Global Learning Summit**

Global Learning Summit**

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Salvo’s Global Learning Summit is an event for learning and development and HR professionals to discuss, debate and discover the key cutting-edge industry trends and practices in producing efficient and effective learning programs.

Conference History:

9th Annual Global Learning Summit, 7-9 March 2016, Singapore
Summit Theme: Re-imagining Learning: Meeting Future Skills Challenges and New Growth Opportunities
Workshops: Running Learning Like a Business: Talent Development Reporting Principles

8th Annual Global Learning Summit, 15-17 April 2015, Singapore
Summit Theme: Future-proofing your Omni-channel L&D Strategy in our VUCA and Talent Hungry 21st Century
Workshops: The End of the Talent War; The Dawn of the Corporate Talent System

7th Annual Global Learning Summit, 3-5 March 2014, Singapore
Summit Theme: Unlocking the Potential of L&D to Create Strategic Value, Drive Innovation & Improve Productivity
Workshops: Talent Economics – How to make your development strategy core to business strategy; Harnessing the Power of Organizational Storytelling

6th Annual Global Learning Summit, 4-6 March 2013, Singapore
Summit Theme:

8th Annual Global Learning Summit, 23-25 April 2012, Dubai, UAE
Summit Theme: Maximizing the latest learning strategies and successful integration of innovative technologies onto your learning and development practices; taking your business to the next level

5th Annual Global Learning Summit, 22-24 February 2012, Singapore
Summit Theme: L&D – Where it Stands Today & Where it’s Headed for Tomorrow

4th Annual Global Learning Summit, 23-24 February 2011, Singapore
Summit Theme: Captivate on latest learning strategies and successful integration of innovation & technology onto your learning and development practices; to increase overall business performance

3rd Annual Global Learning Summit, 3-5 March 2010, Singapore
Summit Theme:

2nd Annual Global Learning Summit, 24-27 February 2009, Singapore
Summit Theme: Harnessing the power of learning and aligning learning initiatives with business objectives to boost bottom-line performance in light of the current global economy

Global Learning Summit, 26-29 February 2008, Singapore

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