How to Build Expertise in Knowledge Management

Abstract: The field of knowledge management (KM) is now about 20 years old. As Patrick Lambe previously pointed out, knowledge management existed before 1995, but the term KM was not widely used.

I have been active in this field for most of that time, and I am often asked how to develop expertise in it. As with most fields, there are no shortcuts to becoming an expert. You have to read, write, listen, attend training and events, and interact with others in the field. But mostly, you need to practice the profession by actually doing the work of knowledge management.

On May 13, 2011, I presented at APQC’s annual KM conference on Building KM Expertise. Another version of the slides is also available.

Here are 10 ways to build expertise in KM.

Stan Garfield: 10 Ways to Build Expertise in Knowledge Management. Stan Garfield’s LinkedIn Blog, Jun 9, 2015

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