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Knowledge Management Australia (KM Australia)*

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Knowledge Management Australia (KM Australia), a forum with workshops organized by the Ark Group Australia, will explore prospects and challenges in managing and retaining knowledge and information, networking and collaboration, social media and Web 2.0, sustainability and profitability.

Conference History:

  • (CANCELLED) KM Australia 2018
    (1-day Forum with 2 half day post-congress workshops)
    – Sydney (Open) Edition: 1-2 August 2018, Sydney, NSW, Australia
    – Canberra (Government) Edition: 8-9 August 2018, Canberra, ACT, Australia
    Conference Theme: Knowledge Management Australia: Past, Present & Future
    Workshops: Putting the Action back in Knowledge Management (Sydney); Knowledge Management and Open Data for Innovation (Sydney); A Simple and Effective Approach to Developing Your Knowledge Management Strategy and Implementing Framework (Canberra); Commander’s Decision-making Cycle and Battle Rhythms (Canberra)
  • KM Australia 2017, 1-3 August 2017, Sydney, Australia
    Conference theme: Collaboration – Creation – Innovation – Retention – Knowledge Sharing – Contribution – Engagement – Global – Tools and Tech – Barriers to KM – Change – Agile
    Workshops: KM Principles in Action!; Driving Innovation through Collaboration; Change, Education, Training and Gaining Acceptance; Designing a Next Generation SharePoint Knowledge Network Platform; World Vision International: Bringing Your Communities Together; Accelerating Organisational Performance Outcomes through Advanced Knowledge Leadership Practices
  • KM Australia 2016 Congress, 2-4 August 2016, Melbourne, Australia
    Conference theme: Building Enterprise Wide Collaborative Bridges
    We Don’t Dare Forget How to Stick a Landing on Mars
    How to Change your Culture in 10 days: An Agile / Lean Knowledge Management Case Study Led Blueprint
    A Blueprint to KM Sustainability
    Senior Leadership Engagement and Change Management in a Large KM project
    KNOWledge SUCCESSion: An assembled “How To” gained from Dreamworks, NASA, Arup and others in creating sustained superior performance through knowledge co-creation
    The Innovation Conversation: All of Us are Smarter than Any of Us
  • KM Australia 2015 Congress, 4-6 August 2015, Melbourne, Australia
    Conference theme: The Discovery and Re-Discovery of Knowledge
    A Simple and Effective Approach to Developing Your KM Strategy and Implementing Framework (based on the Working Knowledge CSP Concept | Strategy |Practice (CSP) Model)
    Knowledge and Innovation Systems Management in the Public Sector:
    A Blueprint to KM Sustainability
    Building Innovation On Collaboration – The Innovation Sweet Spot
    KNOWledge SUCCESSion, a strategy for sustained high performance
    Serious Games – Knowledge Acquisition, Codification and Sharing
  • KM Australia Congress 2014, 22-24 July 2014, Sydney, Australia
    Conference theme: Knowledge Border Crossings
    Exploring how technologies are enabling people and organisations to reach and engage clients in new ways
    Transferring ‘sticky’ knowledge: the practitioners’ guide to retaining valuable expertise
    Identifying and defining the theme of your organisation’s KM Strategy using metaphors from other spheres of life
    A Maturity Model for Communities
    How do we make sense of the world so we can act in it?
    Becoming a valued advisor: A practical approach to implementing knowledge projects as an internal professional service
  • 10th KM Australia Congress 2013, 23-25 July 2013, Sydney, Australia
    Conference theme: An Academy of Knowledge Management and Content
  • KM Australia – Asia Pacific Congress 2012, 24-26 July 2012, Sydney, Australia
    Conference theme: Knowledge Management: Putting the Pieces Together
    How to think like an expert
    What is your critical knowledge?
    Knowledge management in the public sector: solutions to overcome government unique challenges
    Applying the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) concept to knowledge management projects
    How to elicit the knowledge of your experts?
    Developing and nurturing communities of practice and networks
  • KM Australia – Asia Pacific Congress 2011, 18 – 21 July 2011, Sydney, Australia
    Conference theme: Conversations for Collaboration and Connection
    Implementing the Gurteen Knowledge Cafe
    A participatory planning process for knowledge management projects
    Using SharePoint to drive a transformational change agenda
    Harvesting tacit knowledge
    Understanding the four dimensions of knowledge management: personal, team, organisation and inter-organisation
    Successful KM endeavours and models
    Learning from Indigenous knowledge systems
  • KM Australia, 21 – 23 July 2010, Sydney, Australia
    Conference theme: Knowledge Management and Collaboration Australia
    When words matter: knowledge sharing made better
    Enhancing collaboration in world-wide organisations
    Leveraging cultural diversity to enhance knowledge flows
    Web 2.0 and KM today
    Implementing a successful knowledge management program
    Making your knowledge management initiatives work
  • KM Australia 2009, 4 – 7 August 2009, Sydney, Australia
    Conference theme: Knowledge Management From Diverse Perspectives
    What are the big issues in KM at the moment?
    Creating knowledge sharing capabilities across cultures and generations
    My big fat KM and other crucial KM rules
    Building KM competencies
    Strategic knowledge mapping (SKM)
    Empowering social networking by energising your community of practice (CoP)
    Being a successful knowledge leader
  • KM Australia 2008, 21 – 23 Jul 2008, Melbourne, Australia
    Conference theme: Moving forward with an enterprise approach to knowledge, information and digital cultures
    Facilitating Intranet-based Social Networking within the Organisation
    The Nuts and Bolts of Classifying Information
    Enterprise 2.0: KM’s New Capture and Discover Tools
    Applying Social Network Analysis to KM
    Scalable Knowledge Management with Semantic Web Technologies
    Social Information Architecture: from Behaviour to Structure
    Combating Enterprise Dementia in 21st Century Organisations
    Involving your Organisation in Strategising Knowledge
  • KM Australia 2007, 23 – 25 July 2007, Sydney, Australia
    Conference theme: Knowledge, Discovery & Collaboration
    Master classes: Identity, community, and distributed intelligence… are we still allowed to talk?
    The new dynamics of knowledge production and exchange in the Peer to Peer era
    Developing a content framework
  • KM Australia 2006, 14 – 16 August 2006, Sydney, Australia
    Conference theme: Knowledge Management, Content and Collaboration Australia
    Master classes: Narrative Techniques in Knowledge Transfer and Collaboration
    Lessons Learnt from Lessons Learnt
    Specifying and Selecting Enterprise Search for Knowledge Applications
    Selecting a Content Management System
  • KM Australia 2005, 13 – 15 July 2005, Sydney, Australia
    Conference theme: Promoting and sustaining a knowledge sharing culture
    Master classes: Harnessing intellectual capital for exponential
    Cultivating communities of practice in organisations: what we are learning
    The role of KM to promote innovation in the effective and proactive enterprise
    From knowledge management to operational excellence
  • KM Australia 2004, 23 – 25 Aug 2004, Sydney, Australia
    Conference theme: Realising the value of knowledge management
    Master classes:
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