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The Knowledge Summit, initially known as the Knowledge Conference, is organised by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It amis to bring together international and regional knowledge influencers, experts and thought leaders on a single platform. The summit aims to highlight the importance of knowledge and to promote the programs and ideas that helps to spread the awareness of knowledge around the world.

Part of the summit is the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Annual Knowledge Award (MBRKA) Ceremony as well as the presentation of the results of the Arab Knowledge Project (AKP), a joint initiative of the MBRF and the United Nations Development Programme – Regional Bureau for Arab States (UNDP RBAS).

In the period between the summits a series of workshops and seminars is organized around the world in order to disseminate the AKP results and to prepare for the upcoming summit.

Co-located events:

  • 2015-present: Launch of… the Global Knowledge Index, the Arab Knowledge Index, the Arab Reading Index, or the Arab Knowledge Report
  • 2014-present: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Annual Knowledge Award (MBRKA)
    The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Annual Knowledge Award (MBRKA) honours individuals or organisations who have made impactful contributions to knowledge locally and internationally. It highlights accomplishments of knowledge pioneers around the world, promotes innovation, and underlines the role of knowledge as a key component in building prosperous communities and driving sustainable development. The winners will be announced at the Knowledge Summit.

    MBRKA Winners list

    2022 Winners: (#7)
    The Emirates Mars Mission “Hope Probe”
    Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings
    Dr Zhang Yongzhen
    Dr Katalin Kariko
    Dr Drew Weissman

    2019 Winners: (#6)
    Henrik von Scheel
    National Institute of Education (NIE)
    Saudi Aramco

    2018 Winners: (#5)
    The Amersi Foundation
    Institute of International Education (IIE)
    Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation
    Saudi Digital Library (SDL)

    2017 Winners: (#4)
    Wendy Kopp
    Misk Foundation
    Dr. Hiroshi Komiyama

    2016 Winners: (#3)
    Melinda Gates
    The Arab Thought Foundation

    2015 Winners: (#2)
    National Geographic
    Ahmad Alshugairi
    Hiroshi Ishiguro

    2014 Winners: (#1)
    Jimmy Wales
    Tim Berners Lee

Related Events

  • 2020-present: KnowTalks Series – An offspring of the Knowledge Summit
    Throughout the year various sessions are hosted which aim to address the most imperative knowledge and development issues, examine best practices and global experiences, as well as devise solutions to meet challenges, in pursuit of the progress of nations, their sustainable development and the well-being of their people.
  • 2018-2020: Knowledge Weeks “abroad”
    The Knowledge Week “abroad”, successor of the 2017 MBRF Knowledge Week in Dubai, is a series of events in various cities around the world. It is organized by the Arab Knowledge Project (AKP), a joint initiative between the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The Week’s agenda includes workshops and discussion panels to showcase and explore the key takeaways from the Knowledge Summit in Dubai, and the results of the Global Knowledge Index, among other topics. Exporting the Knowledge Week to countries around the world seeks to promote the use of the Global Knowledge Index as a guide to growth and sustainable development, as well as a tool for change and for political debates. The series of meetings aims to promote effective dialogue, raise awareness and inform stakeholders and the general public about key aspects and expected outcomes from the Index.
  • Post-launch events in preparation for the Knowledge summit launch of the Global Knowledge Index, the Arab Knowledge Index, the Arab Reading Index, or the Arab Knowledge Report

Conference History:

8th Knowledge Summit 2023, November 21-23, 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Knowledge Cities and the Fifth Industrial Revolution

    Note: Nov 21-22 in Dubai, Nov 23 virtual

    Building tomorrow: Blueprint for knowledge cities
    The AI-Powered Future of Knowledge Cities
    Knowledge cities: The ultimate power trio of government, academia and industry
    Living Intelligently Together During the Fifth Industrial Revolution
    SDGs in the 5th industrial revolution
    Add AI to your innate intelligence
    Building knowledge cities together: UNDP and MBRF partnership for the 5IR
    Rethinking Africa’s future through knowledge and science, technology and innovation
    Healthtopia: Redefining wellness
    The battle for brains: Strategies for attracting and retaining knowledge workers
    MediAI: the influence on content, authenticity and personalization

