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Knowledge Management Asia (KM Asia)*

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Knowledge Management Asia (KM Asia) is a major conference that gathers management gurus and knowledge management thought leaders to share their experience, insight and knowledge with the Asian audience. KM Asia will help professionals tap into expertise and gain insight from those who have implemented knowledge management best practice with success.

A two day conference with workshops (2001-2014)

  • Knowledge Management Asia: 18-20 July 2001, Singapore
    Conference (18-19 Jul) & Exhibition (18-20 Jul)
  • Knowledge Management Asia: 16-18 July 2002, Singapore
    Side Event: Asian Knowledge Management Societies Collaboration (participants: iKMS, HKKMS and KMSJ)
  • KM Asia 2003, 4-6 November 2003, Singapore
    Toward a network topology of the knowledge economy: Strategic parameters for innovation
    Rating the intellectual capital in your organisation as a measure of company performance
    Practical KM for the KM Manager: Creating online communication for knowledge sharing
    Tribal memory: Organisational memory, the last frontier of KM
    Passages from organisational knowledge to innovation: New economy dynamics, intangible assets and organisational design
    Live Demonstration: How to share, build and collaborate
    The importance of strong design and usability for successful intranet implementation: How strong design can contribute to of the goals of your organisation?
    A global intranet as a global challenge: A (steady) process, not a (static) system
  • KM Asia 2004, 2-4 November 2004, Singapore
    Apply Knowledge-Based Thinking – Featuring the KMAP tool
    An Organic Approach to Knowledge Strategy and Mapping
    Measuring the Progress and Effectiveness of your KM Programme
    Building a Connectivity System that Works!
    Implementing Best Practices for KM Systems and Processes
    Developing and Measuring KM for Mergers or Re-Organisations
    Collaboration and Networking: In and Across Complex Organisations
    Merging KM with Learning Organisation (LO) Principles
    Building Knowledge Networks for Business Sustainability
    KM for Marketers: Using Internal Knowledge to Drive Marketing Content
    Life Beyond Documents: Knowledge-Sharing in Professional Services Firms
    Building Corporate Cultures for Effective Knowledge Sharing
    Utilisation of KM into its Next Generation: Innovation Techniques for Generating New Knowledge Bases
    Evolution of Collaboration Work, Processes and Technologies in Virtual Enterprises and Networked Organisations
    Frameworks for Evaluating Enterprise Content Management Solutions and Managing the Total Cost of Ownership
    Keeping it Simple with Non-IT Based KM
  • 5th KM Asia 2005, 25-27 October 2005, Singapore
    Improving employee productivity with social computing strategies
    Collaboration and Communities of Practice: Road to innovation
    Frameworks and approaches for measuring the economic value of knowledge
    Incorporating the “customer” into your knowledge management programme
    Narrative and the knowledge-based view
    Knowledge, learning and customer service
    Using knowledge to integrate people, technology and process
    Innovation in knowledge management
    Using knowledge management to enhance value for employees and the customer experience
    Increasing the value of knowledge communities to support innovation, learning and productivity
    Distributed innovation
    The wisdom of elders
    Uncovering the hidden power and value of networks in an organisations
    Generating conversations: Workplaces for knowledge transfer
    Unstructured information and data compliance
    Creating a change management programme for non-KM practitioners
    Unlocking knowledge value from your email system
    Writing narratives for effective knowledge-sharing
  • KM Asia 2006, 7-9 November 2006, Singapore
    Strategies for Measuring and Then Growing the Intellectual Capital of your Organisation
    Putting Knowledge Management on the Strategic Agenda
    Mobilising Knowledge for Sustainable High performance: Creating Added Value Establishing, Improving and Managing Virtual Communities
    Marketing Knowledge Programmes Internally for Effective Alignment with the Business
    Hard and Soft Aspects of Knowledge Management: Balancing Structured and Sensing Approaches
    ‘Learning to Fly’ Masterclass with Geoff Parcell
    Adapting Knowledge Management for Difficult Environments: Crisis and Unstable Contexts
    Establishing a Knowledge-Sharing Culture and Communities to Enable Change
    Growing the Skills Base Within your Organisation to Drive Effective Sharing, Learning, Collaboration and Communication
    Managing Knowledge for a Dispersed Workforce
    Technology as an Enabler of Knowledge Management
    Building a Knowledge Based Organisation
  • KM Asia 2007, 29-31 October 2007, Singapore
    Enhancing knowledge culture and discovering new possiblilities
  • KM Asia 2008, 25-27 November 2008, Singapore
    Redefining Knowledge Strategy and Engaging a Collaborative Enterprise
  • KM Asia 2009, 24 – 26 November 2009, Singapore
    Using knowledge management to advance your organisation during times of change

