Legal Horizons Conference**

Legal Horizons Conference**

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The Legal Horizons Conference (by invitation only), formerly the Legal Knowledge & Innovation Conference and the Law Firm Knowledge Management Conference, organized by Janders Dean International, is a forum to bring leaders in the field of law firm and corporate legal knowledge management and information technology management together.

Conference History:

Janders Dean’s 2019 Legal Horizons Conference (Sydney), 24-25 July 2019, Sydney, Australia

Janders Dean’s 2019 Legal Horizons Conference (London), 16 May 2019, London, UK

10th Janders Dean’s 2018 Legal Horizons Conference (Sydney), 4-5 July 2018, Sydney, Australia

Janders Dean’s 2018 Legal Horizons Conference (London), 17 May 2018, London, UK

9th Janders Dean’s 2017 Legal Horizons Conference (Sydney), 20-21 September 2017, Sydney, Australia

Janders Dean & Chicago-Kent College of Law Legal Horizons Conference, 13 July 2017, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Chicago, IL

Janders Dean’s 2017 Legal Horizons Conference (London), 10 May 2017, London, UK

8th Janders Dean’s 2016 Legal Horizons Conference (Sydney), 27-28 July 2016, Sydney, Australia

Janders Dean & Chicago-Kent College of Law Legal Horizons Conference, 14 July 2016, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Chicago, IL

2016 Janders Dean’s Legal Knowledge & Innovation (Africa) Conference

    In planning

1st Janders Dean Exclusive Legal Knowledge & Innovation Thought Leadership Forum, 15 May 2015, London, UK

    Presentation Sessions:
    Legal Evolution Possibilities Proven – Fostering a culture of innovation in private practice law (Keynote)
    Legal Expertise vs Competence – Knowledge Sharing Theories & Practices (Academic keynote)
    All About You – personal Branding, Communication Skills & Self-Selling for Knowledge Workers (Closing keynote)
    Lessons for Law – The Knowledge & Information Tsunami Impacting Global Retail
    Legal Process Engineering – The Critical & Evolving Role of Knowledge Lawyers
    Knowledge Management & Collaboration – Considerations in Law Firm Office Design
    Continuous Improvement – Harnessing the Power of Legal Knowledge & Technology

    Spark Sessions:
    Collaboration & Peer communication – Recognised Value of Collaboration as a Legal Knowledge Management Activity
    Providing Innovative & Differentiating Legal – Supporting the Next Generation of Legal Service Delivery
    Easy Knowledge Management & Quality Control Wins – Efficency Tools for Legal Knowledge Workers
    The Future of Legal Documentation – Knowledge Management & Next Generation Document Automation
    New Thinking in Knowledge & Information – Personalised Intelligence for law Firms

    Discussion Panels:
    The Leadership View – The Future Role of Knowledge Workers in a Changing Legal Market

7th Janders Dean Legal Knowledge & Innovation Conference, 18-19 September 2014, Sydney, Australia


6th Janders Dean Legal Knowledge & Innovation Conference , 19-20 September 2013, Sydney, Australia

    Presentation Sessions:
    Global Case Study: Lawyer Driven Knowledge Management
    Success and Failure: Rethinking innovation in the legal industry
    Designing Your Space as a Knowledge Management and Collaboration Tool
    Innovations in Research, Intelligence & Knowledge Management
    Legal Technology Innovations – No longer Anti-Social
    Looking Back & Looking Forward – Trends in legal Practice
    Connectng People & Knowledge – Sounds Simple Right?
    You’re Not Alone – The Data & Information Tsunami Impacting Retail
    The Continuous Changing Role of the Knowledge Worker
    The Problem With Kids Nowadays… Making junior Lawyers Smarter Faster
    One Last thing

    Discussion Panels:
    Constant Change – How Firms Can Adapt or Perish
    Getting Results Through Client Collaboration
    Efficiency & Profitability – Getting Knowledge Management Projects Past Go
    Standing Out & Delivering Truly Differentiating Knowledge Solutions

    Innovation Spark Sessions (by invitation only; Pecha Kucha – conversation-sparking exchanges)

    Note: The conference was announced as the Janders Dean Legal Knowledge, Technology & Innovation Conference and the APAC Legal Knowledge & Innovation Conference, resp.

