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The Association of Knowledgework or Knowledge Work (AOK), formerly the Association Knowledge Management Network (KM-Net) hosted by The Forbes Group, offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


  • Knowledge Recognition Program for Knowledge Professionals 1)
  • Short Course in Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management Seminars and Workshops


  • Face-to-face Meetings
    • Nov 2001: AOK Meeting of the Future (Sponsored by Linkage, Inc.)
  • AOK Star Series/Dialogues (online, monthly (excluding Dec))
    • 2001
      • Stephen Denning, Michel Pommier and Lesley Shneier
        Are There Laws of Knowledge Management?
      • Debra M. Amidon
        Architecting Success in the Knowledge Economy
      • Ash Sooknanan
        Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB): From Worst Case Knowledge Management to Best Practice
      • Tom Stewart
        Real Time Management: The leading proponent of knowledge management
        in the business press
      • Dede Bonner
        Developing Knowledge Leadership: CKO/CLO Competencies – Whatever the Nomenclature, the CKO Is the Key to the Learning Organization
      • Leif Edvinsson
        Perspectives on Intangibles and Intellectual Capital
      • Carl Frappaolo
        Knowledge Initiative Begins with Knowledge Audit
      • Nick Bontis
        Man of Many Hats – An Academic With Feet Fully Planted in the Workplace
      • David Weinberger
        What Makes Smart Companies (and People) Smart
      • David Skyrme
        Struggling with Knowledge Management Strategy
      • Karl-Erik Sveiby
        Why Measure Intangibles? To Learn or to Control? “By the Numbers Doesn’t Compute”
    • 2002
      • David Snowden
        Practice and Communication of 3rd Generation Knowledge Management
      • Carl Frappaolo et al. 2)
        A Roundtable of AOK/Delphi ELKE Summit Speakers
      • Tom Stewart
        Part I: Bursting Bubbles
      • Hubert Saint-Onge
        Conflicting Views on Training and Communities of Practice
      • Charles M. Savage
        “Knowledge Turns” to Increase ROI (Return on Intelligence)?
      • Jerry Ash
        Spoiling the Mushroom Patch
      • Richard Cross
        Organizational Change: When All Work Is Knowledge Work
      • Stephen Denning
        What’s the Best Way to Share Knowledge? Steve Denning Asks AOK Members to Help Solve a Story-telling Problem
      • Carol Kinsey Goman
        Why People Don’t Tell What They Know
    • 2003
      • Bob BucKnowledge Managementan
        Road from Command and Control to Knowledge Sharing
      • Mark McElroy
        Taking Knowledge Management into New Territory
      • Jerry Ash
        On Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)
      • Verna Allee
        Knowledge, Networks and Value Creation
      • Karl Wiig
        A Knowledge Model for Situation Handling
      • Nancy Dixon
        Creation and Reuse of Project Knowledge
      • Megan Santosus
        Knowledge Productivity: How Do We Know Knowledge Works?
      • Patti Anklam
        Knowledge Management Mavens: The Way Ideas Rise, Emerge and Mingle
      • Victor Newman
        SuperKnowledge: Stories of Pragmatic Knowledge Activism
      • Melissie Rumizen
        Forward to Basics: A ‘Curmudgeon’ Grounded in the Practical
      • Simon Lelic
        Communities and Organizations: Future of Knowledge Management Practitioners
    • 2004
      • Rob Lebow
        Achieving Accountability Through Shared Values
      • David Gurteen
        IPKM: Inter-Personal Knowledge Management
      • Dave Pollard
        Weblogs and Other Social Software for Knowledge Work
      • Nick Milton
        Increasing Performance Through Knowledge
      • Chris Macrae
        GAPS: Knowledge Management As It Is, Could Have Been, Will Be
      • Steve Barth and David Snowden
        Comparing and Contrasting Corporate and Personal Knowledge Management
      • Józefa Fawcett
        On the Operational Level of Knowledge Management
      • David Hawthorne
        Internal Knowledge Markets Critical to Organizational Adaptation
      • Bryan Davis and Debra Amidon
        In the Knowledge Zone
      • Dr. Edna Pasher
        Strategic Renewal — The Key Link Between Knowledge Management and Organizations
