Knowledge Management Education: An Overview of Programs and Instruction

Abstract: This chapter provides a broad overview of university-based and other KM training worldwide, with particular emphasis on courses that can assist students in qualifying for Chief Knowledge Officer and other jobs in organizations that have KM programs. First, an overview of KM teaching categories is presented, showing the breadth of approaches that are possible. Second, we provide a sample data on graduate courses at universities in the US and abroad, concentrating on schools of business and engineering, the two units where KM teaching predominates. Third, we summarize the current offerings of non-university KM training courses and KM certification programs. Finally, we outline the roles, qualifications, and responsibilities of jobs in the knowledge-based organization.

Stephen Ruth, Jeffrey Theobald, Virgil Frizzell: Knowledge Management Education: An Overview of Programs and Instruction. In: Holsapple, C. W. (Ed.): Handbook on Knowledge Management. Volume 2: Knowledge Directions. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag (International Handbooks on Information Systems Series), 2002: 582-603.

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