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The Knowledge Management Asia (KM Asia) is a major conference that gathers management gurus and knowledge management thought leaders to share their experience, insight and knowledge with the Asian audience. KM Asia will help professionals tap into expertise and gain insight from those who have implemented knowledge management best practice with success.

Conference History:

KM Asia 2019, 9-10 April 2019, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: Showcasing world class standards and innovation in Knowledge Management

    STREAM: Knowledge Management Innovation, Data and Digital
    The challenges and opportunities in managing knowledge in the age of digitalisation
    The Knowledge Management transformation outlook
    Knowledge and data: audit, interaction, process
    Knowledge Management transformation: the importance of the essentials

    STREAM: Knowledge Management Case Studies: Innovation and Smarter Thinking
    Digital innovation case study: Knowledge management under Digital India Programme
    Smaller is better: DEWA – a critical national infrastructure

    STREAM: Knowledge Management Case Studies: Driving Up Standards
    How to meet the requirements of the management standard: ISO 30401
    Delivering successful Knowledge Management in Petroleum Development Oman
    The Knowledge Management cookbook – appetising stories from knowledge masterchefs
    Knowledge management: standards, audit and opportunities (panel discussion)
    Defining technology – the need for the human
    Is technology turning into a global currency? (panel discussion)
    Learning from case studies of the “Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise” (MIKE) nominees

    STREAM: Knowledge Management Standards, Safety and Accreditation
    Knowledge Management certification (panel discussion)
    The knowledge ready organisation

    Knowledge Management MIKE (Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise) Awards (incl. KM Asia MIKE Awards) Ceremony (CANCELLED)

KM Asia 2018

    No conference

17th KM Asia 2017, 15-16 November 2017, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: Drive innovation at your organisation using knowledge management

    STREAM: Knowledge Management and Innovation: A Symbiotic Relationship
    AI, augmented/virtual realities and new behavioural horizons
    Mindsets for knowledge innovation in the 21st Century

    STREAM: Creating the Right Mindset and Culture for Innovation
    Importance of effective collaborative knowledge spaces (physical and virtual)

    STREAM: Technology Tools: Sorting the Good from the Bad
    Case study from a global, Asia and India MAKE winner: AFCONS Infrastructure
    Designing an effective knowledge partnership process

    STREAM: When it’s Working and when it’s Not Examples from the Field
    Shell case study: Embedding knowledge management in a large, diverse organisation
    Asian Development Bank: Embracing client-centric knowledge management

    STREAM: What Models can be Applied
    Knowledge Management and innovation: business models and innovation
    Case Study: How can knowledge management and innovation work together
    Knowledge Management: The shift from control to cultivation
    From knowledge management to knowledge automation

    STREAM: What Skills Knowledge Professionals will Need by 2020?
    Knowledge Management competency skills. What will the knowledge manager be like in 2020?
    Arup: Knowledge management and innovation
    Machine learning: implications for knowledge management in 2017
    Knowledge Management competencies: A day in the life of a knowledge manager in 2020

    STREAM: KM Legal Asia – One-day stream (CANCELLED?)

16th KM Asia 2016, 30 November – 1 December 2016, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: Uncover best practice in global knowledge management

    DAY 1: Knowledge Management Strategy and effective performance
    Connection before content
    Multi-Award Winning Knowledge Management Program: Using Sharepoint 2013 as an innovative knowledge sharing platform and intranet for 9,000+ employees
    Engaging with Your Leadership Team – Huawei Case study: Pitching Knowledge Management to senior management to gain leadership buy-in
    Knowledge Gaps – Which Knowledge Management strategies work for your organisation’s culture?
    Are challenging questions more powerful than answers?
    Using Knowledge Management as a risk management tool
    Implementing a brand new global knowledge strategy at a major non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    Global standards for knowledge management Asia

    DAY 2: Bringing people, process and technology together to help you achieve your Knowledge Management goals (day 2);
    The quantum, and new Knowledge Management horizons
    Managing knowledge in the cloud
    Agile project management
    The effectiveness of innovation
    Knowledge Management for Collaboration and Innovation – Sharing experiences in culture, success and failure stories
    Digital Workplace – Legal firms with a Malaysian flavour: Morphing from the ultra-conservative to a liberalised knowledge base

    1st KM Legal Asia – One-day stream (CANCELLED?)

