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  • kmeducation:@jschunter Just see your linked mindtouch banner on your blog is broken. Correct link http://tinyurl.com/cxvz7ay Anb btw. u r #76 :-) | Original »
  • kmeducation:Collab du Savoir, le Journal is out! http://paper.li/collabdusavoir ▸ Top stories today via @KMeducation | Original »
  • kmeducation:Invitation Webinar Interactif Outils Collaboration http://www.a-i-a.com/formation/InvitationWebinarOutilsCollab.html#.UjShflhguBA.twitter… #agile #collaboration | Original »
  • kmeducation:Invitation a participer :: Cafe-LAB des connaissances KM-GC-MONTREAL http://www.a-i-a.com/KM-GC-MONTREAL/activites.html#.UjMmASX31lw.twitter… #KMedu #SAGE #collaboration #motivation #agile | Original »
  • kmeducation:DTI-Palawan to hold Knowledge Management seminar http://wp.me/p32yD1-kK | Original »
  • kmeducation:Daily MBA News is out! http://paper.li/All_MBA_News/1321226938… ▸ Top stories today via @VanderbiltOwen @INSEAD @KMeducation | Original »
  • kmeducation:[ICON 지식포럼] KMBA 2013 : Big Data Workshop on Knowledge Management and Big Data Analysics" http://bit.ly/1b7QjXO | Original »
  • kmeducation:@melanie_jh I have my moments!

    Might you be at the Lexis KM conference later in the month? | Original »

  • kmeducation:What happens when we run out of wall space at the CTA Knowledge Management workshop? #km #km4dev #postitnoteoverload pic.twitter.com/QX6hYwqAS1 | Original »
  • kmeducation:Excited about this! MT @CTAflash #KM is so important we’re planning on developing a new #training course in it! http://bit.ly/17VBmmz | Original »
  • kmeducation:14th European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM 2013), Kaunas … – Cordis News http://bit.ly/1eeE1yU #kmers | Original »
  • kmeducation:Head scratching is de riguer at the CTA workshop in Ede to develop a Knowledge Management syllabus. #km4dev #km pic.twitter.com/J5TNVawxSv | Original »
  • kmeducation:Looking forward to seeing Ruth Ward @AllenOvery speak at our conference about Knowledge Management. http://ow.ly/oHSU3 #KM #GCPower | Original »
  • kmeducation:PIA-4B/PALAWAN: DTI-Palawan is sponsoring the conduct of Knowledge Management seminar workshop on Sept 12-13 with… http://fb.me/3kVdOSqPr | Original »
  • kmeducation:"#KM #KMers When training fails, try learning http://ow.ly/2xBTEl" | Original »
  • kmeducation:RightAnswers clients: Sign up http://bit.ly/1evMATG for free Sept training; learn to use knowledge management to your best advantage | Original »
  • kmeducation:.@CTAflash: It is not about content, it is about process. We need active set of processes in any #KM training. | Original »
  • kmeducation:Course "Digital Knowledge Management in adult education" 100% funding, register while you can http://ow.ly/otvcu | Original »

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