Knowledge Management Russia (KM Russia)*

Knowledge Management Russia (KM Russia)*

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The “Top-Class International Business Congress” Knowledge Management Russia (KM Russia) aims to make connection between Russian entrepreneurs and Knowledge Management innovators.

Knowledge Management Russia provides a platform for most admired Knowledge Management practitioners and experts from Russia and overseas to share their experiences and build networks and partnerships with Russian businessmen and enterprises.

Since 2017 new program format, created in collaboration with the G-LINK project: Global Leaders Who Innovate Next Knowledge

Conference History:

XI KM Russia 2020, January 20, 2021, Moscow, Russia Virtual venue
Conference Theme: Global Collaboration 2021: How to expand Knowledge Management in the age of new virtual collaboration
(In conjunction with the VI Knowledge Management Global Network (KMGN) annual event)

    The vision of KMGN for 2021
    Case-studies of virtual collaboration in new COVID reality
    Key principles for virtual collaboration
    The technological perspective of virtual collaboration
    Future collaboration

Note: KM Russia 2020 was originally scheduled for November 26-27, 2020 in Moscow without the KMGN annual event and for December 2, 2020 in a virtual mode with the KMGN annual event; On the KMGN website the KMGN annual event is announced as “annual KMGN International Conference” scheduled for December 2-3, 2020, Online, with the theme “collaborating with technology”

X KM Russia 2019, December 18-20, 2019, Moscow, Russia
Conference Theme: From teams and communities to ecosystems. Collaborative technology as the foundation of knowledge management. Team building and communities. Key factors in the development of modern co-creative ecosystems.

    Post-conference Workshops (Dec 19-20): Knowledge Assets Management (KAM) School – Stage 1: Knowledge Management Strategy Development; Knowledge Assets Management (KAM) School – Stage 2: Development of a Knowledge Management Pilot Project (Workgroups: Coosing and justifying the Knowledge Management pilot project (KAM School 1 groupwork); Formalizing the KAM implementation plan (KAM School 2 groupwork))
    Workshops: Co-creation cirles/challenges: TOP-5 key topics about collaboration and co-creation, which you should learn about today; Workgroups (CANCELLED): Creating a training manual for cooperation in the real and virtual world in Russia in 2020
    Masterclasses: Neurostrategies 2020: a journey into the consumer’s head (by invitation only!)

Note: KM Russia was announced for November 27-29, 2019

IX KM Russia 2018, November 27-28, Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS), Moskow, Russia
Conference Theme: 5 steps to continuous innovation and long-term competitive advantage

    Workshops: Target Audience; Factory for the creation of unique trade offers; Positioning triangle; Value Map and conjoint analysis
    Certification Courses: Rules and principles of effective interaction in geographically distributed, administrative-independent, cross-expert teams; Knowledge Management; Management of strategic assets of the company. How to create a long-term advantage, protected from competitors
    Master Classes: The formation of a collaborative culture in a team. How to make your company a “customized orchestra”; Leadership vs. Management

VIII KM Russia, December 13, 2017, Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS), Moskow, Russia
Conference Theme: Knowledge Management for Business: Key Knowledge Assets – Creativity – Innovations

    Workshops (Dec 13, afternoon): Management of key intangible assets & New global standards; Cooperation and co-creation; Russian practices: News from industry communities and sites; Knowledge management as a source of increasing business efficiency; New standards of doing business & New requirements for the competencies of knowledgeable workers; Corporate culture is the foundation and catalyst for the growth of the company by its employees; Knowledge Management and modern technologies: BigData, Blockchain
    Closed VIP Section: Advanced technologies of business capitalization, based on management of the existing potential of the company – its unrecorded intangible assets.
    Online-Masterclasses (between Dec 2017 to May 2018): …

VII KM Russia, December 15-16, 2016, Moscow, Russia
Sub-title: International Financial Sector Event / Knowledge Management for Business: Key Knowledge Assets – Creativity – Innovations

    Workshops (Dec 16): Organizational Zoo Workshop: Building a culture and team; Knowledge Associates Workshop: Training program for managing key knowledge assets; FlashPoint Workshop: Creating Innovations
    Special section / roundtable (by invitation): ISO Standards: New Level of Evaluation of Knowledge Management Efficiency in Business; Knowledge Ready Organization Overview; Trends in HR
    Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Award
    Co-located: 2nd Leaders of Russian Expert Communities Summit; 4th Knowledge Lounge on Professional and Entrepreneurial Communities (Dec 14)

VI KM Russia, November 26-27, 2015, Moscow, Russia
Conference Theme: Knowledge Management in Russia 2009-2015

    Special section (PechaKucha format): Presentation of case studies on the implementation of KM from Russia and the world
    Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) Award
    Co-located: 1st Leaders of Russian Expert Communities Summit (Nov 26)

V KM Russia, November 26-27, 2014, Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS), Moscow, Russia
(in conjunction with the Russian MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise) Award Ceremony; part of the Russian Knowledge Management Week, Nov 18-30; in cooperation with KM Asia)
Conference Theme: Collaboration, Co-creation & Innovation

    Workshops: Gurteen Knowledge Cafe
    Pre-conference Round Tables: Round table on Organizational Knowledge
    Post-conference Training: Knowledge asset management – the basis for success in the new economy

IV KM Russia, November 27-28, 2013, Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS), Moscow, Russia
(in conjunction with the Russian MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise) Award Ceremony, the launch of the KM-Alliance)
Conference Theme: The best technologies in knowledge management for business

    Workshops: Gurteen Knowledge Cafe
    Masterclassses: Co-creation – how it works in reality; Visual scribing as a new approach and tool to transfer information

III KM Russia, November 27-28, 2012, Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS), Moscow (1st day) and Sochi (2nd day), Russia

    Moscow: Congress & Best Knowledge Management Case Award
    Sochi: “live” exchange of knowledge, ideas, global collaboration at different levels

II KM Russia, November 23-24, 2011, Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS), Moscow, Russia
(supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI))
Conference Theme: Methods of effective work with ideas, collective intelligence and tacit knowledge in business

    Workshops (Oct 24): Immersion in Knowledge Management Four Dimensions of Knowledge and Innovation (Masterclass & After Action Review); Mechanisms for the formation of strong teams; Role-playing in the group: Method 6 Thinking Hats; Strategic game. Consolidation of acquired skills; Storytelling: Source and mechanism for the transfer of non-formalized knowledge

I Business Forum KM Russia, October 25-26, 2010, Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS), Moscow, Russia
(Within the international series KMRussia-KMAsia-KMWorld)
Conference Theme: Knowledge Management – Strategic Approaches to Business Efficiency Growth

    Masterclasses: Flash-Point Knowledge Sharing Technique; Free slots – discussion of emerging ideas in interest groups
    VIP session: Knowledge Management
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