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Knowledge Integrator Nodes (KINs)

Abstract: The concept of the emergence of a knowledge integrator node in project teams or internal and external networks of a firm is explored. Aspects of the literature on the knowledge creation process and key actors and their roles and knowledge management in boundary-spanning networks development in multinational companies are presented. A grain trading

Champions Of Knowledge

Abstract: It has become a truism of the New Economy that a company’s most valuable asset is the knowledge in its workers’ heads. So more and more companies are making it a top priority to ease the flow of skills and experience among employees – to save the resources workers waste

Knowledge Stewards’ Profiles

Abstract: Knowledge “stewards” are information professionals that work on the front lines to help teams achieve specific business objectives — land a client, implement a project, develop a product, solve a problem. We were interested to see that, like us, they use a combination of tools and techniques we call knowledge base publishing to