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Delphi Group, officially Acrovantage, formerly Delphi Consulting Group,1) has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


Open Seminars

    Complete Knowledge Management Seminar
    Advanced Practices and Methods of Knowledge Management Seminar
    Intranet Seminar
    Document Management & Workflow Seminar


    Knowledge Management Institute
    Advanced Practices and Methods of Knowledge Management Institute
    Intranet Institute
    Document Management & Workflow Institute
    Simulation and Business Process Modeling Institute

Australia Courses

    Introducing Knowledge Management and Corporate Portals into Your Organisation
    Knowledge Management & Records Management Course

Japan Seminars

    First steps in practicing knowledge management – Delphi Knowledge Management Course
    Fundamentals of knowledge management (in-house)
    Knowledge Management Practices and Methods (Advanced, in-house)


  • Delphi Summit**
    The Delphi Summit is the successor of the theme focused Enterprise Learning and Knowledge Exchange Summit (ELKE) and the International / Canadian / Asia Pacific Knowledge Management Summit (KMS) series. The KMS series was dedicated to the practices and implementation of Knowledge Management, including strategy, innovation, leadership and transformation, knowledge sharing, best practices, and advanced tools and technologies.

    Conference History:

    • The Delphi Summit, April 19-21, 2005, Phoenix, USA
      Conference Theme: The Next Generation of Knowledge Management, Content Strategies and Enterprise Search
    • The Delphi Summit, February 10-12, 2003, Coronado Island, USA
      Conference Theme: Enterprise Portals, Web Services, Knowledge and Content Management, Process Integration and Taxonomy

    • ELKE Summit 2002, March 13-15, 2002, Palm Springs, USA
      Enterprise Learning and Knowledge Exchange Summit
      (Presented by the Association of Knowledgework (AOK) in conjunction with the Delphi Group)

        Conference Workshops: AOK Work(Fun)Shop

        Pre-conference Workshops: Virtual Roundtable (Feb 22, AOK Star Series/Dialogues)

    • Ie-KMS Canada 2001, January 29-31, 2001, Toronto, Canada
      Canadian Knowledge Management Summit


    • IKMS Canada 2000, June 26-28, 2000, Blue Mountain Resort, Canada
      Canadian Knowledge Management Summit

        Conference Tracks: Digital Knowledge Sharing, Transfer, & Access (day 1); E-Knowledge & E-Business Strategy (day 2); Knowledge Innovation (day 3)

        Pre-Conference Workshops (Jun 25): Executive Retreat: Communities Of Practice

    • IKMS 2000, May 8-10, 2000, San Diego, USA
      International Knowledge Management Summit

    • IKMS Canada 1999, November 22-24, 1999, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
      Canadian Knowledge Management Summit
      Conference Theme: Harnessing the Knowledge Resource in the 21st Century Net Generation Economy
      (Host: University of Toronto, Ontario College of Teachers Accreditation)

        Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management Leadership Innovation & Transformation; Best Practices/ Case Histories; Advanced Methods, Tools, & Technologies

    • IKMS Asia Pacific 1999, August 25-27, 1999, Surfers Paradise, Australia
      Asia Pacific International Knowledge Management Summit

    • IKMS 1999, March 28-31, 1999, San Diego, USA
      International Knowledge Management Summit

    • IKMS 1998, June 8-11, 1998, San Diego, USA
      International Knowledge Management (Executive) Summit
      (co-sponsor: Knowledge Asset Media / KM World)

        Conference Tracks: Knowledge Management Technology; Knowledge Management Methods; Human Factors & Business Issues; Knowledge Management in Practice; User Case Studies; Creating Corporate Memory; Knowledge Management in Customer Service

        Pre-conference Tutorials (Jun 8): Knowledge Management Technologies: A Review of 36 Vendors; The Knowledge-based Organization: A Human and Cultural Agenda; CKO: Creating the Role of a Chief Knowledge Officer Within Your Organization

        Trade Exhibition

        KMedu relevant: Evolution of a CKO (at National Security Agency)

    • “Corporate Instinct”- The Smart Way to Manage Knowledge, 26-27 February 1998, Sydney, Australia


  • Delphi Consulting Australasia / Delphi Group Australia
  • Delphi Group Canada (Spearhead Knowledge Management)
  • Delphi Group Japan (Mutsumi Insight)

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