The Knowledge Summit*

The Knowledge Summit*

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The Knowledge Summit, formerly the Knowledge Conference, is organised by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF). It amis bring together international and regional knowledge influencers, experts and thought leaders on a single platform. The summit aims to highlight the importance of knowledge and to promote the programs and ideas that helps to spread the awareness of knowledge around the world.

Related events:
– 2014-present (2018 cancelled?): in conjunction with the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Annual Knowledge Award
– 2017: in conjunction with the MBRF Knowledge Week.
– 2015-2016: in conjunction with the launch of the Arab Knowledge Index
– 2017-present: in conjunction with the aunch of the Global Knowledge Index
– 2018: Knowledge Weeks “abroad” in Egypt and Jordan (among other related Knowledge Week and Index events)

Conference History:

5th Knowledge Summit, December 5-6, 2018, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Conference Theme: Youth and the Future of the Knowledge Economy
(With Knowledge Arena, Knowledge Opera, Knowledge Talks, Knowledge Factory, and Knowledge Station)
Workshops (Knowledge Station): Finding the real value of Blockchain; Literacy Challenge; Introduction to the BS ISO 30401 International Knowledge Management Standard

4th Knowledge Summit, November 21-23, 2017, Dubai, UAE
(in conjunction with the 1st MBRF Knowledge Week, Nov 19-23)
Conference Theme: Knowledge and the 4th Industrial Revolution

3rd Knowledge Summit, December 5-7, 2016, Dubai, UAE
Conference Theme: Knowledge – Present and Future

2nd Knowledge Summit, December 7-9, 2015, Dubai, UAE
Conference Theme: The Way to Innovation

1st Knowledge Conference, December 7-9, 2014, Dubai, UAE
Conference Theme: Empowering Future Generations

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