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Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone who can provide a meaningful response to my following query on knowledge management employment: 1). Does one need an in-depth technical background for a typical knowledge management job or general management i.e. MBA along with knowledge of information management & systems is adequate? 2).How does one specifically locate KM job & companies hiring in the field? Your response vwill be greatly appreciated. Thanks Prabal

Prabal: Knowledge Management Employment ‘Knowledge Management Career’ Toolbox IT Group, Jan 27, 2007.

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  1. There are several universities that have a knowledge management track. And some that offer Masters and Doctoral Programs in Knowledge Management. While many think that Knowledge Management is an IT focused discipline, it is not, on a broader scale, it is a shift in organizational culture that leads to the creation of a knowledge culture. So, it is more about people and less about technology. Although like many management disciplines today, technology is an enabler. So to answer your questions:
    1) No, you don’t need an in-depth technical background
    2) Can think of two great resources check out KMWorld, and also join Stan Garfields (check out his group at

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