1st Janders Dean Africa Legal Knowledge & Innovation Conference, 15 March 2013, Johannesburg, South Africa

    Presentation Sessions:
    The Value of Strategic Knowledge Management & Innovation in Law Firms (Keynote)
    International Law Firm Growth – Managing What We Know
    Technology Trends – The Impact on Law Firm Profitability
    Merger Mania – Managing Knowledge in a Changing Global Legal Industry
    Why Law Firms Will Stagnate Without Strategic Business Intelligence

    Discussion Panels:
    Law Firm Strategic Planning – The Importance of a Strategic Roadmap
    What Lawyers Really Want, Need and Value – You think You Know Me?
    The Views Of Clients: The Hidden Power & Influence of Knowledge & Innovation

5th Janders Dean Legal Knowledge & Innovation Conference, 20-21 September 2012, Sydney, Australia

    Presentation Sessions:
    The Future of Law (Keynote)
    Does Size Matter – Being Big Isn’t Always Better (Keynote)
    Innovation in Law – The Role of Technology
    Lawyer Profiling – How Psychology Influences Knowledge & Innovation Adoption
    The Role of Knowledge Management and Information Management in a Merger
    Lead or Follow – The Hidden Perils & Pitfalls of Both
    Knowledge of the Afterlife – The Rise of the Knowledge Worker in Senior Management
    Legal Project Management (LPM) Case Study & The Role of Innovation
    Buzzword Biopsy – The Trends to Really Watch, Adopt or Ignore
    The International Outsourcing Wave & The Impact on Knowledge Management
    Outside of the Law – Inside Knowledge at Woods Bagot
    Through The Looking Glass – Knowledge Management & Our Industry 5 Years On

    Discussion Panels:
    You Think You Know Me? What Lawyers Really Want, Need and Value
    The Views of Clients: The Hidden Power & Influence of Knowledge & Innovation

4th Janders Dean Law Firm Knowledge & Innovation Conference, 22 September 2011, Sydney, Australia


    Annual Janders Dean Law Firm Knowledge & Innovation Awards

3rd Janders Dean Law Firm Knowledge Management Conference, 12 August 2010, Sydney, Australia

    Presentation Sessions:
    Knowledge Management Challenges in a Global Environment; The Evolution of Enterprise Search – Still a Knowledge Tool?
    The UK Magic Circle – Innovators, Disruptors or Just Different?
    Government & Law – Knowledge Management Comparisons
    The Practitioner’s Perspective
    Developing a Knowledge Specific Technology Business Case
    In-House Knowledge Management Challenges

    Discussion Panels:
    Working Together – Business Development & Knowledge Management
    Can SharePoint be Knowledge Management’s New Killer App?

    Presentation of inaugural Janders Dean Australian Legal Knowledge Management Awards

2nd Janders Dean Law Firm Knowledge Management Conference, 28 May 2009, Sydney, Australia

    Presentation Sessions:
    Whither Knowledge Management? The Future Shape of Law Firm Knowledge Management
    The Other Side. The Future Shape of Corporate Knowledge Management
    Does Knowledge Management Add Value to Your Law Firm – A Chief Operating Officer’s View?
    Developments in Enterprise Search & Next Generation Solutions
    Knowledge Management Case Study – Ensuring Knowledge Management Relevance in an Economic Downturn
    Australian Tax Office eLibrary Project – A Case Study
    “After the Buzz” Web 2.0 features in a Knowledge Management world – How to translate social experiments into business solutions
    Developments in Legal Research

1st Janders Dean’s Knowledge Management in Law Firms Conference, 7 May 2008, Sydney, Australia

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