“Good Cops” and “Bad Cops” in Knowledge Management Education

Abstract: I am responsible for training the Staff and Faculty at my school in the topic of Knowledge Management. I wanted to “grow” them into it by having them experience the collaboration aspect and see what’s most comfortable for them, then telling them why it works, introducing them to the theories, practices, formal classes for those interested, etc. Instead, the powers that be have decided to formally train 20 people in a week-long course of formal classes in a classroom with PowerPoint given by a contractor and to certify them all to the same level as yours truly. I’m already getting backlash from this from folks who are being forced to attend, and don’t enjoy classroom training, especially when it will take up one of their vacation days that Friday. Not everyone likes formal training and I feel as if i’m being set up for failure.
My solution to reach those who will be “turned off” to the whole concept of Knowledge Management now is to send an email *after* the class and set myself up as the “good cop” to whom they can still come with their ideas. I’ve included the proposed email below. Let me know what you think.

Ariel: “Good Cops” and “Bad Cops” in Education. Arieliondotcom, January 31, 2009

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