Midwest Knowledge Management Symposium (MWKM Symposium)*

Midwest Knowledge Management Symposium (MWKM Symposium)*

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The Midwest Knowledge Management Symposium (MWKM Symposium or Midwest KM Symposium) is a knowledge-sharing event organized by the Midwest KM Community for Knowledge Management professionals located in the Midwestern United States.

From 2009-2011 the symposium was organized together with the KM Chicago community, since 2017 together with the SIKM Leaders community. In 2023 Pioneer Knowledge Services (PKS) takes the leadership responsibility for coordinating and organizing the symposium.

Conference History:

10th Midwest KM Symposium 2024, June 6-7, 2024, Kent State University, Kent, OH, USA / Virtual venue

(Host: Kent State University, School of Information)

    Note: Only part of the event will be online.

    Conference Program TBD

    Pre-Symposium Activities:
    PRE-SYMs (online)
    – Apr 11, 2024: Topic TBD
    – Mar 19, 2024: Topic TBD
    – Feb 22, 2024: Knowledge Management in Brazil
    – Jan 23, 2024: Joint passion of knowledge development, things in the works, and sharing our perspectives of the Symposium

    Keynotes: Online
    Abductive is not inductive: What is the balance between human intelligence and Algorithmic Inference?

    Interactive Sessions: On-site or Online
    Navigating Change: Defining KM Roles in the Digital and AI Era

    Presentations: Onsite
    Mind Mapping for the Next Century: Enhancing Human Interaction with Digital Tools
    (CANCELLED) Creating Knowledge Management (KM) Connections Across Different Sectors
    (CANCELLED) AI & Knowledge Management (KM) Integration Strategy
    Wilderness of Mirrors: Lessons Learned from a 25 year journey through Knowledge Management (KM)
    Ohio Industrial Resource Consortium powered by OhioNet
    Leveraging AI to Enhance Accessibility in Knowledge Management Systems
    Connecting the Dots: Increased Capacity for Employee-led Innovation Leads to Better Quality of Work
    When Findability and Search Collide: The need for corporate information literacy
    The Quest to Create a Hallucination-free Experience
    A Conversation Tool for Civility and Knowledge Integration
    KM Representatives – Training Helpers at the Edge
    Knowledge and the Unified Theory of Knowledge Management
    EEE CertiAIEd Assessor in AI Ethics and its impact on Knowledge Management Solutions
    Journey Through Transformation

    Presentations: Online Plenary
    Knowledge Transfer Best Practices
    Navigating Change: Defining KM Roles in the Digital and AI Era
    Integrating the Unseen: Addressing the Hidden Challenges in Knowledge Management
    Data Thinking Journey – A Comprehensive Approach to Problem-Solving
    Learning from experience: e-km

9th Midwest KM Symposium 2023, June 16, 2023, Kent State University, Kent, OH, USA

(Host: Kent State University, School of Information)

    Note: The 9th symposium was originally scheduled as a virtual event for October 18-28, 2021, with the following day topics: New to Knowledge Management, Being a Knowledge Management Advocate, Recruiting Knowledge Management Champions, Social Hour, Knowledge Management Strategy, How Knowledge Management Can Work with Other Functions, and Community Management, Tools & Technology

    TRACK: People and Process
    Knowledge, Networks and Innovation
    You’ve Implemented Knowledge, Now What? (interactive workshop)
    The Five Cs of Knowledge Management
    Embracing Personal Knowledge Management (KM) after a 23-Year Career in the U.S. Navy
    Applying Knowleaqge Transfer: Real Life Tools in Real Life Examples
    How to Make Knowledge Management (KM) Sticky: Steps to Achieving a Knowledge Sharing Culture
    Knowledge Management and Innovation: Partnering to Create Impact (was: Knowledge, Networks and Innovation: A Perfect Marriage)