15th KM Asia 2015, 18-19 November 2015, Hong Kong

Conference Theme: Capture knowledge-sharing best practice from the biggest names in Asia

    DAY 1: Business Trends in Knowledge Management: Knowledge Management strategy and organisational culture
    Establishing and Embedding the Strategic Vision – Implementing a vision through strategic planning: A Knowledge Management Methodology
    Case Study – How to align your corporate strategy with optimum resource management
    Case Study – The Hong Kong Police Force: A knowledge enterprise fit to serve the local society in a global context
    Transformation of corporate culture, the democratisation of learning and collaboration across business ecosystems
    Improving profitability through Knowledge Management in pricing
    Introducing the concept of conversational leadership

    DAY 2: Knowledge Management Challenges: People processes and technology
    Taking Advantage of Technology – Collaboration on science and technology
    Case Study – Packaging tacit knowledge to help others adapt, personalise and apply
    People Challenges – Break the Book Community: A practical way to shape a learning organisation
    Case Study – Making a difference: agility in process and project management

    DAY 2 Conference Workshops:
    Why, what and how? Looking at the two sides of the debate – What is working in Knowledge Management versus what is not working in Knowledge Management (After action review)
    Learning before doing (Peer assist)
    ‘The cultural change: The real challenge’, ‘Gamification: No Child’s Play!’ and ‘Virtual team collaboration’ (Knowledge cafe)

14th KM Asia 2014, 18-20 November, 2014, Singapore

Conference Theme: Networking, collaboration, and co-creation

    Key Topics: Gamification; Co-creation; Cloud-based Infrastructures; Big data and predictive analytics; Sector sensing

    The Future of Knowledge Management
    Keynote TBD

    Defining Knowledge Management Strategy: The Role of Knowledge Management in Business Transformation
    Gamifi cation: Creative Storylines and Experiential Learning
    Building a Social Collaboration Platform: Strategy, Action Plans, and Stakeholder Engagement
    Enterprise 2.0 for Knowledge Management: Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Stakeholder Engagement
    The Sherlock Syndrome: Big Data in an Evolving Analytics World
    There and Back Again: Knowledge Management Challenges for a Cloud-Based Infrastructure
    An Exploratory Analysis of Knowledge Management and Organisational Performance
    The value of co-creation: Exploring three case studies in the telecoms, legal, and fi nance sectors in Russia
    Knowledge Management Buy-in: Mission Impossible?
    Mariette Peters, Zul Rafi que
    Can Gamification Get You to Heaven?
    Stay Ahead of Your Client through Sector Sensing
    Social with a strategy: Using Yammer to drive your business agenda

    Conference Workshops:
    An Introduction to Conversational Leadership (Gurteen Knowledge Café)

    Post-conference Workshops (Nov 20):
    Conversational Leadership Workshop; Co-creation: Knowledge Management and Innovation in the 21st Century; How to Make a Community of Practice Fly; Gamification; Knowledge Management: From Ideas to Practices; Developing Creativity and Building Organisation Innovation Capability; How to Make Knowledge Management a Strategic Process

13th KM Asia 2013, 12-14 November 2013, Singapore

Conference Theme:

    Key Topics: Engagement, Innovation; People Factors; Social Media and Collaboration; International Collaboration; General Change; Value Creation

    Knowledge Management: Where We’ve Been and Where We Are Going (w. conversation)
    Beyond Big Data, or the Limits of Silicon Over Carbon
    Handling Asymmetrical Threat in Industry or Government
    What Can we Learn from Social Media? (Guest speaker)

