KMedu Hub’s daily tweets for 2012/09/29

    The Knowledge Management Education Hub on twitter

  • KMeducation: RT @RightAnswers: We recently held a a two-day #KnowledgeManagement certification class. We’d like to congratulate all seven people who … | Original »
  • KMeducation: @cogneon Zahlen sind wie Schall und Rauch, da leicht manipulierbar. 100-130!?… | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @cogneon: Frage: wo ist der Wissenstransfer besser – bei Konferenzen oder Unkonferenzen? #amk12 #knowtech | Original »
  • KMeducation: KMedu Hub’s daily tweets for 2012/09/28: KMeducation: Brogan etal:… education for knowledge management, i… #KMedu | Original »

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