    TRACK: Technology and Digital Transformation
    AI Ethics Impact on Knowledge Management
    Using Text Analysis and Social Network Analysis (SNA) to Transform Communities
    NEOhio.us: A Knowledge Sharing Portal for a Sustainable Smart City Future
    Know the Unknown Faster with Rapid Learning Cycles
    The Perils of Taxonomy/Ontology Management

    TRACK: Governance; Organizational Development; Knowledge Management as a Profession
    Right-Sizing Your Knowledge Management (KM) Function: Defining an Achievable Vision that Fits Your Organizational Purpose, Needs and Structure
    Knowledge Management (KM) Made Simpler, But Not Easy – Lessons in Practice
    Organizational Culture and AI
    Lessons from the Plumber – Sustainable Knowledge Management (KM)
    To ISO or not to ISO

    Making Knowledge Management Clickable
    Facing the Customer: Knowledge Management and Customer Experience

    Pre-conference Events:
    Midwest KM Symposium Welcome Dinner, Jun 15
    9th Midwest KM Symposium (“Because You Need To Know” Podcast Series), Mar 16

8th Midwest KM Symposium 2020, May 18-28, 2020, Cincinnati, OH, USA Virtual venue

Symposium Theme: Growing and Building Your Knowledge Management Practice
(Host: Guilford School (Western & Southern Life Insurance))

    Note: The conference was originally scheduled for April 16-17, 2020

    (CANCELLED) Pre-conference Events (Apr 16):
    Workshop: The Work of Networks: Counterweight to Today’s Existential Threats

    Building Muscles to Improve Innovation Networks
    Give the People What They Want: An Approach to Thoughtful Knowledge Management Technology
    Applying Agile Principles to Ensure the Success of Your Knowledge Management Strategy
    Community Organizing: Empowering Knowledge Managers
    See Think Solve: Using the Innovation Dynamics Framework to Diagnose Knowledge Management Problems
    Operationalize your Knowledge Management Program
    Stump the Knowledge Management Expert

    Social Hour (May 29)

7th Midwest KM Symposium 2019, August 8-9, 2019, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Symposium Theme: (Positively) Disrupting your business with Knowledge Management
(Host: Guilford School (Western & Southern Life Insurance))

    Pre-conference Events (Aug 8):
    Organization Workshop

    New Frontiers in Conversational Artificial Intelligence
    The Future Fit: The “Knowledge Experience”
    Discussion Forums to Enhance Sharing
    Successful Communities
    Organizational Network Analysis (ONA): Converging Organizational Development + Knowledge Management
    Top 40 Pitfalls for Knowledge Management Practitioners
    Knowledge Management as a Pillar of Democracy
    Taxonomy Usability and Effective Implementation
    Lessons Learned Lifecyle
    Creating Systems that Know

    Gamification Introduction
    ISO 30401 Knowledge Café & Breakout: The Knowledge Management Systems – Requirements Standard
    Three Action Learning Sets
    Knowledge Management Clinic Peer Assist

6th Midwest KM Symposium 2018, August 10, 2018, Cleveland, OH, USA

Symposium Theme: Pollinating Knowledge Management Ideas
(Host: Ernst & Young)

    Pre-conference Events (Aug 9):

    TED Talks:
    Cash for Collaboration: Integrating Knowledge Management Activities into Compensation Systems
    What a Knowledge Transfer Guru Taught Me
    Knowledge Management in a Combined/Joint Environment
    Ensuring Success Through Governance
    Artificial Intelligence in a Knowledge Management World

    Regular Sessions:
    Human Side of Knowledge Management
    Conversational Leadership

    How to Build Your Personal Digital Brand
    Changing the Organization One Conversation At a Time
    Leveraging Knowledge Technologies to Transform our Working World
    Content optimization and the use of advanced technologies (e.g. auto-classification)

    Networking/Interactive Sessions:
    World Cafe (from the 6 TED talks and more)
    Knowledge Sharing ‘Quiz’
    Knowledge Science
    Changing to a Knowledge Management Culture