    Us or Them: Who Leads Knowledge Management Engagement?
    Global MAKE Award Winners 2012 – Why Should Your CEO Care About Knowledge Management?
    Achieving Knowledge Driven Results
    Global MAKE Award Winners 2012 Case Study – Harmonising Your Knowledge Management Strategy with Business Strategy for Improved Leadership Engagement
    Asian MAKE Award Winners 2012 – Engaging Front Line Managers to Embed Knowledge Management in Business Processes
    Case Study – Tea or Technology? The Role of Knowledge Management in a Law Firm
    Asian MAKE Award Winners 2012 – An Effective Engaging Knowledge Management Practice to Drive Corporate Innovation
    Knowledge Management: The People Behind the Scenes
    SingTel ESPRESSO: Brewing an Exciting Flavour in Enterprise Social Networking
    Case Study – Enterprise Social Networks and Knowledge Management
    Introducing an International Industry University: Is it a New Trend or Just a Collaborative Team?
    Global MAKE Award Winners 2012 – Using Wiki-Based Learning Platform to Promote Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Capturing
    Knowledge Continuity: Keeping the Critical Know-How in the Organisation
    Determining the Purpose of Knowledge Management: A Value Creation Theory
    Asian MAKE Award Winners 2012 – How Well-Structured Knowledge Management has Contributed to the Company’s Value Creation

    Conference Workshops:
    Why is Trying to Engage People so Difficult? (Gurteen Knowledge Café)

    Post-conference Workshops (Nov 14):
    Collective Sensemaking: Creating a Culture of Engagement; Creating a Knowledge Management Strategy; The Co-Creation Process – How it Works in Practice: Achieving Knowledge Driven Results; Conversation: Our Most Powerful Knowledge Management Tool; Focusing Your Knowledge Management Efforts on Supporting Your Strategic Knowledge Capabilities; Knowledge Management, Value Creation and Performance Management; Knowledge Management Strategic Alignment: A Practitioner’s Approach; Intrusive Versus Non-Intrusive Knowledge Management Programmes; Engagement Through Gamification; Knowledge Management Maturity Models

12th KM Asia 2012, 6-8 November 2012, Singapore

Conference Theme: Knowledge as the Strategic Enabler of World Class Efficiency, Effectiveness and Innovation in Asia

    DAY 1: Delivering and Demonstrating Value From Knowledge Management

    Attracting Strategic Attention
    High Stakes Knowledge Management
    Driving Innovation through Knowledge Creation Activities

    Conference Workshops:
    How Do You as Knowledge Managers and Practitioners Clearly Demonstrate the Value of Your Work to the Organisation? (Gurteen Knowledge Café)

    DAY 2: Empowering Your People to Deliver Strategic Goals

    Innovation: Managing Your Organisation to a Future You Couldn’t Have Predicted
    Positive Deviance and What it Can Teach us About Knowledge Management


    (1) Knowledge Management for Innovation and Transformation
    Private Sector Focus – Using Customer Insights to Design a Great Customer Experience
    Knowledge Management’s Role in Supporting Government Transformations – Case Study: Afghanistan

    (2) Generational Differences and Social Media
    Transferring Knowledge Between Generations at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), USA
    Transitioning What Your People Know to Make it Relevant in the New World
    Leveraging Social Media to Fundamentally Change The Way Deloitte Practitioners Work With and Engage With Each Other
    Encouraging Knowledge Contribution in Organisations

    (3) Sharing and Learning in Practice
    Encouraging a Decentralised Approach to Knowledge Sharing
    Overcoming the Barriers to Implementing Knowledge Management in a Manufacturing Organisation
    Reinventing the Lessons Learnt Process to Save USD 100 Million

    Post-conference Workshops (Nov 8):
    How to Get Started in Knowledge Management; How to Run a Knowledge Café; Innovation Through Effective Knowledge Management; What Can Knowledge Management Learn From Agile Project Management?; Knowing Versus Doing; Customer Knowledge Management; How to Conduct a Knowledge Audit; Cultures of Knowledge: How Knowledge Management Practitioners Create and Sustain Knowledge Sharing Cultures; Knowledge Management Strategic Alignment: A Top Down and Bottom Up Approach; Open Data: The Knowledge Capital of Public Organisations

11th KM Asia 2011, 8-10 November 2011, Singapore

Conference Theme:

    Developing Knowledge Hubs in Asia
    Understanding the Four Dimensions of Knowledge and Innovation
    Industry Leading International Applied Research from the University of Edinburgh
    An Eyrar of Black Swans

