International Forum of Knowledge Management (KM Forum)

International Forum of Knowledge Management (KM Forum)

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The International Forum of Knowledge Management (KM Forum), organized by Dubai Courts in collaboration with the American University of the Emirates, is formed in response to The Dubai Knowledge Summit of 2016. The objective of this high-level workshop is to gain a deeper understand of Knowledge Management in government and the private sector within the UAE and the region. We further explore the role of academic institutions as future accelerators in the broader Knowledge Management horizon.

Conference History:

1st International Forum of Knowledge Management, April 17-19, 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Brief about Knowledge Management in public sector
    Key methodologies and processes for knowledge retention, sharing and management
    Planning and development strategies in Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management maturity metrics and indictors
    The role of Knowledge Management in institutional excellency
    Negative repercussions on Knowledge Management tools and techniques
    The importance of academic studies and scientific research in Knowledge Management
    Future directions of Knowledge Management
    Suggestions and recommendations

    Knowledge Management workshops

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