    Shielding the future: Cybersecurity imperatives in the 5IR era
    Academia’s pulse in knowledge cities: Insights from the leaders
    Adaptive educational systems – Navigating AI disruptions and embracing its advantages
    Coping with Rapid Advancements – The progress in the Biotechnology Industry
    Beyond Silicon Valley: The global landscape of tech innovations
    Finance titans: Global leaders in economics and finance
    Driving change: Reshaping urban transportation
    Feeding Future Generations: exploring tech and sustainable solutions
    5IR and the revolutionization of industries: The retail landscape
    The Human at the center

    Closing the loop: Zero waste strategies
    Building a healthy future: Innovations in digital health
    Steering into the future: The upsurge of autonomous vehicles
    Thriving economies: The interplay of knowledge and tourism
    Collaborate, innovate and educate: Knowledge exchange hub
    Transforming Dubai’s artificial intelligence and Web3.0 startup ecosystems
    Seeding the future: Smart solutions for agri-food security
    Enhancing the digital fortresses of future cities
    EduTech 5.0: Transforming education
    Beyond boundaries: Navigating trends and megatrends
    Youth power unleashed: Igniting the future
    Decoding tomorrow: AI, robotics and the road ahead!
    Climate visionaries unite: Amplifying change at COP28
    Courts of the future: Redefining court services and access to justice in the digital era
    Exploring space: A roadmap to excellence

    Revolutionizing the game: The 5IR and business landscape
    Exploring Society 5.0 from a social perspective
    Revolutionizing waste management: IoT-powered solutions
    Navigating tomorrow: Strategic foresight for sustainable success
    Integrating water resources for urban sustainability

    Associated Events:

    KnowTalks Webinar Series 2024

    Apr/May 2024: Abu Dhabi International Book Fair Edition
    Game on: Transforming learning with gamification, May 4
    The rise of green investments, May 2
    Oceanpreneurs: Exploring opportunities in the blue economy, May 1
    Cutting food waste Cutting carbon: Climate Solutions, Apr 30
    AI for all: Innovating with inclusiveness in mind, Apr 29

    Mar 2024: London Book Fair Edition
    Creative sustainability: A design-nature perspective, Mar 14
    Text and tech: The intersection of AI and creative writing, Mar 13
    (Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Award), Mar 13, onsite
    EduTech: Bridging gaps for an inclusive future, Mar 12

    KnowTalks Webinar Series 2023 (Feb-Jun, irregularly)

    NextGen AI Innovators (Jun 21)

    May 2023: Abu Dhabi International Book Fair Edition
    Claimate forward: Accelerating collective action (May 22)
    Breaking barriers: Acheving gender equality (May 23)
    Food tech and security: The race to sustainability (May 24)
    From trash to value: Unleashing the power of recycling (May 25)
    Beyond borders: Joining forces for a sustainable world (May 26)
    Stitching sustainability into the fabric fashion (May 27)

    Apr 2023: The London Book Fair Edition
    Storytelling: The tech-tale transformation (Apr 18)
    Entertainment unleashed: The power of creativity (Apr 18)
    Intellectual property: Game changer for creatives (Apr 19)
    Academic creativity: Where learning meets imagination (Apr 19)
    Rebuilding the creative economy: Putting the “art” in “restart” (Apr 20)
    Engaging fans 2.0: Innovations and ethics (Apr 20)

    Mar 2023: Brush up on your financial literacy
    Feb 2023: What does it take to innovate?

7th Knowledge Summit 2022, March 14-18, 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates / Virtual venue

Conference Theme: Knowledge: Protecting Humanity and the Planet in the Pandemic
(part of Dubai Expo 2020)

    (with Knowledge Futurity, Knowledge Space and Virtual Conference track)

    Conference Sessions: (Mar 14-15)