    Case Studies:
    Knowledge Management in a Governmental Think Tank: The Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) Knowledge Management Initiative
    The Institutionalisation of Knowledge Management at Tata Steel
    Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) Case Study (interactive, storytelling format)
    The Story of The Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water)’s Knowledge Management Success
    Aligning People, Process and Technology in Knowledge Management at PETRONAS
    Knowledge Management Best Practices from an Eight-Time Asian MAKE Winner
    Justifying the Business Case for Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management at the Supreme Court of Singapore
    Strategic Development of Best Practice Libraries
    Emerging Knowledge Networks and Open Innovation in China’s Greater Pearl River Delta

    Panel Discussions:
    What Role will Knowledge Management Play in Driving Economic Growth in Asia and Shaping the Continent’s Governments and Businesses in the Future?

    Conference Workshops:
    “Complexity and Go” Taster Session: Praxis Using a Complex Board Game; Creating Engaging Participation (fun team quiz exercise); The Promise Of Knowledge Management: It Is About Conversations That Matter (Extended Knowledge Café w. conversation facilitation techniques – 251 Storytelling, STOP Storytelling, and 321 Summarisation)

    Post-conference Workshops (Nov 10):
    Developing the Knowledge Management Value Proposition; Managing Intellectual Capital (CANCELLED); Distributed Knowledge and Innovation; Communities of Practice; Stimulating Collaborative Practice for Performance; Understanding the Return on Investment in Knowledge Management; How to Elicit the Knowledge of Your Experts; Demonstrating the Importance of Managing Complexity through Practical Learning

10th KM Asia 2010, 23-25 November 2010, Singapore

Conference Theme: Collaboration and Innovation

    Knowledge Management, Innovation, and Quantum Science?
    Recognising judgment as a key component of successful Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management in Russia

    Case Studies:
    Knowledge management for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games
    Promoting the people and process benefits of Knowledge Management to senior management
    Implementing maturity models across the Asia Pacific region
    Innovation in IDB: the reasons behind the framework
    The Shell Wiki Trilogy
    Knowledge management as part of organisational consciousness management

    Conference Workshops:
    Method cards (icebreaker session); Change management (icebreaker session); Challenging Knowledge Management Assumptions (mythbusting session)

    Post-conference Workshops (Nov 25):
    Understanding the four dimensions of knowledge management: personal, team, organisation and interorganisation; Leveraging cultural diversity to enhance knowledge flows; Energising knowledge management through the use of judgment; Knowledge to manage the new health: Working across continents to strengthen Knowledge Management capabilities; What is your critical knowledge?

9th KM Asia 2009, 24-26 November 2009, Singapore

Conference Theme: Using knowledge management to advance your organisation during times of change

    Digital scholarship: what it might mean for knowledge production?
    The TLC of Knowledge Management: understanding and applying the enablers of knowledge management
    Working across silos
    Let’s talk about, “is your knowledge worth retaining?”
    People 2.0: working in a 2.0 world

    Case Studies:
    Effectively implementing Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management initiatives: engaging staff
    The making of eSILK – a Web 2.0 Knowledge Management system
    Shell’s BedROCK for knowledge retention
    Effectively implementing Knowledge Management in a geographically dispersed organisation
    Sustaining Knowledge Management during the financial crunch

    Discussion Panels:
    Interactive MAKE panel discussion

    Conference Workshops:
    How do you utterly and totally destroy openness and transparency within an organisation and ensure that people won’t collaborate or share their knowledge? (reverse brainstorming session)

    Post-conference Workshops (Nov 26):
    Collective intelligence for everyday strategy; The Gurteen knowledge café masterclass; Being a successful knowledge leader; Knowledge Management for the experienced practitioner: What are the big issues in Knowledge Management at the moment?; The leader’s guide to knowledge management: drawing on the past to enhance future performance; Asking the right questions

8th KM Asia 2008, 25-27 November 2008, Singapore

Conference Theme: Redefining Knowledge Strategy and Engaging a Collaborative Enterprise

    Keynotes: (4 Keynotes)
    Three Generations of Knowledge Management
    Social Computing

