International Conference on Communities and Technologies (C&T)*

International Conference on Communities and Technologies (C&T)*

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The biennial International Conference on Communities & Technologies (C&T) is the premier international forum for stimulating scholarly debate and disseminating research on the complex connections between communities – both physical and virtual – and information and communication technologies.

C&T 2017, Université de Technologie de Troyes, France 26-30 June 2017
Conference Theme: Technology for the Common Good
Doctoral Consortium, Jun 26
Workshops (Jun 26-27): WS 1: 3D Printing/Digital Fabrication for Education and the Common Good; WS 2: Ethics for the ‘Common Good’: Actionable Guidelines for Community-based Design Research; WS 3: Embracing Diversity with Help of Technology and Participatory Design (EDTPD 2017); WS 4: Civic Intelligence in an Uncertain and Threatening World; WS 5: Collaborative Economies: From Sharing to Caring; WS 6: Digital Cities 10: Towards a Localised Socio-Technical Understanding of the ‘Real’ Smart City; WS 7: Designing Participation for the Digital Fringe; WS 8: Participatory Design, Beyond the Local; WS 9: Solutions for Economics, Environment and Democracy (SEED); WS 10: Understanding and Supporting Emergent and Temporary Collaboration across and beyond Community and Organizational Boundaries; [CANCELLED] WS 11: Infrastructuring Smartness and/or Enhancing Communities? A Workshop for Engaging the ‘Smart’ Vision Critically; WS 12: Refugees & HCI Workshop: The Role of HCI in Responding to the Refugee Crisis

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