World Capital Institute (WCI) Annual International Conference*

World Capital Institute (WCI) Annual International Conference*

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The World Capital Institute (WCI) Annual International Conference, the World Capital Institute and the New Club of Paris Annual International Conference, successor of the Knowledge Cities World Summit (KCWS), formerly the Knowledge Cities Summit (KCS or KC Summit), the annual conference of the World Capital Institute (WCI Annual Conference), reaches beyond cities to regions and wider system change. It brings not only profile and prestige to the hosts but enables active engagement with leading global thinkers and practitioners across all aspects of knowledge-based development.

The Knowledge Cities World Summit (KCWS) made an important reminder that ‘knowledge’ is the key notion in the 21st Century development. It aimed to contribute to the discussion on the importance and trends of knowledge-based development theory and practice. Academics, professional practitioners, civil servants and policy-makers of the world were included in the discussions from a wide range of disciplines to share their knowledge and experiences with the summit delegates. In addition to significant academic and professional presentations, the Summit hasl also provideed opportunities for practical exercises in workshops and small group sessions in innovative formats.

Summit themes included: Knowledge-based (urban) development; Knowledge-based economy and value generation; Knowledge cities, regions and societies; Knowledge cluster, enterprise and organisations; Knowledge-intensive service activities; Knowledge assets and capital systems; Knowledge workers and creative class; Creativity, innovation, technology and learning communities; Sustainable (urban) development.

KCWS was held in conjunction with the annual Most Admired Knowledge City (MAKCi) Award Ceremony. Since 2020 the award was under a renewal process to reflect the climate crisis.

MAKCi Award Winners

Conference History:

WCI Annual International Conference 2024, November 21-22, 2024, Ragusa, Italia

Conference theme: Beyond sustainability: Knowledge Capital and Alternative Economics for the Anthropocene
(Co-organizer: Corso di laurea in Management delle Imprese per l’Economia Sostenibile (Department of Economics and Business), Special Educational Structure of Ragusa, University of Catania)

    Conference program TBD

    Alternative models of economy and economics beyond sustainability
    Circular bioeconomy and regenerative approaches
    Climate justice and ecological economics
    Social knowledge capital for degrowth
    New impact measurements for alternative economics
    Balancing environmental and socioeconomic goals
    Caring for nature as a precondition for development
    Progressive taxation: from taxing labor to taxing consumption and concentration
    Transformation towards a common good economy
    Teaching new paradigms: topics, methodology and dynamic integration of technology
    Finding a way through alternatives to sustainability
    Digital transformation, AI and technological advancements for efficiency in circular and bio-regenerative economies
    The role of governmental institutions and public administrations in changing paradigms

    New Club of Paris General Assembly

16th KCWS 2023, November 28-30, 2023, Lindau, Germany / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Adapting to Climate-Change through Regenerative Transformation of Cities and Regions (German: Wandel für das Klima: Städte & Regionen nachhaltig gestalten)
Sub-title: A Transdisciplinary Conference at the Intersection of Knowledge Management and Urban Development for Regeneration (German: Eine internationale Konferenz zur Nachhaltigen Stadtentwicklung. Bevölkerung, Wissenschaft, Politik & Wirtschaft im Dialog)
(Co-organizer: Faculty for Social Work, Health and Care, Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences; Institute for Empirical Sociology, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg; Local group Ravensburg, Scientists for Future; Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences; City of Lindau)

    Day Themes:
    Transformative action and urban development. Regional and global Experiences
    Education and knowledge resources for transformation

    World Café: Desired Futures for our Cities (German)
    Cross-border innovation labs to shape sustainable socio-economic change
    New Club of Paris Roundtable on Sustainable Transformation of Cities and Regions: Understanding, enabling and shaping profound change
    Eco-poetry & alternative climate narratives
    Bridging the knowing-doing gap through successful transformational processes

    Regenerative Transformation of Cities and Regions
    Five times Faster
    The role of the arts for societal change
    Educational Futures: The need to transform learning
    The role of AI in climate change
    Future Knowledge Based Urban and Regional Development (CANCELLED)

    Panels w. Discussions:
    Socioecological Transformation of Cities & Regions (CANCELLED)
    Bring Dreams into Reality – the Role of Art
    Future Education and Knowledge for the Future
    Artificial intelligence for/in the Anthropocene

    Cinema followed by talk with filmmaker: (CANCELLED)
    Oscar nominated documentary film “All that Breathes”