    Case Studies:

    Discussion Panels:
    Knowledge Management initiatives cannot and should not be measured (speed debate)
    Closing panel discussion

    Post-conference Workshops (Nov 27): (eight post-conference workshops)
    Knowledge Harvesting: assuring re-use, not just capture

7th KM Asia 2007, 29-31 October 2007, Singapore

Conference Theme: Enhancing knowledge culture and discovering new possiblilities
(in conjunction with KM Singapore 2007: Annual iKMS Practitioner’s Conference, 1 Nov)

    Keynotes: (4 Keynotes)
    Culture – Collaboration – Innovation

    Case Studies:

    Discussion Panels:
    Local Asian Knowledge Management Practices (speed debate)
    … TBD?

    Conference Workshops:
    What are the barriers to knowledge sharing and innovation within organizations and how do we overcome them? (Gurteen Knowledge Café)

    Post-conference Workshops (Oct 31):

6th KM Asia 2006, 7-9 November 2006, Singapore

(in conjunction with KM Singapore 2006: Annual iKMS Practitioner’s Conference, 10 Nov)

    Recognising that ideas, creativity and knowledge are capital and everything else is just money
    What Business Challenges Will Follow After Knowledge Management?: Knowledge Navigation, Ignorance Management and Longitude Leadership
    Naturalising Knowledge Management

    Case Studies:

    Discussion Panels:

    Post-conference Workshop Tutorials (Nov 9):
    Strategies for Measuring and Then Growing the Intellectual Capital of your Organisation; Putting Knowledge Management on the Strategic Agenda; Mobilising Knowledge for Sustainable High performance: Creating Added Value Establishing, Improving and Managing Virtual Communities; Marketing Knowledge Programmes Internally for Effective Alignment with the Business; Hard and Soft Aspects of Knowledge Management: Balancing Structured and Sensing Approaches; ‘Learning to Fly’ Masterclass with Geoff Parcell; Adapting Knowledge Management for Difficult Environments: Crisis and Unstable Contexts; Establishing a Knowledge-Sharing Culture and Communities to Enable Change ; Growing the Skills Base Within your Organisation to Drive Effective Sharing, Learning, Collaboration and Communication; Managing Knowledge for a Dispersed Workforce; Technology as an Enabler of Knowledge Management; Building a Knowledge Based Organisation

5th KM Asia 2005, 25-27 October 2005, Singapore

Conference Theme: Creating a strategy-based approach to managing knowledge

    Accelerating innovation through knowledge management
    New developments in understanding and enhancing the productivity of knowledge work
    Starvation, pressure and perspective shift

    Production to performance: Increasing the value of knowledge communities to support innovation, learning and productivity
    Improving business performance and individual capabilities
    Keeping the organisational knowledge management programme closely tied to divisional objectives
    Harnessing the collective mind in companies: Communities, “extelligence” and innovation
    Strategic thinking, innovation and knowledge creation in the service industry
    The economics of knowledge
    Beyond the surface to the soul: Knowledge management and change in ICICI Bank
    Reinventing knowledge management to meet a changing competitive landscape
    Bringing together people, processes and information: Collaboration in context
    Improving employee productivity through a paradigm shift in information management: Successful social computing in the BBC
    Using ontology-enabled knowledge management to increase productivity
    Organisational culture for knowledge transfer
    Developing and implementing knowledge management in the Parliament of Finland
    Business performance in the public sector: Promoting a customer-based, knowledge-enabled approach
    Using storytellers, networkers, engineers and fixers to ease knowledge flows on international aid
    Customer focus at Telstra – learning and innovation at the front line

    Panel Discussions: CKO Forum
    Unlocking the expertise in your organisation: Identifying experts versus identifying the question

