Knowledge Management: Facilitators’ Guide

Abstract: The objective of this guide, developed by representatives from India, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, UK, and the APO Secretariat, is to help KM trainers and consultants in NPOs to understand KM and provide guidance for its implementation.

This Knowledge Management: Facilitators’ Guide provides easy-to-follow instructions on delivering training in the APO KM framework, including detailed notes on the key messages of each slide, trainer’s notes, and making the transition to the next slide. The guide also contains a CD-ROM with soft copies of the Participants’ Guide and ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation slides for KM facilitators which can be customized to meet specific needs. The aim is to provide a simple, structured, systematic approach to implementing KM in organizations. The framework and methodology ensure that no important aspect of KM will be overlooked, while reducing the variety and complexity of KM to manageable tasks. Additionally, the guide also includes summaries of cases of KM implementation in small and medium enterprises to give facilitators better understanding of KM practices in the context of SMEs, as opposed to large organizations. Detailed version of these cases are being published separately as the companion guide for KM facilitators and owners of SMEs.

Table of Contents

  • APO KM Framework
  • Workshop Overview
    Module 1: Why Knowledge Management?
    Module 2: What is Knowledge Management?
    Module 3: APO KM Framework
    Module 4: APO KM Implementation Approach
    Appendix 1: Asian KM Cases
    Appendix 2: The Case of Ethnic Visions, Inc.
    Appendix 3: APO KM Assessment Tool
    Appendix 4: Module 4 Workshop Outputs
    Appendix 5: Recommended Books on Knowledge Management
    Appendix 6: Summary of Case Studies on KM Implementation in SMEs

Praba Nair; Kamlesh Prakash (Eds.): Knowledge Management: Facilitators’ Guide Asian Productivity Organization, 2009.

Copyright © Asian Productivity Organization. All Rights Reserved.

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