    Collective intelligence for everyday strategy
    The Gurteen knowledge café masterclass
    Being a successful knowledge leader
    KM for the experienced practitioner: What are the big issues in KM at the moment?
    The leader’s guide to knowledge management: drawing on the past to enhance future performance
    Asking the right questions

  • 10th KM Asia 2010, 23-25 November 2010, Singapore
    Collaboration and Innovation

    Understanding the four dimensions of knowledge management: personal, team, organisation and interorganisation
    Leveraging cultural diversity to enhance knowledge flows
    Energising knowledge management through the use of judgment
    Knowledge to manage the new health: Working across continents to strengthen KM capabilities (Vadim V Shiryaev)
    Knowledge to manage the new health: Working across continents to strengthen KM capabilities (David Griffiths)
    What is your critical knowledge?

  • KM Asia 2011, 8-10 November 2011, Singapore

    Developing the KM Value Proposition
    Managing Intellectual Capital (Cancelled)
    Distributed Knowledge and Innovation
    Communities of Practice
    Stimulating Collaborative Practice for Performance
    Understanding the Return on Investment in KM
    How to Elicit the Knowledge of Your Experts
    Demonstrating the Importance of Managing Complexity through Practical Learning

  • KM Asia 2012, 6-8 November 2012, Singapore
    Knowledge as the Strategic Enabler of World Class Efficiency, Effectiveness and Innovation in Asia

    How to Get Started in KM
    How to Run a Knowledge Café
    Innovation Through Effective Knowledge Management
    What Can KM Learn From Agile Project Management?
    Knowing Versus Doing
    Customer Knowledge Management
    How to Conduct a Knowledge Audit
    Cultures of Knowledge: How KM Practitioners Create and Sustain Knowledge Sharing Cultures
    KM Strategic Alignment: A Top Down and Bottom Up Approach
    Open Data: The Knowledge Capital of Public Organisations

  • KM Asia 2013, 12-14 November, 2013, Singapore

    Collective Sensemaking: Creating a Culture of Engagement
    Creating a KM Strategy
    The Co-Creation Process – How it Works in Practice: Achieving Knowledge Driven Results
    Conversation: Our Most Powerful KM Tool
    Focusing Your KM Efforts on Supporting Your Strategic Knowledge Capabilities
    KM, Value Creation and Performance Management
    KM Strategic Alignment: A Practitioner’s Approach
    Intrusive Versus Non-Intrusive KM Programmes
    Engagement Through Gamification
    KM Maturity Models

  • KM Asia 2014, 18-20 November, 2014, Singapore
    Networking, collaboration, and co-creation

    Conversational Leadership Workshop (David Gurteen)
    Co-creation: Knowledge Management and Innovation in the 21st Century (Ron Young and Vadim Shirayev)
    How to Make a CoP Fly (Nancy Dixon)
    Gamification (Janan Goh)
    Knowledge Management: From Ideas to Practices (Madanmohan Rao)
    Developing Creativity and Building Organisation Innovation Capability (Rudolf D’Souza)
    How to Make KM a Strategic Process (Ana Hoffman)

  • 15th KM Asia 2015, 18-19 November 2015, Hong Kong
    Capture knowledge-sharing best practice from the biggest names in Asia
    Day topics: Business Trends in KM: KM strategy and organisational culture; KM Challenges: People processes and technology
  • KM Asia 2016, 30 November – 1 December 2016, Hong Kong
    Understand how effective knowledge sharing is delivering results for organisations in Asia
    Day topics: Knowledge Management Strategy and effective performance; Bringing people, process and technology together to help you achieve your KM goals
    One-day stream: KM Legal Asia (1st)
  • 15th KM Asia 2015, 18-19 November 2015, Hong Kong
    Capture knowledge-sharing best practice from the biggest names in Asia
    Day topics: Business Trends in KM: KM strategy and organisational culture; KM Challenges: People processes and technology
  • KM Asia 2017, 15-16 November 2017, Hong Kong
    Drive innovation at your organisation using knowledge management
    One-day stream: KM Legal Asia (1st)

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