    Post-conference Workshops (Oct 27):
    Improving employee productivity with social computing strategies; Collaboration and Communities of Practice: Road to innovation; Frameworks and approaches for measuring the economic value of knowledge; Incorporating the “customer” into your knowledge management programme; Narrative and the knowledge-based view; Knowledge, learning and customer service; Using knowledge to integrate people, technology and process; Innovation in knowledge management; Using knowledge management to enhance value for employees and the customer experience; Increasing the value of knowledge communities to support innovation, learning and productivity; Distributed innovation; The wisdom of elders; Uncovering the hidden power and value of networks in an organisations; Generating conversations: Workplaces for knowledge transfer; Unstructured information and data compliance; Creating a change management programme for non-Knowledge Management practitioners; Unlocking knowledge value from your email system; Writing narratives for effective knowledge-sharing

4th KM Asia 2004, 2-4 November 2004, Singapore

    DAY 1: Organisational Knowledge Management/ Strategies, know-how and culture

    Knowledge Management – The Oxymoron of Modern Day Management
    If We Only Knew What Boeing Knows: A Holistic and Systemic Approach to the Development of Knowledge Management Processes and Capabilities

    Case Studies:
    Bridging Vision and Reality in Knowledge Management Implementation
    Evaluating the Impact of Knowledge Management: Practical Approaches to Measuring Effectiveness
    Building a Knowledge Enterprise
    Fostering Client Relationships Through the Use of Knowledge
    Creating Effective Corporate Learning Cultures
    Embedding Knowledge Management in Strategic Work Processes
    Knowledge Management in a Transient Environment
    Leveraging Knowledge to Unleash Innovation

    Panel Discussions: CKO Forum
    Technology or People First? A Challenging Dichotomy When Starting Knowledge Management

    Round Table Discussions:
    Face-to-Face with the GURU (Round Table Discussions w. Keynote Speakers)

    DAY 2: Building a Collaborative Environment/ People and processes: Knowledge sharing and collaboration

    Reaping the Benefits of Knowledge Sharing: The Business Case for Collaboration
    Social Network Stimulation: Creating Knowledge Flow, Not Knowledge Content

    Case Studies:
    Measuring Intangibles Using The Balanced Scorecard
    Using Knowledge Management to Ease the Process of Re-Organisation and Increase the Cost-Effectiveness of Sales Offices: The Manulife Financial Experience
    Just-in-Time Knowledge Management: Linking People to People
    Knowledge Transfer and Communities for Business Sustainability and Growth
    Applying Knowledge Management Internally: Integrating Knowledge Management into IBM’s Workforce and Human Capital Strategy
    Keeping a Distance from IT: Knowledge Management in Rolls-Royce

    Realising Knowledge Management Benefits through Effective Change Management
    Factoring Knowledge Management into the Management of Content for External Consumption

    Panel Discussions: CKO Forum
    Relevance of the Knowledge Management Manager in Knowledge Management

    Round Table Discussions:
    Face-to-Face with the GURU (Round Table Discussions w. Keynote Speakers)

    Post-conference Workshops (Nov 4): Knowledge Management in Practice
    Apply Knowledge-Based Thinking – Featuring the KMAP tool; An Organic Approach to Knowledge Strategy and Mapping; Measuring the Progress and Effectiveness of your Knowledge Management Programme; Building a Connectivity System that Works!; Implementing Best Practices for Knowledge Management Systems and Processes; Developing and Measuring Knowledge Management for Mergers or Re-Organisations; Collaboration and Networking: In and Across Complex Organisations; Merging Knowledge Management with Learning Organisation (LO) Principles; Building Knowledge Networks for Business Sustainability; Knowledge Management for Marketers: Using Internal Knowledge to Drive Marketing Content; Life Beyond Documents: Knowledge-Sharing in Professional Services Firms; Building Corporate Cultures for Effective Knowledge Sharing; Utilisation of Knowledge Management into its Next Generation: Innovation Techniques for Generating New Knowledge Bases; Evolution of Collaboration Work, Processes and Technologies in Virtual Enterprises and Networked Organisations; Frameworks for Evaluating Enterprise Content Management Solutions and Managing the Total Cost of Ownership; Keeping it Simple with Non-IT Based Knowledge Management

3rd KM Asia 2003, 4-6 November 2003, Singapore

Conference Theme: Managing thje Knowledge Life Cycle… Developing the

    Note: KM Asia 2003 was originally scheduled for 28-31 July 2003 as re-branded “Asia Knowledge Week”

