Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Award Ceremony.

The main organizer of the forum is the Behaviour and Knowledge Engineering Research Centre, formerly the Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre and the Knowledge management Research Centre, at the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Hong Kong Polytecnic University.

Conference History:

AKIF 2024, 27-28 March 2024, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: Generative AI: Transforming Knowledge Management and Innovation (生成式AI ∶ 重塑知識管理與創新)
(Co-organizer: Arup University)

    Note: 1st day venue: Hotel; 2nd day venue: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    Unveiling the Pandora’s box: exploring the risks and ethical implications of generative AI
    Serendipity by design: integrating generative AI in knowledge management for innovation
    Impact of generative AI and metaverse on KM and learning
    Application of Large Language Models in knowledge management
    AI in action to enhance customer experiences and public safety

    Mini-workshop on generative AI
    Evaluating and enhancing generative AI compatibility in knowledge management: a hands-on workshop

    Panel discussions:
    Harnessing lessons: navigating generative AI in the business landscape

    Leveraging and uses of large language models in knowledge management processes
    Creative synergy: unleashing potential with generative AI

    Global and Hong Kong MIKE Award 2023 Presentation Ceremony

    MIKE Award 2023 winners presentations:
    Sustainable energy innovations: how FinDreams Battery is reshaping the industry through knowledge and research
    Flight path to the future: tech-driven knowledge sharing in Airport Authority Hong Kong
    Sustaining momentum: how EMSD fuels knowledge sharing to provide E&M services for enhancing the safety and quality of life of Hong Kong

    Global MIKE Winner sharing:
    Unleashing knowledge management and innovation: Cognizant’s strategy and implementation experience
    Fostering innovation and knowledge management in Dubai Municipality: strategies and impact (CANCELLED)
    Transforming urban mobility: PT MRT Jakarta’s journey in knowledge management and innovative solutions
    Synergising AI and intellectual capital: managing knowledge in the AI era

    Hong Kong MIKE Winner sharing:
    Strategic insights: data-driven knowledge management for business success
    Bridging minds: enhancing connectivity in construction knowledge

    Innovation tours:
    Hall of Innovation & Hall of Future Energy, Towngas
    Experience Centre, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park
    Experience Centre, Microsoft

AKIF 2023, 28 March 2023, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: Amplifying Success with Knowledge and Innovation in Age of Digitalization
(Co-organizer: Arup University)

    How AI and machine learning impact knowledge sharing and innovation?
    Creating shared value by empowering technology start-ups to solve real business problems
    City 3D map, spatial & operational data – from generation to application

    Knowledge café – Knowledge management and innovation in a world of increased digitalisation: Its challenges, and opportunities
    Leveraging crowdsourcing to increase innovation performance

    Hong Kong MIKE Award 2022 Presentation Ceremony

    MIKE Award 2022 Winners presentations & sharing:
    Building capabilities for the utility of the future (Hong Kong Top Winner: CLP Power Hong Kong Limited)
    Building sharing, collaborative and creative culture in new working model (Global Top Winner: PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited)
    Sharing: Hong Kong MIKE Award Winners
    – Nurturing knowledge sharing culture to improve service quality (Caritas Jockey Club Lok Yan School)
    – From offline to online: A new era of knowledge in Water Supplies Department, HKSAR

    Sites visit: (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
    State Key Laboratory of Ultra-Precision Machining Technology
    Aviation Operations and Control Laboratory

AKIF 2022, 27 April 2022 (afternoon), Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Driving a Culture of Excellence Through Effective Knowledge Management
(in conjunction with the 2021 Global and Hong Kong Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award Presentation Ceremony; Co-organizer: Arup University)

    Build digital knowledge spiral and boost business to create more value
    Innovation for services excellence in Henderson Land
    Thriving through transformation with knowledge and innovation
    Building a data-based knowledge company
    Holistic Knowledge Management enabled by digitalization
    How knowledge management and digital transformation support Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) production