    Knowledge Futurity:
    Web Education 3.0 – The Metaversity
    The Role & Impact of Media During Crisis: COVID-19 (as an example)
    Young Entrepreneurship: One Day or Day One? It’s your decision
    Scaling up resilience in times of uncertainty
    Think Like a Futurist
    Pandemics and Their Impact on Climate: A Double-Edged Sword
    UNDP & MBRF: A Partnership for Sustainable Development
    Evolving knowledge into wisdom
    Growing the knowledge economy in an age of intangibles
    Psychological Balance in Times of Crisis
    Creative Thinking: Working Towards Poverty Free Societies
    Global Social Epidemiological Resilience (SER)
    How COVID-19 Is Reshaping the Legal Landscape
    Future Knowledge and Mastering the Art of Disruption (CANCELLED)
    Knowledge Drives the Future (CANCELLED)
    Mental Health & Pandemics (CANCELLED)
    Fighting Poverty (CANCELLED)
    Social Progress Index (CANCELLED)

    Knowledge Space:
    A new model for education
    Food Security: Between Sustainable Supply Chains & Self-Sufficiency
    When Science Goes Wrong
    Fostering collaboration and innovation mechanisms to manage risks
    Toward an Ocean Economy – Blue Growth
    The Researcher: Disseminating Knowledge in a Non-traditional Way
    The Future of Knowledge Foresight Report 2022: A transformative capacity model for future-ready societies
    Epidemiology & Public Health: A Profound Impact on How We Live Our Lives
    The Global Knowledge Index: Sectoral perspectives
    Data availability and access: The key to resilience
    Digital Accessibility: From a Telecommunication Perspective (CANCELLED)

    Conference Training: (End of each conference day)
    Workshop: Data for development (Knowledge Space)
    Training (Knowledge Futurity, CANCELLED)

    Virtual Conference Sessions: (Mar 16-18)
    Effective Leadership During Crisis: Transforming Cultures & Driving Innovation
    Reinventing Jobs and Employment
    Resilient Infrastructure: A Long-Term Profitable Investment
    SDG-Based Learning: Qualifying Young Changemakers
    Water Security: A Cornerstone for Economic, Social and Environmental Development
    Thinking Like a Global Citizen
    Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business: An Industry 4.0 Perspective
    Co-Existence and Synergies in the Marine Space
    Co-Creating a Resilient Future: Disability-Inclusive Societies
    Futures literacy’ and how can it reduce human fragility and vulnerability?
    Post-COVID recovery: An agenda for resilience, development and equality (
    The role of entertainment during the pandemic
    Promoting science and policy dialogues: Science-policy interfaces

    Associated Events:

    Youth Knowledge Forum (YKF), December 6-7, Dubai, UAE

    2022 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Annual Knowledge Award (MBRKA) Ceremony
    Global Knowledge Index 2022 launch event

    COIN Open Day, September 16, 2022, Online
    (Organizer: European Commission’s Joint Research Centre – Competence Centre on Composite Indicators and Scoreboards (EC JRC COIN))
    The Global Knowledge Index (GKI)

    KnowTalks Webinar Series 2022 (Apr-Dec, irregularly)

    Dec 2022: Youth Knowledge Forum Edition (YKF)
    Youth – Sustainable Development Goals advocates and accelerators; Advancing the digital inclusion of youth in investments; Out of the pandemic into the virtual world: Refocusing on the health of youth (Dec 9)
    Unleashing youth innovation for purpose economies; Transforming education through technology (Dec 8)

    Oct 2022: Frankfurt Book Fair Edition
    Economic diplomacy in a fragmented world; Future-proofing workforces through transformative learning (Oct 19)
    Flattening organizational hierarchies; Startup ecosystem outlook: Where do governments stand? (Oct 20)
    Multidimensional poverty: Labour market policies; Banks and fintech on platform economies (Oct 21)
    Bioinformatics: Revolutionizing health care; Private sector engagement in development (Oct 22)
    Changing the world, one volunteer at a time; Joining forces for sustainable urban development (Oct 23)

    Sep 2022:
    Museums: Preserving and transforming knowledge (Sep 28)

    Aug 2022:
    Connected logistics – upcoming era of ‘click and move’ (Aug 31)
    Food Security & Future Challenges (Aug 17)

    May 2022: The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2022 Edition
    Towards a better future of AI (May 29)
    Future employability through skills development (May 28)
    The new investment landscape: Investing in crisis (May 27)
    Revolutionizing sustainability in the private sector: From CSR to ESG (May 26)
    Unlocking the potential of human progress through geospatial data (May 25)
    Fighting cyberbullying in the digital world (May 24)
    The importance of research in the development of societies (May 23)

