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The Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Knowledge Management Community of Practice, formerly the DFW Knowledge Management Interest Group, sponsored by ServiceNow and Christus Health, has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:


    Mar 2020:
    Unique benefits that Knowledge Management has delivered in your organizations
    Story Thinking: Transforming Organizations for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Jan 2020: Looking at Knowledge Management with 2020 Vision

    Nov 2019: 4th Annual KNOW-vember Awards & Recognition
    Looking at Knowledge Management in ServiceNow (ServiceNow Product Team)
    Top 10 Knowledge Management Best Practices

    Sep 2019:
    Where is Knowledge Management heading as we reach for 2020
    New York (ServiceNow Platform) Knowledge Management Update
    Knowledge Management Tech Talk
    Knowledge Management Collaboration

    Jul 2019:
    Search: Configuring and Best Practices (Meta Tags, Contextual Search, TF-IDF, and more)
    Success story and best practices for implementing Knowledge-Centered Service and partnering with your Service Desk
    Knowledge Base Structure & Approvals: A panel discussion

    May 2019:
    Workshop: Identify needed documentation for our Knowledge Management Tool Kit
    Experience and success on building a Portal In ServiceNow

    Nov 2018: KNOW-vember Event
    Build your dream Knowledge Management System Contest
    ServiceNow: What does the future hold?

    Sep 2018: “Together, We Can Create the Future”
    Celanese Knowledge Engagement Campaign
    Lunch: Ted Talk
    Panel: Knowledge Management Metrics (or: Knowledge Engagement)
    ServiceNow Updates re Knowledge (Ask the Expert)
    Group Exercise: Knowledge Management Toolkit

    Jul 2018: Collaboration Dependence Day
    Taxonomy Primer
    Discoverme Pro
    Open Discussion
    Collaboration Workshop

    May 2018:
    ServiceNow Platform (Kingston) Plug-ins: Metrics
    Knowledge Metrics: How do you measure the value Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management Game

    Mar 2018: How I Built This
    Agenda n.a.

    Jan 2018: KNOW-vember Event
    HR and Knowledge Management
    Some things we should all be aware of to guard against cyber attacks
    KM@… share our Knowledge Management journeys and stories
    Afternoon roundtables

    Nov 2017: 1. Annual KNOW-vember Awards
    Agenda n.a.

    Sep 2017:
    ServiceNow’s Knowledge App Roadmap
    Roundtable: Knowledge Article Creation Best practices from a Tech Writer

    Jul 2017:
    10 Tips for Leading Communities
    Roundtable Discussions

    Jun 2017: June “makeup meeting for not meeting in May”
    Story Telling
    Knowledge Champion Discussion
    SharePoint Knowledge Services
    Vendor Demo: Pathgather
    APQC KM 17 Conference

    Mar 2017:
    KM@… implementation success stories from Baylor Scott & White and CHRISTUS Health
    Knowledge Management: Opportunities, Realities & Challenges

    Jan 2017: KM Collaboration Fest
    Knowledge Management implementation issues: we provide our combined experience to help each other to solve these issues

    Oct 2016: Knowledge Management Interest Group Meeting (1st meeting)

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