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Knowledge and Space Symposium*

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The biannual Knowledge and Space Symposium deals with the generation, diffusion and application of knowledge under special consideration of the role of the spatial context and the spatial dimension of knowledge-disparities. The topic Knowledge and Space covers various interrelated research questions, which are of great political and economical relevance to society.

Institutions have increasingly become recognized as important conditions for economic, organizational and social development. Since institutions tend to vary across historical time and geographical space and since they are hard to imitate or transmit to other locations, understanding the inherent processes of social institutions poses an interesting challenge for both institutional research and geography. This symposium seeks to facilitate an interdisciplinary dialogue between experts from different fields in the social sciences. Taking into account the different understandings of the term ‘institutions’, from formal and informal rules to organizations to stable interaction patterns and cultural blueprints, the symposium addresses current research challenges recurring around the questions of how exactly “institutions matter”:

  • How do institutions persist and change, and how can we understand institutional change in the process?
  • How can we account for regional variations of institutions and their outcomes?
  • Can we qualify ‘good institutions’ and if so, how?
    How can institutional work bridge the paradox of embedded agency and build new institutions?
  • How do institutions matter for the innovative capacity and knowledge creation of a region?

Symposium History:

Knowledge and Space No. 20, September 28-30, 2022, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: (Knowing and) Placing the Future

    Conference Themes:
    Knowing the future; Placing the future

    Conference Sessions:
    Creating understandings of the future
    Conceptualizing visions of the future
    Controlling journeys into the future

Knowledge and Space No. 19, May 4-6, 2022, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Knowledge and Digital Technology: Spatial Relations in a Digital Age

    Note: Knowledge and Space No. 19 was originally scheduled for 10.-12. June 2020; Theme was “Knowledge and Technology: Spatial Relations in a Digital Age”

    Conference Themes:
    The relation between (1) knowledge and technology, (2) technology and space, and (3) technology and ethics

    Conference Sessions:
    Technology, Governance and Markets
    Technology and Decision Making
    Technology, Work and Space
    Technology, Planning and Control

Knowledge and Space No. 18, 26.-28. June 2019, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Professions and Proficiency: The Rise and Demise of Knowledge

    Conference Sessions:
    Professions in Action; Transformation of Intangibles, Knowledge and Professions; Proficiency, Professionalization and Learning

Knowledge and Space No. 17, 20.-23. June 2018, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Knowledge and Civil Society

    Conference Sessions:
    Civil Society and Societal Transformation; Civil Society, Agenda-Setting, and Public Discourse; Civil Society, Philanthropy, and Educational Landscapes; Geographies of Knowledge and Civil Society

Knowledge and Space No. 16, 13.-16. September 2017, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: The Role of Socio-Environmental Settings for Learning and Educational Attainment

    Conference Sessions:

Knowledge and Space No. 15, 28. June-01. July 2017, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Knowledge for Governance

    Conference Sessions:
    The Reflexive Nature of Knowledge and Governance; The Role of Localized Knowledge for Governance; Governance, Politics and the Region; Risk Governance; Organizing and Governing Innovation; Knowledge, Governance and Democracy

Knowledge and Space No. 14, 14.-17. September 2016, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Geographies of Schooling: Ideologies, Institutions and Spatial Planning

    Conference Sessions:
    Regional and Local Governance of Schooling; The Smaller the Better? Small Schools vs. Large Schools Within Their Local Systems; Schools in and for Society; School Systems in a Spatial and Historical Perspective; The (Geo-)Politics of Schooling

Knowledge and Space No. 13, 09.-12. September 2015, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Knowledge and Institutions

    Conference Sessions:
    Institutions, Knowledge and the Regional Economy; Institutions, Conventions and Societal Outcomes; Emergence, Diffusion and Translation of Institutions; Institutions and Institutional Change; Institutional Change and Maintenance; Institutions of Entrepreneurship and Cooperation

Knowledge and Space No. 12, 03.-06. September 2014, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Geographies of the University

    Conference Sessions:
    Universities and Regional Economies; Universities in Their Local Environments; Universities in Medieval Times; Universities and their Networks; University and the City; Universities and the Future

Knowledge and Space No. 11, 12.-15. June 2013, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Topographies and Topologies of Knowledge

    Conference Sessions:
    Network Evolution and Technology; Knowledge Networks and Regional Clusters; Creativity and Learning in and between Places; Networks of Interpersonal Opportunities; Institutions and Social Change; Networks, Innovation and Careers

Knowledge and Space No. 10, 15.-18. September 2010, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Spatial Mobility of Knowledge

    Conference Sessions:
    Cities and states; Scholarly networks; Knowledge transfer; Global linkages; Knowledge flows; Academic mobility

Knowledge and Space No. 9, 16.-19. June 2010, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Knowledge and Action

    Conference Sessions:
    Basic Considerations on Knowledge & Action; From Cognition to Action; The Psychology of Knowledge & Action; Mobility, Knowledge & Action; The Spatial Dimension of Knowledge & Action

Knowledge and Space No. 8, 07.-10. October 2009, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Ethnic and Cultural Dimensions of Knowledge

    Conference Sessions:
    Local Cultural Knowledge; Ethnic Aspects of Education; Culture and Identity; Indigenous Knowledge: Loss and Importance; Knowledge, Policies and Behaviour; Indigenous Knowledge and Environment

Knowledge and Space No. 7, 17.-20. June 2009, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Knowledge and Power

    Conference Sessions:
    Knowledge and Power: Theoretical Considerations; Politics and Space; The Power of Religion; The Enforcement of Capitalism; To Communicate and Publish: A Basis of Power

Knowledge and Space No. 6, 17.-20. September 2008, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Learning Organizations

    Conference Sessions:
    Factors of Organizational Learning; The Crucial Impact of Arts; Knowledge Transfers and Innovations; Creating Organizational Learning; The Role of Locations and Environments; Theories and Management of Organizational Learning

Knowledge and Space No. 5, 25.-28. June 2008, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Knowledge and Economy

    Conference Sessions:
    Geographies of Knowledge Innovation; Global Knowledge Transfer; Economy, Knowledge, and Governance; The Dynamics of Knowledge Production; Commodification and Scientific Research

Knowledge and Space No. 4, 19.-22. September 2007, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Cultural Memories

    Conference Sessions:
    Contested Histories – Case Studies from Europe; Societies in Transition; The Anthropological Perspective – Case Studies from Australasia; Memory as a Social Practice; Memory, Politics & Power – (Post-)colonial Case Studies

Knowledge and Space No. 3, 27.-30. June 2007, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Geographies of Science

    Conference Sessions:
    Settings and Debates; Geographies of Science; Knowledge Production and Academic Disciplines; Networks of science; Experiments and the Field

Knowledge and Space No. 2, 06.-09. September 2006, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Milieus of Creativity

    Conference Sessions:
    Creativity & Problem Solving – A Clarification of Concepts; Creativity in Context; Creativity & Economics

Knowledge and Space No. 1, 19.-22. April 2006, Heidelberg, Germany

Conference Theme: Clashes of Knowledge

    Conference Sessions:
    Borders and Territories of Knowledge; Regime Changes of Knowledge Systems; Creativity & Economics
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