    April 2022: The London Book Fair Edition
    Women in Research – Leading Insight to Action; Uncertainty Deconstructed: Transforming Traditional Perception – A Guidebook for Decision Support Practitioners; Transforming Economies through Collaboration and Innovation; Transforming Economies through Collaboration and Innovation (Apr 7)
    Tricks of Managing Knowledge Within Growing International Teams; Innovating into the Future – Making Ideas Work (Apr 6)
    ICT for Knowledge-based Economies; Part-human, Part-machine (Apr 5)

2021 Global Knowledge Index (GKI) Launch and Side Events, December 13-14, 2021, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

(part of Dubai Expo 2020)

    Note: Usually the GKI is launced in conjunction with the Knowledge Summit.

    GKI 2021 launching ceremony
    Ministerial panel: Rethinking policymaking in the Age of Knowledge
    Panel discussion: Relevance of global indices as development benchmarks in a post-Covid-19 era
    KnowTalk: Committing to equal opportunities – Scaling reform and collaboration
    Youth session: Knowledge through the perspective of youth

    Associated Events:

    KnowTalks Webinar Series 2021 (Mar-Dec, twice a month throughout the year)

    Committing to equal opportunities: Scaling reform and collaboration (Dec 14; part of the Global Knowledge Index 2021 – Launch and side events, Dec 13-14 @ Expo 2020 Dubai)
    Circular Business Model: Towards a Full-fledge Recovery (Nov 3)
    Policymaking Under Uncertainty (Sep 22)
    Unlocking Opportunities Through Financial Inclusion (Sep 8)
    Curbing Climate Change: Ambitious Yet Achievable Aim (Aug 11)
    Digital Skills – The Zero Choice (Jul 28)
    The Impact of COVID-19 on SMEs: Opportunities and Challenges (July 14)
    Reskilling: Defining the New Normal (Jun 23)
    Redefining Knowledgeable: Shifting to a Skills-Focused Framework of Education (Jun 9)
    Data Driven Decision-Making (May 26)
    Predicting the Unpredictable through Advanced Data Analytics (May 19)
    Get Your Facts Straight: COVID-19 Vaccines Demystified (Apr 28)
    Covinnovation: The Pandemic as An Innovation Accelerator (Apr 14)
    Touring the World through Turning Pages (Mar 31)

2020 Global Knowledge Index (GKI) Launch Event, December 9, 2020, Virtual venue

    Note: Usually the GKI is launced in conjunction with the Knowledge Summit.

    Program n.a.

    Associated Events:

    KnowTalks Webinar Series 2020 (Nov-Dec, every Monday and Wednesday)

    2020 – A Change to Rethink our World (Dec 16)
    Navigating Tourism through Coronavirus: Destination Unknown! (Dec 14)

    Digital Finance for a Fairer Post Pandemic World (Dec 9)
    — (Dec 7)

    — (Dec 2)
    Post-COVID Cities: From Contemporary Cities to Virtual Spaces; Insight into the Global Knowledge Index: Research, Development and Innovation Sector (Nov 30)

    Insights into the Global Knowledge Index: Higher Education Sector; What Knowledge Indicators May Imply (Nov 25)
    Insight into the Global Knowledge Index: Information and Communications Technology Sector; Insight into the Global Knowledge Index: Technical and Vocational Education and Training Sector; Insight into the Global Knowledge Index: Economy Sector (Nov 23)

    Innovate or Die Trying: From the Mind of World Renown Hacker; Knowledge for the Future: Lessons in Leadership / The Sheikh CEO: Lessons from Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Nov 18)
    Insight into the Global Knowledge Index: Pre-University Education Sector; The Role of Organizational Culture in Effective Knowledge Management (Nov 16)

    ‘COVID-19: Accelerating the Steps towards the Knowledge Society’ Forum, September 1-3, 2020, Virtual venue

    From data to knowledge workshop: Extracting and organizing data; Visualizing data; Communicating data

    Discussion sessions:
    COVID-19: Digital Transformation Accelerator
    Building an equitable and inclusive shared future
    From workplace to workspace: How to leverage well-being?

