International Conference on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems (KICSS)*

International Conference on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems (KICSS)*

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The International Conference on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems (KICSS) is to facilitate technology and knowledge exchange between international researchers/scholars in the field of knowledge science, information systems, and system science and creativity support systems intensively. The conference will cover a broad range of research topics in the fields of knowledge engineering and science, information technology, creativity support systems and complex system modeling.

The conference has so far been an important event and has attracted many scientists, engineers and researchers from academia, government laboratories, and industry internationally.

Main organizer: Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)(JAIST)

Conference History:

14th KICSS 2019, 21 – 23 November 2019, Hoa Sen University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
(Host: Hoa Sen University)

    Sessions: n.a.

13th KICSS 2018, 15 – 17 November 2018, Pattaya, Thailand
(Host: Burapha University)

    Sessions: n.a.; Urban Computing (Special Session); Big Data Analytics (Special Session)
    Co-located conference: 13th International Joint Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (iSAI-NLP 2018)

12th KICSS 2017, 9 – 11 November 2017, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya, Japan
(Host: Takayuki Ito Laboratory, Nagoya Institute of Technology)

    Sessions: AI and Multiagent Systems; Knowledge Creation and Sharing, and Management; Emerging Technologies; E- Activities and Systems; Activities and Systems

11th KICSS 2016, November 10-12, 2016, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
(Host: Bina Nusantara University)

    Sessions: n.a.

10th KICSS 2015, November 12-14, 2015, Phuket, Thailand
(Host: Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT), Thammasat University)

    Sessions: Decision Support Systems; Creativity Support Systems (Special Session); Geographical Information Systems; Software Engineering (Special Session); Natural Language Processing; Creativity Support and Collaborative; Knowledge and Ontology
    Workshops: Collective intelligence and crowd/social computing; Big Data Mining and Internet of Things

9th KICSS 2014, November 6-8, 2014, Limassol, Cyprus
(Host: Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus)

    Sessions: n.a.; Intelligent Network Application (Special Session)
    Tutorials: Discovering the Discovery of the No-Search Approach

8th KICSS 2013, November 7-9, 2013, Kraków & Wieliczka, Poland
Special Conference Theme: Looking into the Future of Creativity and Decision Support Systems
(Host: AGH University of Science and Technology)

    Sessions: Knowledge; Information; Creativity; Creative Decisions; Feature Engineering and Classification; Music and Video; Creative Thinking about the Future (Special Session); Modelling Trends and Building Scenarios of IT Future (Special Session); Multicriteria Analysis vs. Creative Decision Making (Special Session)

7th KICSS 2012, November 8-10, 2012, Melbourne, Australia
(Host: School of Information and Business Analytics, Deakin University; Clayton School of IT, Monash University)

    Tracks: System Science; Knowledge Science Engineering & Management; Intelligent Information Systems; Creativity Support Systems
    Sessions: n.a.; Innovation System Principles, Modelling Techniques and Tools (Special Session); Intelligent Energy Management for Smart Grid Users (Special Session); Intelligent Network Application (Special Session); Creativity Mining for Innovative Lifestyle Design (Special Session)

6th KICSS 2011, October 22-24, 2011, Beijing, China
(Host: Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Conference Theme: Creative Economy and Creativity Support

    Sessions: ?
    Workshops: Mind and Service Innovation

5th KICSS 2010, November 25-27, 2010, Chiang Mai, Thailand
(Host: Chiang Mai University)

    Sessions: Knowledge Technology; Human Language Technology; Knowledge Management; Intelligent Systems; Ontological Engineering; Intelligent Systems and Data Mining; Creativity Support Systems; Human Language and Knowledge Technology; E-learning Systems

4th KICSS 2009, November 25-27, 2009, Seoul, Korea
(Host: Korea University)

    Sessions: n.a.

3rd KICSS 2008, December 22-23, 2008, Hanoi National University of Education, Hanoi, Vietnam
(Host: Hanoi National University of Education)

    Sessions: n.a.

2nd KICSS 2007, November 5-7, 2007, Nuomi, Japan
(jointly with the 8th International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Sciences (KSS2007) branded as International Joint Conference on Knowledge Science (IJCKS 2007))
(Host: Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST))

    Sessions: Knowledge Management; Human Factors for Creativity; Knowledge Discovery; Creative Lifelong HealthCare; Organizational Knowledge; Creative Thinking Support; Novel Interaction for Creativity; Creative Thinking Process; Collaborative Working and Learning; Negotiation; Data Mining Techniques

1st KICSS 2006, August 1-4, 2006, Ayutthaya, Thailand
(Host: Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT), Thammasat University)

    Sessions: Machine Learning; Knowledge Management; Creativity Support System; Human Language Technology; Machine Learning and Applications
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