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Delphi Group 1) offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:

Open Seminars & Institutes

  • Seminars: Knowledge Management Seminar, Advanced Practices and Methods of Knowledge Management Seminar, Intranet Seminar, Document Management & Workflow Seminar
  • Institutes: Knowledge Management Institute, Advanced Practices and Methods of Knowledge Management Institute, Intranet Institute, Document Management & Workflow Institute, Simulation and Business Process Modeling Institute

Onsite Seminars & Institutes

  • Knowledge Management
  • Advanced Practices and Methods of Knowledge Management


  • International Knowledge Management Summit (IKMS)**
    • International Knowledge Management Executive Summit (IKMS), June 8-11, 1998, San Diego, USA (co-sponsored by Knowledge Asset Media (KAM))
    • International Knowledge Management Summit (IKMS), March 28-31, 1999, San Diego, USA
    • International Knowledge Management Summit (IKMS Asia Pacific), August 25 – 27, 1999, Surfers Paradise, Australia
    • International Knowledge Management Summit (IKMS Canada), November 22-24, 1999, Toronto, Canada
      Conference Theme: Harnessing the Knowledge Resource in the 21st Century Net Generation Economy
    • Canadian Knowledge Management Summit, June 26-28 (Ie-KMS Canada), 2000, Blue Mountain Resort, Canada
    • Canadian Knowledge Management Summit (Ie-KMS Canada), January 29-31, 2001, Toronto, Canada
    • ?
    • The Delphi Summit, February 10 – 12, 2003 – Coronado Island, CA
      Enterprise Portals, Web Services, Knowledge and Content Management, Process Integration and Taxonomy
    • The Delphi Summit, April 19-21, 2005, Phoenix, AZ, USA
      The Next Generation of Knowledge Management, Content Strategies and Enterprise Search
  • Enterprise Learning and Knowledge Exchange Summit (ELKE Summit), March 13-15, 2002, Palm Springs, CA, USA
    (Presented by the Association of Knowledgework (AOK) in conjunction with the Delphi Group)
    – Pre-conference Virtual Roundtable (AOK Star Series/Dialogues), Feb 2002


  • Delphi Group Canada (Spearhead Knowledge Management)

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