Knowledge Management Competencies Development

Abstract: Students in the 21st century should be developed to perform the necessary operations to be a great member in learning organization. Knowledge management is a core competency for workforce in every organization. This enables person in various functions to carry out their performance effectively. There are including knowledge storage publishing and sharing embedded knowledge of organizational which are the explicit knowledge to lead the organization to the sustainable development. This research aims to analyze and synthesis ideas about knowledge management competencies of students in the 21st century by document research and analyzed by content analysis from books, articles, documents, web sites and related research since year 1963-2013 total 140 items.
The results showed that the elements of knowledge management are (1) People (2) Technologies (3) Knowledge management process and (4) Leadership. The core competencies in the knowledge management of undergraduate students in the 21st century include nine competencies which are (1) Principles of knowledge management knowledge (2) Understanding of information technologies (3) Knowledge capture skills which existing in a person or document (4) Knowledge management skill within person or the system. (5) Interpersonal communication skills (6) Knowledge sharing skills (7) Problem solving skills. (8) Moral consciousness and (9) Responsibilities to share knowledge.

Keywords: Competency, Knowledge management, Knowledge management competencies, Student. Higher Education, Higher Education Students, 21st Century, 21st Century student, 21st Century Higher Education Student.

Benyapa Kongmalai, Sornnate Areesophonpichet, Ajchara Chiyuprathum: Knowledge Management Competencies Development of Students in the 21st Century. In: Proceedings of the 5th Asian Conference on Education 2013 (ACE2013): Learning and Teaching in Changing Times, Osaka, Japan, October 24 – 27, 2013

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