Knoco’s ‘Bird Island’ Knowledge Management workshop

Abstract: Knoco Ltd’s Nick Milton and Tom Young share their experiences with the ‘Bird Island’ KM workshop – an experiment that has been running for the past 10 years.

What is the first challenge in a knowledge management implementation?
If our knowledge management (KM) experience is anything to go by, one of the early challenges you need to address is to convince some of your hard-nosed business managers that KM will result in real, tangible, measurable value for the business. You can tell them this as much as you like, but until they see some good hard data, and ideally experience it for themselves, they won’t believe you. That’s why value stories and solid measurement are really important.

We have been using a practical experiential workshop for the past 10 years, to engage managers and staff in the value of KM. Not only has this workshop helped people ‘learn through doing’, and enabled them to ‘feel the value’, it has also resulted in a set of statistics that enables us to tie KM interventions directly in to measurable performance improvements. We call this two-hour KM experience ‘Bird Island’ 1 and we think that it might well be the longest-running KM experiment in the world.

Nick Milton, Tom Young: (Probably) the Longest Running KM Experiment in the world! Inside Knowledge, Volume 12 Issue 7, 2009: 10-15.

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