    Global MIKE Award Presentation Ceremony
    Hong Kong MIKE Award Presentation Ceremony

AKIF 2021, 26 March 2021 (afternoon), Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Knowledge and Innovation in the Post Pandemic Era
(in conjunction with the 2020 Hong Kong Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award Presentation Ceremony; Co-organizer: Arup University)

    Championing with technologies and innovation in a digitally connected world
    The Hong Kong innovation & tech sart-up ecosystem and how start-ups adapt to the pandemic and thrive in the new normal
    Democratise digital literacy to empower knowledge intelligence

    Navigating uncertain futures with insights and foresights
    Digitalisation in the retail industry
    Health and wellbeing buildings in the context of the post pandemic era

    Hong Kong MIKE Award Presentation Ceremony

AKIF 2020, 30 June 2020, Hong Kong, China / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Exploring Smart Technology-Led Transformation and Innovation
(in conjunction with the 2019 Hong Kong Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award Presentation Ceremony; Co-organizer: Arup University)

    Note: The forum was scheduled for 29-30 June and Februalry 10-11, 2020.

    Pre-conference Masterclasses (CANCELLED):
    Foresight: exploring the implications of Megatrends (Jun 29)

    How artificial intelligence and cloud can fuel digital transformation in business
    Planning of a smart hospital
    ProTech: Integration of information technology in building projects
    Rewriting our brain to exploit collaboration, innovation and learning in the age of digitalisation (CANCELLED)
    How to overcome the challenges of remote collaboration
    Closing Keynote (CANCELLED)

    Interactive workshops (CANCELLED):
    Exploring the winning recipies of a knowledge management programme

    Hong Kong MIKE Award Presentation
    Presentation/Sharing by Hong Kong MIKE winners

    Pre-/Post-conference Site Visits (CANCELLED):
    Electrical and Mechanical Services Department Headquarters – Innotour (Jun 29); Sino Innovation Laboratory (Jun 29); Explorium Hong Kong, Fung Academy (Jun 30)

    Co-located events:
    HKKMS meeting: Opportunities and challenges in Learning & Teaching during the Covid-19 era: Experience gained from HKPolyU (Jun 29); Knowledge Management Global Network (KMGN) Conference (Feb 12 CANCELLED)

AKIF 2019, 25 April 2019, Hong Kong, China

Conference Theme: Knowledge Technology Leading To Innovation
(in conjunction with the 2018 Asian Global Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award Presentation Ceremony; Co-organizer: Arup University)

    Innovation in construction industry
    Co-creating cutting-edge living environment with Sino (CANCELLED)
    Knowledge management implementation in Huawai (CANCELLED)
    Business analytics in aviation management: Decision support applications with data modelling
    The innovation landscape in the UK and case sharing
    Institutional knowledge Management in the era of big data and artificial intelligence

    MIKE Award Presentation Ceremony
    Global MIKE Award winners case sharing

AKF 2018, 17 March 2018 (afternoon), Beijing, China

(in conjunction with the International Conference on Innovation & Knowledge Management (iKM), Mar 17-18, and the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award (MAKE2017) Presentation Ceremony)

    Smart capital and innovation
    From knowledge management to artificial intelligence—thinking and practice of building a smart organization

    2017 MAKE Awards Ceremony
    Best Practice Sharing of 2017 China, Asian and Global (IOU) MAKE Award winners

    Special Events:
    Innovation and Knowledge and Management Alliance Launch Ceremony
    Launch Ceremony of the Most Innovative Knowledge Organization (MIKE) Award

AKF 2017, 12-13 January 2017, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: Enhancing Service Innovation in the Age of Digitalization From Design Thinking to Service Innovation
(in conjunction with the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award (MAKE2016) Presentation Ceremony; Co-organizer: Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society)

    Can Design Thinking Help us Understand What it Takes to Survive and Thrive in an Exponential World?
    What is not a Service Business Today
    Future Center and its Support to Open Innovation
    Asia Miles Stakeholders-Centric Innovation – How Corporates can innovate with Design Thinking and Human Centered Innovation?

