KMedu Hub’s daily tweets for 2012/10/05

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  • KMeducation: RT @syazwanaizad: @KMeducation Master in Knowledge Management. Somewhere in Malaysia should be fine I think. | Original »
  • KMeducation: #Livestream "Podiumsdiskussion #Wissensmanagement und Enterprise 2.0" 12.10.12, 17:30-18:30 @ #gkc12 #amk12 #e20 #WiMa | Original »
  • KMeducation: @syazwanaizad "Master in Management" or "Master in Knowledge Management"? I only know about the latter The Univ in MAL for MasKM I mentioned | Original »
  • KMeducation: KMedu Hub’s daily tweets for 2012/10/04: KMeducation: @syazwanaizad A Bachelor? Which university? U want … #KMedu | Original »
  • KMeducation: @syazwanaizad Check out! HK:; AUS: | Original »
  • KMeducation: @syazwanaizad Check out! US:, | Original »
  • KMeducation: @syazwanaizad Swiss main languages are French, German & Italian… | Original »
  • KMeducation: @syazwanaizad U have opport. in MAL @ Asia eUniv, Int’l Islamic Univ MAL, Multimedia Univ, Univ Teknologi Mara, Univ Teknologi PETRONAS | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @DavidGurteen: Event: Online Information Conference, 20 – 21 Nov 2012, London, United Kingdom | Original »
  • KMeducation: RT @mloxton: To what degree do you regard the lack of standards for KM practitioner certification as a problem? | Original »

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