Knowledge Management education in the US military services: A Multiple-Case Study

Abstract: The National Defense Strategy (2008b), the Quadrennial Defense Review (2006), and the Capstone Concept for Joint Operations (2009) specifically highlight a newer focus by the Department of Defense (DoD) on knowledge in operations as opposed to traditional weapons platforms. As such, each of the military services has put KM programs into place to varying degrees incorporating KM education as an aspect of implementation. Given that research on KM education is sparse and given that organizations that do not address KM education are more likely to fail with KM efforts, this multiple-case study provides a first look at KM education across the DoD. The results indicate that each of the services has different perceptions, approaches, expectations, and challenges with regards to KM education. Although some differences are necessary, the inconsistencies and lack of collaboration amongst the services may somewhat undermine the purposes for which KM programs were originally intended.

Keywords: Knowledge management, Knowledge management education, Department of Defense, Multiple-case study

Summer E. Bartczak, Gary L. Wright, Todd A. Peachey, James P. Downey, Kaye McKinzie: Assessing Knowledge Management Education Across The U.S. Department of Defense: A Multiple-Case Study Journal of Knowledge Management Practice, Vol. 11, No. 4, December 2010

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