    DAY 1: Strategic Knowledge Management

    Moving Along the Knowledge Management Learning Curve
    How Many Knowledge Management Solutions Do You Need? (UNILEVER Case Study)

    Case Studies:
    Knowledge Management Leadership in the Singapore Police Force
    Knowledge Management at Jones Lang LaSalle: A global firm in local markets
    Driving performance and value through Knowledge Management

    What’s next after Knowledge Management: Intellectual Capital
    Changing Organisational Culture for Knowledge Management

    DAY 2: Practitioner’s Knowledge Management

    (1) Plenary Session

    Knowledge Management in the Real World

    Building the Business Case for Knowledge Management
    Knowledge Management Evolution in Samsung SDS

    (2) Early Stage Knowledge Management
    Building Knowledge Management: From the Drawing Board to Reality
    Communicating the Value of Knowledge Management Throughout Your Organisation
    Designing your intranet on a shoestring and to deadline!
    Strategies to Build Successful Communities of Practice

    (3) Mature Stage Knowledge Management
    Taxonomies and Knowledge Discovery: The Critical Aspects of Knowledge Management
    Passages from Organisational Knowledge to Innovation
    Measuring the Value of Knowledge Management Implementations
    Portal design and organisational culture

    Round Table Discussions: (w. Keynote Speakers)
    Face-to-Face with the GURU n.a.

    Post-conference Workshops (Nov 6):
    Toward a network topology of the knowledge economy: Strategic parameters for innovation; Rating the intellectual capital in your organisation as a measure of company performance; Practical Knowledge Management for the Knowledge Management Manager: Creating online communication for knowledge sharing; Tribal memory: Organisational memory, the last frontier of Knowledge Management; Passages from organisational knowledge to innovation: New economy dynamics, intangible assets and organisational design; Live Demonstration: How to share, build and collaborate; The importance of strong design and usability for successful intranet implementation: How strong design can contribute to of the goals of your organisation?; A global intranet as a global challenge: A (steady) process, not a (static) system

    Side Events:
    Asian Knowledge Management Societies Collaboration (participants: iKMS, HKKMS and KMSJ)

2nd KM Asia 2002, 16-18 July 2002, Singapore

    Conference (16-17 Jul) & Exhibition (16-18 Jul)

    Building the Knowledge Driven Organization
    Knowledge and Learning: The Two Sides of One Coin
    Knowledge Management Made in Europe – Knowledge Management in the European Commission´s IST Programme
    Lessons Learned in Managing Knowledge at the U.S. Space Agency
    Reinvent Business with Second Generation Knowledge Management
    Learning from Japanese First Class Companies: Building Computer-Mediated-Communication (CMC) based
    Knowledge Communities (COP) in Japanese companies?

    Round Table Discussions: (w. Keynote Speakers)
    Description versus knowledge. Knowledge is action
    We spend too much time doing unnecessary things in order to work”
    Forming global teams and driving them to then capture the experiences and knowledge of the future is not easy. But helping the next generation is essential

    Conference Seminars:
    Knowledge Management Seminar programme: Introduction to Knowledge Management for SME’s ½ day seminar (Supported by SME IT Magazine)
    Knowledge Experience Zone (Jul 16): Learning seminars involving Knowledge Management business games, live interviews and scenario based training seminars

    Post-conference Workshops (Jul 18): (Six half-day workshops)
    Knowledge Management in the Legal Profession Workshop

1st KM Asia 2001, 18-20 July 2001, Singapore

    Conference (18-19 Jul) & Exhibition (18-20 Jul)

    Leading Knowledge Creation
    The Enemies and Enablers of Knowledge Management
    Storytelling as a Knowledge Management tool

    The Knowledge Paradigm
    The History of Culture Change at Buckman Laboratories
    The Knowledge Management Journey: A Singapore Experience
    Identifying and leveraging critical knowledge assets
    Using an Intranet to capture tacit and explicit corporate knowledge
    The Dissolution of Knowledge Management
    Knowledge-sharing and Communities
    Developing Knowledge Communities
    Embedding Knowledge Management into Operations – a BP case study
    The global intranet, strategic channel or passive repository

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