    Talk with the experts:
    What is a knowledge year equivalent to?
    In search for Knowledge Navigation
    Crowdfunding your business

    Knowledge Week for Sustainable Development in Egypt, February 10-13, 2020, Cairo, Egypt
    (In collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and AL ALFI Foundation)

    Agenda n.a.

6th Knowledge Summit 2019, November 19-20, 2019, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Conference Theme: Knowledge: The Path to Sustainable Development

    (With Knowledge Arena, Knowledge Opera, Knowledge Talks, Knowledge Factory, Knowledge Station, Knowledge Partners)


    Workshops (Knowledge Station):
    ISO 30401 First International Knowledge Management Standard (MBRF KM Standard Implementation Story)
    Media Briefing for the Global Knowledge Index Core Team

    Global Knowledge Index 2019 Launch Event

    2019 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Annual Knowledge Award (MBRKA) Ceremony

    Associated Events:

    Note: For 2019 Knowledge Weeks in Morocco, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates are planned

    (CANCELLED) Knowledge Week Egypt, October 13-18, 2019, Cairo, Egypt

    Global Knowledge Index Workshop

    Jordan Knowledge Week, March 24-28, 2019, Zarqa | Amman, Jordan

    Jordan in the Global Knowledge Index 2018 (Gathering with academics and students at Hashemite University and the University of Jordan), Mar 24-25

    Jordan in the Global Knowledge Index 2018: Policy Recommendations (3 days workshop with youth from different universities at Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation), Mar 26-28

5th Knowledge Summit 2018, December 5-6, 2018, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Conference Theme: Youth and the Future of the Knowledge Economy

    (With Knowledge Arena, Knowledge Opera, Knowledge Talks, Knowledge Factory, Knowledge Station)

    Knowledge economy between past, present and future
    The Role of Governments in Empowering the Youth & Knowledge Economy (panel)
    The Youth: Leaders of Change towards a Knowledge Economy
    Awarding achievements in the knowledge sector (MBRKA winners panel)
    Human Capital: A Sustainable Wealth; The Egyptian Model for Education Development
    Knowledge Economy in Future Cities
    Moving from Consuming Knowledge to Producing it
    Entertainment: the New Player in Building Economies

    Workshops (Knowledge Station): #
    Finding the real value of Blockchain
    Literacy Challenge
    Introduction to the BS ISO 30401 International Knowledge Management Standard

    Global Knowledge Index 2018 Launch Event

    2018 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Annual Knowledge Award (MBRKA) Ceremony

    Associated Events:

    Note: For 2018 Knowledge Weeks in Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Paris (France), London (UK), Bahrain, Malaysia, New York (USA) are planned

    Knowledge as a Driver for Sustainable Development in the Arab States, September 11, 2018, New York, NY, USA

    Knowledge Project and the Global Knowledge Index
    Arab Development Portal and SDGs Tracking Tool
    10th anniversary of the partnership between UNDP and MBRF ceremony

    2nd Knowledge Week Jordan, April 22-26, 2018, Amman | Irbid | Al Karak, Jordan

    Knowledge Forum: Jordan Global Knowledge Index post-launch event (Apr 22)

    Meetings with students and academics at University of Jordan (Apr 23), Yarmouk University (Apr 24) in Irbid and Mutah University in Al Karak (Apr 25)

    Meeting with the Director General and experts of the Department of Statistics in Jordan (Apr 26)

    Global Knowledge Index Post-Launch Event, April 10-12, 2018, Paris, France

    Agenda n.a.

    (POSTPONED/CANCELLED!?) Knowledge Week Morocco, March 26-30, 2018, Rabat | El Jadida | Marrakesh, Morocco
    (in collaboration with Mohammed V University in Rabat, Chouaib Doukkali University in El Jadida and Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakesh)

    Agenda n.a.

    1st Knowledge Week Egypt, Cairo (March 6–8) | Alexandria (March 10–12), 2018, Egypt

    Knowledge Summit Workshop with Al-Ahram Foundation (Mar 8)

    Gatherings with the Professors and Students at Zewail City of Science and Technology, Nile University and Alexandria University (Division of Trade and Department of Economics)

4th Knowledge Summit 2017, November 21-23, 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Conference Theme: Knowledge and the 4th Industrial Revolution
(in conjunction with the 1st MBRF Knowledge Week, Nov 19-23)

    Sessions: n.a.