15th KCWS 2022, November 16-18, 2022, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Actionable Knowledge for the Anthropocene
(Co-organizer: Master of Information Sciences Program, Communications and Information College/Faculty, University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras)

    Note: English and Spanish language sessions | Nota: sesiones en inglés y español

    Daily themes:
    Climate and planetary emergencies
    Islands turning towards knowledge ventures beyond the tourism economy
    Knowledge based urban development and the post-truth society (was: Post-truth society and the dissolution of the social fabric)

    Climate Crises and their Consequences (keynotes)
    Ciudadanía, ¿en causa común o en guerra con el medioambiente?
    Island-nations taking control of their economy through knowledge and innovation (keynotes)
    Mejores prácticas de organizaciones locales para crecer la economía del conocimiento en mercados pequeños
    Lecciones aprendidas de programas gubernamentales y privados para crecer la economía del conocimiento en mercados pequeños
    The future of knowledge based Urban Development Issues
    (CANCELLED) New Club of Paris and World Capital Institute: Meeting the challenges of holistic socioeconomic development in the 2nd Quarter of the 21st Century
    Distorsiones deliberadas: Estrategias para superar la descomposición social propiciada por la influencia de la post-verdad

    Panel Discussions:
    Climate Crises: Knowledge in Action
    Urban challenges for the Anthropocene
    Sustainability through knowledge-based planning to mitigate climate change challenges

    Soluciones científicas para mitigación y adaptación al cambio climático
    Soluciones sociales para la sustentabilidad, bioeconomía y ciudades
    Estrategias para mitigar problemas sociales: COVID-19 y el cambio climático

    Building the knowledge economy ecosystem on Islands
    Enabling knowledge sharing and the use of artificial intelligence in knowledge ventures
    Emerging and innovative knowledge-based ventures

    Papel del sector educación en el desarrollo del ecosistema de innovación

    Post-truth society and the dissolution of the social fabric
    (CANCELLED) Picking the brain of NCP and WCI scholars on committing to facts-based economic development in a world increasingly seduced by post-truth noise
    The benefits of knowledge-based services and the effects of the digital landscape on society

    Perspectivas iberolatinoamericanas de la post-verdad y el deterioro social

14th KCWS 2021, November 15-19, 2021, Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Knowledge Cities for the Anthropocene
(Co-organizer: City Living Lab / Capital System for Brazilian Cities Research Group, Universidade de Caxias do Sul)

    Conference Tracks:
    Knowledge for the Anthropocene (K4A)
    Knowledge-based Development and Knowledge Cities
    City Preparedness for the Climate Crisis (CPCC)

    Plenary Panels:

    Knowledge for the Anthropocene
    – Emerging Knowledge Systems
    – Rethinking economy (models) for the Anthropocene
    Knowledge-based Development and Knowledge Cities
    – Knowledge-based regenerative cities (restorative relationship between cities and natural systems)
    – The Most Admired Knowledge Cities Award: legacy and future
    City Preparedness for the Climate Crisis
    – Post-Holocene Urban Commons
    – Reimagining Cities in the Anthropocene

    Paper Presentation Sessions:
    Knowledge for the Anthropocene; Knowledge-based Development and Knowledge Cities; City Preparedness for the Climate Crisis

    Brazil and Australia Smart City Project
    A transdisciplinary agenda in future university education
    Closing session: KCWS legacy and future
    Books presentations: Knowledge for the Anthropocene; City Preparedness for the Climate Crisis

13th KCWS 2020, 10-12 November 2020, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Tijuana, Mexico Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Knowledge Cities for Future Generations The Anthropocene and Cities’ Preparedness for Climate Change
(Host: El Colegio de la Frontera Norte; KCWS is branded as “Monterrey 2020”)

    Note: The conference was scheduled for 6-9 October 2020 and 9-13 November 2020

    Day 1: Knowledge for the Anthropocene; Knowledge Cities for the Future
    Day 2: Euality and Social Justice; Alternative Economic Models
    Day 3: Knowledge Based Development and Knowledge City Indicators MAKCi; Most Admired Knowledge City Cases

    PhD Consortium (CANCELLED)

12th KCWS 2019, 4-7 November 2019, Florianópulos, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Conference Theme: Sustainability and Innovation in the Knowledge era: Major Challenges and Innovations for Urban Knowledge Based Development
(Co-organizer: Federação do Comércio de Bens, Serviços e Turismo de Santa Catarina Santa Catarina (Fecomércio))

    PhD Consortium (planned)

