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  • kmeducation:@fatienazliea Live ur #KMedu dream! :-) | Original »
  • kmeducation:@fatienazliea Ah, UiTM! Heared about it. Popular program. Have the link. If u r looking for more #KMedu opprtunities in MAL let me know | Original »
  • kmeducation:Bientôt online avec Bujumbura pour #Formation #KM et co-construction interactive de connaissances ::… #KMedu | Original »
  • kmeducation:@KMeducation at UiTM in Malaysia.I’m not sure about a link bcause I got an information from my the way,this is a part of my dream. | Original »
  • kmeducation:@fatienazliea Where? Which university? Is there a link to an overview of the course content? #KMedu | Original »
  • kmeducation:Luis Mateos, CEO, ponente en el E&P Data and Knowledge Management 2013 @praxisoilgas Interactive Technology Workshop 5 Global Edition. | Original »
  • kmeducation:@SoreyaS @AnnHawkins Oh, I studied Neuroscience in my BSc and Knowledge Management in my masters so find it all super interesting #cambshour | Original »
  • kmeducation:TSANet training event – Outcome of the Knowledge Management roundtable topic discussion | Original »
  • kmeducation:Knowledge management workshop with Carla O’Dell #CSTD2013 | Original »
  • kmeducation:Yesterday a LEGO-workshop during minor Knowledge management. Playful education!! | Original »
  • kmeducation:Master of science in knowledge management :) | Original »
  • kmeducation:Check the short Certificate in Knowledge Management @penottawa @peterlevesque @Invest_Ottawa @dmitchellppf #Ottawa | Original »
  • kmeducation:The KMedu Hub Weekly is out!… Stories via @KMeducation | Original »
  • kmeducation:See @jaycross clear & succinct response to an assignment in our personal knowledge management workshop… | Original »
  • kmeducation:Podcast of #kmworld2013 loaded… | Original »
  • kmeducation:Invitation Webinar Interactif Outils Collaboration… #agile #coconstruction #collabdusavoir #KMedu | Original »
  • kmeducation:My notes from @snowded’s thought-provoking keynote speech: Big Data vs Human Data #KM #KMers #KMWorld | Original »
  • kmeducation:PEMSEA to Host GEF International Waters Workshop on Knowledge Management: PEMSEA News Quezon City, Philippines… | Original »

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