5th Midwest KM Symposium 2017, May 19, 2017, Cleveland, OH, USA

Symposium Theme: Innovation
(Host: Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)

    90-9-1 Rule of Thumb: Fact or Fiction?
    Knowledge Acquisition in Big Data: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management for Big Data in Cancer Research
    Knowledge Management for the Greater Good: The Role of Knowledge Management in the Non-profit Sector
    Innovation Expertise Location
    Explore. Discover. Focus. Enterprise Search at Deloitte
    What’s Wrong with Working out Loud (WoL)? The Importance of Peer-to-peer Collaboration
    Knowledge Sharing in and Between Organizations: What a Knowledge Sharing and Learning Organization Looks Like

    Storytelling Exercise
    Knowledge Management Learning Lab

    Professional Services Panel: Innovation

5th Midwest KM VIRTUAL Symposium 2014, November 14, 2014, online

    Social media, collaboration and the integration of knowledge into innovation
    Implications of big data on knowledge creation;
    Knowledge Management in Education

    4 prerecorded interviews related to the future trends in innovation management

    General discussion session at the end

4th Midwest KM Symposium 2011, September 13, 2011, Cleveland, OH, USA

(Host: Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)

    Insights’ Presentations:
    Best Practices for Communities
    Trends in Social Network Analysis
    Engaging Mangaement in Collaboration Efforts
    Orienting New Hires to Knowledge Sharing Practices
    How to Use Social Customer Relationship Management for Two Way Knowledge Sharing
    Sharing Hidden Know-How Takes Intention, Openness, and Stewardship
    Twitter Tutorial
    Excuse Me. When did the Mongold Rule China? Search Enginges, Social Media, and the Madness of Crowds

    Open Discussions:
    How to Facilitate Collaborations
    Technology Trends in Knowledge management

3rd Midwest KM Symposium 2010, June 7, 2010, Chicago, IL, USA

(Host: US General Services Administration)

    Insights’ Presentations:
    Detractors from Open Collaboration – Open collaboration is the foundation of productive Knowledge Management efforts.
    Practical ideas for innovation – Innovation is easy to talk about, but is harder to actually do.
    Social Learning vs. Knowledge Management – An evolutionary step or just a fancy term
    Motivate a culture of sharing
    Which comes first, learning or knowledge?

    Performance Enhancing

    Open Forums:
    Informal Peer Assist Lightning Round

2nd Midwest KM Symposium 2009, September 11, 2009, Chicago, IL, USA

(Host: US General Services Administration)

    Insights’ Presentations:
    Lead by example, practice what you preach and model desired behaviors
    Knowledge management success correlation to fun
    Human Intelligence Prevails
    All Organizations are Knowledge-based
    Integration of Knowledge from Different Organizations
    Should we be “Social” at work?
    Applying Knowledge Management at Work
    Recognize and Reward for Desired Behaviors
    Creating the right culture for knowledge sharing
    Are Lessons Really Learned?
    Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing
    Set Goals, Establish Promotion Requirements, and Recognize and Reward
    Is “Good” Good enough or do we need “Best”?
    Four Key Components of Communities of Practice
    Where is the Entrance Ramp to a Successful Knowledge Management Program
    Aligning Learning and Knowledge Management
    10 Ten Rules for Asking Others to Share Knowledge Online or by e-Mail

    Open Forums:
    Informal Peer Assist Lightning Round

1st Midwest KM Symposium 2008, May 22, 2008, Southfield, MI, USA

(Host: Lawrence Technological University)

    Note the symposium was literally announced as “Midwest KM Community One-Day Meeting”

    Sharing breakthrough projects, creative practices, and wild ideas
    Sharing missteps, mistakes, and misperceptions
    Deep dive discussion on a topic chosen in advance
    Collaborative peer assist on topics submitted in advance by attendees

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