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Health and Social Care Knowledge Management Competencies

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Abstract: Knowledge management literature has thoroughly discussed the aims and objectives of managing knowledge, recognized critical success factors of knowledge processes, analyzed knowledge creation, transfer and sharing, and even some indications of the effects of knowledge management have been evidenced. However, despite skills, competences, and employees’ knowledge and experience are among the recognized success

New Insight on Knowledge Leadership

Abstract: This paper aims to synthesize findings drawn from studies on knowledge leadership to identify the key trend of research in the knowledge management literature over the past two decades. A systematic literature review was performed over a data set of 149 related studies published in the international journals indexed by the WoS, SCOPUS,

Quick Guide to Become a Certified Knowledge Manager

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Abstract: Knowledge management is critical in today’s competitive business landscape. With 1.1 trillion megabytes of data created daily, businesses need professionals that can organize information and make it useful. Companies that organize all of this data will have an advantage over competitors—which makes KM certification one of the most valuable and