    Plenary Sessions:
    Challenges and Opportunities for Development Based on Knowledge
    Cities knowledge-based, smart or sustainable?
    Knowledge Inclusive Cities
    Knowledge for Anthropocene
    Savings Disruptive
    Development Based on Knowledge in Florianopolis
    Capital Systems of Brazilian Cities
    A New Knowledge Schedule – (including the tribute to the 250th anniversary of Alexander von Humboldt)

    Parallel Sessions:
    Innovation and Business Ecosystems
    Global Cities
    Brazil / Puerto Rico Students Panel – Emerging Social Issues in Development Based on Knowledge
    Paper Presentation sessions (4)

    Network Strategy

    Masterclasses (“… in the Context of Smart Cities”): Australia-Brazil Smart City Research and Practice Network Forum
    Planning and Transportation; Design and Participation; Environment and Engineering; Gevernance and Prodiktivity; Technology and Innovation

    Most Admired Knowledge City (MAKCI) Award Ceremony

    Co-located Events:
    Comunidad Iberoamericana de Sistemas de Conocimiento (CISC) meeting (by invitation)
    Australia-Brazil Smart City Research and Practice Network Forum & Launch

    Post-conference activities:
    Innovation and culture tour (Nov 7), Conference wrap ups (Nov 8)

11th KCWS 2018, 20-22 November 2018, Universidad de La Laguna, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife (Canary Islands), Spain

Conference Theme: Knowledge Islands
(Co-organizer: Canary Islands Government; Universidad de La Laguna; Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Nov 19):
    PhD Consortium (CANCELLED); How to Apply the Capital Systems Framework to participate in the Most Admired Knowledge City (MAKCi) Awards

    Post-conference Workshops (Nov 23):
    1st European Workshop on Knowledge & Technology Transfer from Astrophysics

    Plenary Sessions:
    Inclusive Knowledge Cities; Place-Based Thinking; Next Economies; Knowledge for Anthropocene; Social Innovation; Knowledge Capitalization in the Canaries: R+D+I

    Paper Sessions:
    Knowledge City Regions; Knowledge Islands; FDI in Dislocated Places; Canary Islands Industrialization

    Most Admired Knowledge City (MAKCI) Award Ceremony

    Co-located events:
    World Capital Institute EC Meeting (1+2); Comunidad Iberoamericana de Sistemas de Conocimiento (CISC) Asamblea Extraordinaria; European Outer Regions Summit

10th KCWS 2017, 20-22 June 2017, Universidad Nacional de San Agustín, Arequipa, Peru

Conference Theme: Emerging Knowledge Cities
(Co-organizer: Universidad Nacional de San Agustín)

    Plenary Sessions:
    Emerging Knowledge Cities; Knowledge-based Development Measurement; Knowledge-based Cultural Innovation; Knowledge Society in a Post-Truth Era; Knowledge-based Urban Innovation; Social Knowledge Innovation; Urban Sustainability and Climate Change

    The MAKCi Nomination; The Arab Knowledge Index

    Most Admired Knowledge City (MAKCI) Award Ceremony

    Co-located events:
    World Capital Institute International Advisory Board Meeting

9th KCWS 2016, 12-13 October 2016, Vienna, Austria

Conference Theme: Advancing Knowledge for Development
(part of the Vienna Knowledge Week, Oct 12-15 Oct; Co-organizer: KMA Knowledge Management Associates/Austria; City of Vienna)

    Scientific Track; Knowledge Cities – Trends, Strategies and Concepts; Knowledge City Landscapes; Vienna Knowledge City: A model case for a Knowledge City; Knowledge Cities – Challenges, experiences and best practices; Knowledge Management for Development; Knowledge Ecosystems in thematic fields

    PhD Consortium (CANCELLED); Global Knowledge-based Development Community Workshop; Knowledge Ecosystems in developing countries (Knowledge Café); Partnerships of Knowledge Cities (Knowledge Café); Advancing Knowledge Management for Development (KM4Dev Knowledge Camp)

    Most Admired Knowledge City (MAKCI) Award Ceremony

8th KCWS 2015, 14-18 June 2015, Daegu, South Korea

Conference Theme: Open Innovation, Knowledge City & Creative Economy
(SOItmC & KCWS 2015 in conjunction with the Society of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity (SOItmC); Co-organizer: Society of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity)

    Open Innovation Day, Knowledge City Day, Creative Economy Day

    Special Sessions:
    City of Future, Future of City: Open Innovation and Ubiquitous City; Complexity, Open Innovation & Knowledge City; Start-ups, Open Innovation,and Knowledge City; Daegu Techno-Park, Open Innovation and Creative City; Open Innovation: Technology, Society & Dynamics; Technology Policy for Open Innovation & Knowledge City; Open Innovation for Smart Mobility & Complexity; Smart Technology for Good Governance; Open Innovation and Creative Entrepreneurship from Gyeongbuk TP and University Entrepreneurship Center; The Importance of Valuation and Big Data as a Source of Technology Commercialization in Open Innovation Era

    General Sessions:
    Open Innovation in Energy; Creative Economy & Open Innovation; ?; ?