    Round Table Discussions:
    How to Implement Design Thinking to Innovation Services

    Luncheon (MAKE Award Presentation Ceremony)

    Service Innovation (sharing session)

    Service Innovation (case presentations)
    AFCONS – Leader in Adoption of Digitalization in Infrastructure Sector
    Enhancing Knowledge-based Innovation Strategies for Sustainable Competitive Advantage
    Discover Better Answers – Our Digital Platform to Harness the Insights of Our People
    Accelerating Knowledge Activation through Digitalization
    Knowledge Management Technique for Enhancing Company Brand Image Building
    Hong Kong Police Force as a Knowledge Enterprise Seeking Perpetual Service Enhancement
    Enhancing Service Innovation through Leadership in Learning
    Enhancing Clients’ Satisfaction through Better Web Services in Korea Water Resources Corporation
    Digital Intelligence – Knowledge Management for Futuristic Business

    Post-conference Company Visits (Jan 13):
    Marvel Digital Limited, Woods Bagot, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

AKF 2016, 21-22 January 2016, Hong Kong, China

Conference Theme: All companies are the same, but how they manage their knowledge makes the real difference
(in conjunction with the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award (MAKE2015) Presentation Ceremony)

    Pre-conference Seminars:
    Knowledge Management and Big Data 2.0

    The Winning Recipe of Knowledge Management Implementation in Enterprises
    Operationalizing Knowledge Management in the SAF
    Knowledge Management Practices and Trends in China
    Knowledge Management Torches Research, Development and Innovation at COFCO
    Creating Values in Delivering Public Architecture through Learning & Knowledge Management

    Luncheon (MAKE Award Presentation Ceremony)

    MAKE Company Presentations:
    Making Company Knowledge Bite-sized and Portable – the Arup Burst
    The Role of IT in Knowledge-based Management at Bandar Imam Petrochemical Co.
    Strategy Management and Knowledge-based Management at Bank Pasargad
    Reflection on Knowledge Management Implementation in the Education Sector
    Powering New Era through Continuous People Development
    Transforming Knowledge at EY
    Accelerating Growth through Knowledge Management
    Leveraging Disruptive Technologies for Fostering KM Program
    Ways to Induce Voluntary Participation from Employees to Knowledge Management
    The Process Oriented Knowledge-based Management at Mobarakeh Steel Co.
    Implementation of Five Priorities Strategic at PT Pertamina (Persero)
    Journey to the Next Level
    Outlook and Trend about Knowledge Management
    TELKOM Indonesia, Strongest by Best People
    Knowledge Management Practices in Retail Industry
    Knowledge Innovation for Creating Value to Customers
    Ready – Steady – Go – The Creation of an Agile Knowledge Platform

    Knowledge Market (Participants meet with speakers in round tables)

    Post-conference Company Visits (Jan 22):
    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong Police Force

AKF 2015, 13-15 January 2015, Hong Kong, China

Conference Theme: Sustaining your business through knowledge productivity
(in conjunction with the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award (MAKE2014) Presentation Ceremony; Co-organizeer: the Hong Kong Productivity Council)

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    Social Media and Social Knowledge for Business; Knowledge Management for SMEs; Big Data and Knowledge Management

    Opening Speeches:
    Knowledge Management Sharing
    Knowledge Lights Organizational Intelligence
    Why Knowledge Management – for a Global Consulting Firm?

    Sharing by winners of MAKE Award (Asian, Hong Kong and Mainland China)
    MAKE Award Presentation Ceremony cum Dinner Banquet

    Post-conference Company Visits (Jan 14/15):
    Hong Kong Productivity Council, Arup, Hong Kong and China Gas Co. Ltd., Huawei, KM Organization in Shenzhen (to be confirmed)

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