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Knowledge Integrator Nodes (KINs)

Abstract: The concept of the emergence of a knowledge integrator node in project teams or internal and external networks of a firm is explored. Aspects of the literature on the knowledge creation process and key actors and their roles and knowledge management in boundary-spanning networks development in multinational companies are presented. A grain trading

Knowledge Management guardian, steward or…?

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In the discussion list of the Systems Integration KM Leaders Community Peter B. asks: Dear all, I’m involved in setting up KMS & culture in It has been proposed to call the members of the small KM core team “KM guardians”, remembering our past km4dev experience, I’d like

Knowledge Mentoring Institute (KMI)*

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The Knowledge Mentoring Institute (KMI) 1), formerly the Knowledge Management Institute (KM Institute or KMI) and Knowledge Management International, including its brand “mentoring4success” (M4S), has offered the following Knowledge Management education and training