      • Jenny Ambrozek and Joe Cothrel
        Online Communities in Business 2004: Past Progress, Future Directions
    • 2005
      • Michael Behounek
        What Makes Knowledge Management Sustainable
      • Dave Ulrich
        Knowledge and Human Resource Management
      • Dave Snowden
        Complexity: The Next Big Thing After Knowledge Management
      • Valdis Krebs
        Networks: Smart People, Stupid Organizations
      • Doug Macnamara
        Building the Knowledge to Govern Well
      • Alex Bennet
        Passion: The Power Behind Knowledge Management
      • Garry Cullen and Melissie Rumizen
        Expertise Locator Systems: People Driven v. Data Driven
      • Piero Formica
        Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) for Knowledge Dissemination and Transfer
      • David Fearon and Steven Cavaleri
        Toward Pragmatic Knowledge Management
      • Scott Shaffar
        Carpé Diem: Establishing, Growing and Formalizing Knowledge Management in a Large Organization
      • Denham Grey
        Knowledge Sharing and Social Software
    • 2006
      • Stan Garfield
        Choosing Connection v. Collection: Open v. Closed, Practical v. Theoretical
      • Verna Allee
        A Maxim a Day Keeps Disaster Away
      • Elizabeth Lank
        Cross-Organizational Collaboration – All Shapes and Sizes
      • Rony Dayan
        Knowledge Creation: The Third Leg of the Knowledge Management ‘Stool’
      • Doug Madgic
        Metrics, Metrics, Metrics
      • Richard Cross
        Organizational Ethnography
      • Raj Datta
        Cultures, Communities and Change
      • Carol Tucker
        Knowledge Ignored: Consequence Failure
      • Tom Barfield
        Maintaining P to P During Rapid Growth
      • Mary Lee Kennedy
      • Arthur Shelley
        Disrupters of Knowledge Transfers During Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructures
    • 2007
      • Jan 2007: Robert Taylor
        SiLK: Where Knowledge Management and SSL Find True Happiness
      • Feb 2007: Jerry Ash
        Knowledge Management is Dead; long live Knowledge Management
      • Mar 2007: Martin Dugage
        Network-Centric Operations (NCO)
      • Apr 2007: Joe Firestone
        Managing Risk Through Knowledge Management
      • May 2007: Jack Vinson
        Knowledge Management in Academia
      • June 2007: Steve Wieneke
        Focus less on “knowledge” and “management” and more on “outcome.”
      • Jul 2007: Bruce Karney
        Knowledge Management v. Global Warming
      • Aug 2007: John McQuary
        The Knowledge Management Leadership Yardstick
  • AOK Future Center Group Meetings
    • Nov 2007: “London, UK” Group, “Pheonix, Arizona, US” Group
    • Dec 2007: “Washington DC” Group
    • Jan 2008: “Herzliya, Israel” Group
    • Oct 2008: Stars Dialogue Round Table: AOK – The Future Center for Knowledge Work
  • AOK Future Center Knowledge Cafes (online, face-to-face) 3)
    • Feb 2009: The world is in crisis, how can we here contribute best in these tough times to heal it?


  • Enterprise Learning and Knowledge Exchange Summit (ELKE Summit), March 13-15, 2002, Palm Springs, CA, USA
    (Presented by the Association of Knowledgework (AOK) in conjunction with the Delphi Group)
    – Pre-conference Virtual Roundtable (AOK Star Series/Dialogues), Feb 2002 2)


  • AOK Future Center Group
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
    • Collaboration
    • The Impact Between Knowledge Management and Learning
    • Knowledge Management & Social Media
    • The Value of Knowledge Management
    • Core Knowledge Management Strategy
    • Content Management
    • Innovation
  • K-Counselors Network (was: K911 Knowledge Network)
  • Communities of Practice (CoPs)
    • Knowledge Management/Strategy
    • Knowledge Work/Systems
    • Knowledge Architecture/Structure
    • 2000: Governance & Strategy, Executive & Management, Association Executives & Staff, Benchmarking & Best Practices, Research & Development, Human Resources & Education, Communication & Marketing, Technology & Information Systems, Healthcare Professionals, Library & Archives, Support Staff, Public Sector, Higher Education (staff), Higher Education (student)

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