    Most Admired Knowledge City (MAKCI) Award Ceremony

    Co-located events:
    World Capital Institute Extended Meeting; SOItmC General Meeting; Post-conference Historical & Cultural Tour

7th KCWS 2014, 23-27 September 2014, Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia

Conference Theme: Knowledge-based Services
(Co-organizer: Tallinn University)

    Knowledge-based Cities and Regions; Knowledge-based Business and Public Services; Knowledge-based Economy; Knowledge-based Urban Development; Creativity, Innovation Technology and Learning Communities; The role of universities in knowledge society

    PhD Consortium; How Cities and Universities can Support Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship?; Advancing MAKCi City Benchmarking; Engaging in the Knowledge-based Development Community: Perspectives and Benefits, Mega Events: Urban Development, Management and Legacy; How and Why to Put Knowledge on the Managerial Agenda

    Most Admired Knowledge City (MAKCI) Award Ceremony

    Co-located events:
    World Capital Institute Extended Board Meeting; World Capital Institute Executive Board Meeting; Pre-/Post-summit Tours

6th KCWS 2013, 9-12 September 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

Conference Theme: Establishing Bridges: Building a ‘Knowledge City’ via ‘Knowledge-based Urban Development’
(Co-organizer: Istanbul Sehir University)

    Pre-conference Workshops (Jun 10):
    PhD Consortium

    Knowledge-Based Urban Development; Knowledge, Innovation and Intelligence; Knowledge City and Region; University, Industry and Government; Knowledge, Management and City; Smart Urban Technologies; Knowledge Economy and Society; Smart Planning Applications; Sustainable Urban Development; Planning for Clustering; Knowledge Cities

    Bridging the Global Knowledge-based Development Community Dialogue Workshop; Advancing the MAKCi Model for City-Benchmarking Open Space Workshop

    Most Admired Knowledge City (MAKCI) Award Ceremony

    Co-located events:
    Annual World Capital Institute Programme Review Meeting; Post-summit World Capital Institute Executive Board Meeting

5th KCWS 2012, 13-15 June 2012, Matera, Italy

Conference Theme: Knowledge, Innovation and Sustainability: integrating micro and macro perspectives
(IFKAD-KCWS 2012 joint conference in conjunction with the 7th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD); Co-organizer: Institute of Knowledge Asset Management; Queensland University of Technology; University of Basilicata)

    Pre-conference Workshops:
    PhD Consortium @ UniBAS (Tracks: Knowledge Work; Intellectual Capital; Knowledge Based Development; Innovation Capability)

    Conference Sessions:
    Knowledge Based Foundation of Innovation; Assessing Intellectual Capital and Business Performance; Sustainability and Development Dynamics; Knowledge Cities; Creativity and Growth; SMEs and Sustainable Development; Knowledge Management; ICT and Knowledge-based Dynamics; Knowledge Based Development; Managing Knowledge in Higher Education Institutions; Knowledge Creation and Learning Organizations, Intellectual Capital and Development Dynamics; Knowledge Transfer and Sharing; Knowledge in Healthcare; Learning and Organizational Behaviour

    Conference Workshops:
    MAKCi Award Workshop; Connecting and Leveraging: The Global Knowledge-based Development Community (Open Space Workshop)

    Most Admired Knowledge City (MAKCI) Award Ceremony

    Co-located Conferences:
    International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD)

4th KCWS 2011, 26-27 November 2011, Bento Gonçalves, Brazil

Conference Theme: Knowledge Cities for Future Generations
(Co-organizer: Ibero-American Community for Knowledge Systems)

    Note: KCWS 2011 was originally planned for 14-17 November 2011, Holon and Galilee, Israel.

