International Society for Knowledge Organization Low Countries Conference (ISKO LC Conference)

International Society for Knowledge Organization Low Countries Conference (ISKO LC Conference)

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The International Society for Knowledge Organization Low Countries Conference (ISKO LC Conference) is the annual conference of the International Society for Knowledge Organization Low Countries Chapter (ISKO LC), covering Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. It intends to showcase innovative, inspirational and multidisciplinary research in a relentless pursuit towards excellence in the study of Knowledge Organisation.

Conference History:

1st ISKO LC Conference, 20-21 June 2019, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium

Conference Theme: Morsels of Knowledge
(in conjunction with th ISKO-LC inaugural meeting and inaugural members meeting, Jun 20)

    Plenary Presentations:
    Concepts and conceptual relations: the basis and basics of knowledge organization system (Keynote)
    Hierarchy and the foundations of classification: the inspection of its ontological status and its role in ethics

    SESSION: Knowledge Organization, Tradition and Library & Information science
    Knowledge organization as a fundamental component of information science education
    The way encyclopedia and knowledge organization interact
    An International approach to knowledge organization: the case of Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) Consortium

    SESSION: Knowledge Space and Classification
    Research classifications as a tool in current research information systems
    Knowledge space vectors in multi-dimensional classifications
    Classifying KOSs: the use of Dahlberg’s ICC in the DANS KOS observatory (KOSo)

    SESSION: Knowledge Organization in Specific Domains
    Morsels of music, morsels of music knowledge organization
    Capturing and retrieving medical terminology for translation purposes: a brief overview of thesauri, databases, coding and indexing systems, ontologies and standardization
    Information and data in allergology: theoretical and methodological proposals for building a knowledge organization model dedicated to the design of info-communication devices
    Organizing semantic units for digital curation

    SESSION: Knowledge Organization tools in information Exchange
    Dimensional analysis of subjects: indexing KOSs in BARTOC by phenomena, perspectives, documents and collections
    Concept mapping through a hub: Coli-conc pilot study
    Knowlege organization systems and linked data: meaning and identifiers

    Conference Panels:
    Knowledge Organization and Library & Information science Education
    ISKO LC Mission

    Pre-conference Events:
    ISKO-LC members inaugural meeting, Jun 20

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