    Global Knowledge Index 2017 Launch Event

    2017 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Annual Knowledge Award (MBRKA) Ceremony

    Associated Events:

    Note: For 2017 eight post-launch events in Arab and international cities (Riyadh, Kuwait City, Cairo, Amman, Algiers, Rabat, New York and Paris) are planned.

    Reading of the Arab Knowledge Index: A Discussion Seminar (Symposium), 15 May 2017, Alexandria University, Cairo, Egypt

    Agenda n.a.

    Arab Knowledge Index 2016 & Arab Reading Index Post-Launch Event, 27 February 2017, Kuwait City, Kuwait

    Arab Knowledge Index 2016 Results and Discussion
    Arab Reading Index Results and Discussion

3rd Knowledge Summit 2016, December 5-7, 2016, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Conference Theme: Knowledge… Present and Future

    Sessions: n.a.

    Arab Knowledge Index and Reading Index 2016 Launch Event

    2016 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Annual Knowledge Award (MBRKA) Ceremony

    Associated Events:

    Arab Knowledge Index 2015 post-launch Event, 15-16 May 2016, Cairo, Egypt
    (Conference “Towards Building the Egyptian Knowledge and Innovation Society”)

    Agenda n.a.

    Arab Knowledge Index Post-Launch Event, 10 May 2016, Tunis, Algeria
    (National Symposium for the Launch of the Arab Knowledge Index)

    Results of the Arab Knowledge Index (presentation and discussion session)
    Discussion Panel

    Arab Knowledge Index Post-Launch Event, 6 May 2016, New York, USA

    Understanding the Implications of the Knowledge Index in Reforming the Education and Innovation in the Arab world
    Education in the Arab world: the path toward sustainable tolerance, peace and youth development. What Changes the Arab Youth are Capable of?

    Arab Knowledge Index Post-Launch Event, 18 April 2016, Amman, Jordan
    (National Symposium for the Launch of the Arab Knowledge Index)

    Results of the Arab Knowledge Index (presentation and discussion session)
    The Role of Higher Education Preparing Youth for Community Access Knowledge (seminar)

2nd Knowledge Summit 2015, December 7-9, 2015, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Conference Theme: The Way to Innovation

    Innovation in Education: Future Outlook
    Innovation and Information Technology
    Scientific Research, Innovation and Development
    Knowledge Index: Methodology and components
    Knowledge economy indicators, information technology, research and development and innovation
    Knowledge Index – Education indicators in the Arab region
    Innovation in Media and Film Making
    Innovation in brain games

    Arab Knowledge Index 2015 Launch Event

    2015 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Annual Knowledge Award (MBRKA) Ceremony

    Associated Events:

    Launch Workshops of the Arab Knowledge Report “Youth and Localizazion of Knowledge”:

    Cairo, Egypt ?
    November 2015, Rabat, Morroco
    3 September 2015, University of Oxford, London, UK
    3 June 2015, UNESCO Paris, France
    28 April 2015, Columbia University, New York, USA
    March 9 2015, Amman, Jordan

1st Knowledge Conference 2014, December 7-9, 2014, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Conference Theme: Empowering Future Generations

    The transition of knowledge economy between reality and application; Knowledge through innovation and integration
    Producing and localising knowledge
    Involving the Arab youth in the process of transmitting and localising knowledge
    The lifestyle of the Arab youth in the United Arab Emirates and the factors that contribute in enabling the Arab youth to actively participate in transmitting and localising knowledge
    The Arab youth and knowledge management, enabling environments and the effective tools for involving the Arab youth in the process of transmitting and localising knowledge
    Arab knowledge in numbers – Towards creating an Arab Knowledge Index
    The status of Arab knowledge in light of the Arab Spring

    Arab Knowledge Report, and the UAE Report 2014 Launch Event
    Arab Knowledge Index 2014 Launch Event

    2014 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Annual Knowledge Award (MBRKA) Ceremony

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