    Business Intelligence and Collaborative Technologies; Knowledge Cities and Regions; Human Capital and Intellectual Capital; Knowledge-based Development for Innovation and Sustainability

    Most Admired Knowledge City (MAKCI) Award Ceremony

    Co-located Conferences:
    Congresso Iberoamericano de Sistemas de Conhecimento

3rd KCWS 2010, 16-19 November 2010, Melbourne, Australia

Conference Theme: Knowledge Cities – From Theory to Practice
(part of the Melbourne Knowledge Week, 14-20 November 2010; Co-organizer: City of Melbourne, Office of Knowledge Capital)

    Knowledge cities, regions and societies; Asset and capital systems; Sustainable development, climate change and quality of life; Knowledge cluster, enterprise and organisations; Sustainable urban and transport development; Knowledge economy, work and workers; Knowledge based urban development; Globalisation, urban environment and processes and dynamics of cities; Economy and value generation; Information and communication technologies and urban development; Arts and knowledge ecology; Creativity, innovation and learning communities; Higher education and research institutions and development

    Special Sessions:
    The New Club of Paris – Intellectual capital of cities and regions; Knowledge and communities; Insight into Israel; Ubiquitous cities; Inspiring the knowledge-based community workshop; Intelligent transport systems vision 2020

    Connectivity, creativity and collaboration: exploring practical foundations for a knowledge city; Knowledge institutions in regional innovation systems in city-regions; A very social media metropolis; Knowledge partnerships for innovative urban development – Meet the champions; Collaborating with generation Y to build better knowledge cities for future generations; Postgraduate and early career workshop

    Most Admired Knowledge City (MAKCI) Award Ceremony

    Co-located events:
    Melbourne Leaders’ Forum

2nd KC(W)S 2009, 5-6 November 2009, Shenzhen, China

Conference Theme: Emerging Knowledge Cities
(Co-organizer: Shenzhen Association for International Cultural Exchanges; New Club of Paris; hosted by: Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Knowledge Management Research Centre; Shenzhen Academy of Social Sciences; Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen Graduate School)

    Conference Tracks:
    Knowledge and Social Capital in Countries and Cities; Intellectual Capital and Innovation; Knowledge Enterprise & Organisations; Future Centre and Learning Communities

    Special Sessions:
    Knowledge Cities in the MENA Region; Ubiquitous-Eco Cities; Innovative Cities in Global Competition; Knowledge Management in Taiwan

    Innovative Engines for Knowledge Cities

    Most Admired Knowledge City (MAKCI) Award Ceremony

    Co-located Events:
    Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation Circle (forum); China Knowledge Cities Forum; Global Indigenous Knowledge and Innovation Partnership (GIKIP) – Knowledge of the Poor: The Ignored Dimension (CANCELLED)

1st KCS 2007, 17-20 October 2007, Monterrey, México

Conference Theme:
(part of the Global Knowledge-Based Development Week, Oct 15-21; Co-organizer: World Knowledge-based Development Consortium; Forum Foundation)

    KM I: Regional Business Development; KM III: The Futures of Knowledge Management; KM-IV: Managing Knowledge Transfer and Organizational Identity; KM-V: Regional Collaboration Networks; Social IC-II: IC Accountability; Knowledge Archaeology and Anthropology: KM in Ancient Civilizations; Impact of Technology in new citizenship emergence and development; Managing Knowledge Networks; ADIAT: Knowledge Management cases in Mexican SMEs; Knowledge-based Business Development; FLACSO: Building a Research and Education Agenda on the Knowledge Society; Innovation Incubators; Knowledge-based Development: a Babel or a New Language?; ICTs for the Knowledge Society; Knowledge Management for SMEs; Platform for Business Innovation in Mexico; Creative Urban Environments; Public IC Reporting; Monterrey Tec R&D Chair: Wealth creation through knowledge and innovation; Managing Virtual Knowledge; Knowledge Handicaps in the Latin World; Knowledge Transfer in Biotech Industry; Territorial Dimension of Knowledge Cities; The New Club of Paris; Redesigning Education for The Knowledge Society; Social Knowledge and Innovation; Knowledge-based Development Frameworks; e-Government; The Knowledge Divide; Knowledge Cities; Forces against and for innovation in Monterrey; Refounding cities on the grounds of knowledge societies; Knowledge Citizens and Knowledge Workers; Biotechnology Property and Knowledge Society; Knowledge Countries; Knowledge-based Development Public Policy; Monterrey: a Knowledge City?; Digital Cities; Global Perspectives on Knowledge-based Development

    Innovation and Comercialization in Life Sciences “The adventure of discovering the Life Sciences market”; Awakening; Knowing How to Know; Knowledge for Business, Innovation and Sustainability; Open Space – Designing the Global Knowledge-based Development Agenda

    Most Admired Knowledge City (MAKCI) Award Ceremony

    Co-located events:
    ADIAT Executive Board Meeting

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